10 Uses Of Castor Oil For Health And Beauty

castor oil benefits

Castor oil is used since ancient times due to its many benefits. Today we are talking about the benefits of castor oil in-home therapy. Although it has many benefits in cosmetic, we will talk today about the usefulness in the treatment of some common diseases. And how you can use it to stop some diseases or to solve some health problems in a safe and natural and without the need for medicines.


The benefits of castor oil in the treatment of diseases.


Castor oil to treat constipation.

Castor oil is one of the classic treatments for constipation, although there are many other treatments. (You may find a bottle in your grandparents’ medicine cabinet). “This moisturizing oil cleans the digestive system and is a safe treatment for constipation, but in small doses,” says Nadine Artemis, co-founder of Living Libations. For the treatment of constipation in adults, take a tablespoon of castor oil and rest will come within 6 hours. Artemis recommends organic castor oil. This treatment is good for occasional constipation, but if you are suffering from chronic constipation consult your doctor.


Castor oil as a humidifier.

It is rich in fatty acids, making it moisturizing to the skin, especially when the air dries in the winter. “Castor oil is great for rubbing the cracked skin, dry heels, cracked lips, or anywhere in the skin needs to be moisturized,” said Artemis.


Castor oil for hair loss.

We do a lot of bad things to break the hair balance. But fortunately, says Artemis, “a small amount of castor oil can be applied to the hair to provide additional gloss and reduce the fall.

Some research has shown that castor oil on the scalp, eyelashes and eyebrow stimulates hair growth.” Stephanie Johnson, a licensed hairdresser at Fusion in Dallas, says castor oil helps increase hair volume because it is rich in omega-6 fatty acids and helps in blood circulation, which is essential for hair growth. “Rub it in the palm of your hand until it is warm and put it on the scalp before bedtime and then wash it with shampoo in the morning. Do this regularly. And some felt an increase in the volume of their hair. ” Castor oil is not recommended for those who wear a wig because the oil may break the ties. Do not put too much, so little is enough, Johnson says.


Goodbye to dandruff.

The dandruff of the scalp is irritating and embarrassing. Before attempting a shampoo, Johnson recommends using castor oil to combat the dry crust (itching and a small white) and the oily crust (larger and waxy). To treat dry skin, mix a tablespoon of castor oil and half-lemon juice

For the oily crust, mix a tablespoon of castor oil with a tablespoon of honey, a teaspoon of cactus seed and half a lemon juice. Johnson recommends mixing well (in both cases) and then put the mixture on the hair roots 20-30 minutes before using shampoo and conditioner.


Improves immune function.

Stress, excess weight and lack of sleep affect our immune system. “The lymphatic system is a key factor in the overall immune system,” says Artemis. Castor oil may encourage lymphatic circulation in the abdomen, breast, uterus, liver, thyroid gland and thymus. ” “One study found that castor oil improves lymph flow, produces a temporary increase in the number of immune-enhanced T-11 cells, improves liver health and reduces inflammation.”

To make your castor oil pack: Place a hand towel in castor oil and place it in the area that needs treatment. To prevent oil dripping, cover the area with a towel and place the safety pins on it and add the heat source such as a heating pad or a hot water bottle. “The package must remain in place for at least an hour, if not all night,” says Artemis.


Castor oil for ovarian polycystic ovaries.

Usually, ovarian polycystic ovaries do not cause any symptoms but may cause pain to some women, swelling and pressure. “Herbs help heals these women by using a bottle of cheap and amazing castor oil,” said Sarah Chana Silverstein, a professor of herbs and traditional medicine at New York City clinics. “Although we do not fully understand how these packages work, using the sonogram before and after using the oil shows that the capsules are significantly reduced in size and pain is reduced.”

Castor oil appears to penetrate into the layers of the skin and help facilitate the healing of internal organs. Castor oil also relieves inflammation and swelling. But it works especially in hollow devices, especially blood and lymph vessels, uterus and tubes Fallop, intestine, gallbladder and liver (which is not hollow but filled with veins)


Castor oil for muscle inflammation.

Muscle building helps improve your life in many ways. But sometimes these muscles are exposed to inflammation. If you train to run the first five thousand meters for you or hurt your back muscles, castor oil may help you get rid of the pain.

Mindy Solkin, the founder of the Running Center and a professional running trainer, says castor oil helps reduce inflammation.  She advises customers to place castor oil on a light cloth and then place a roll on the inflamed muscle. Use the medium heating pad to get better and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Do it once a day to relieve muscle inflammation.


For the treatment of flatulence.

Usually, the belly bulge is uncomfortable, especially if you do not feel comfortable in your clothes. “Castor oil helps in bloating because it contains ricinoleic acid, which helps to relax the muscles of the stomach wall,” says Dr Taz Bhatia, author of the medical prescription Super Vuman.


For the treatment of stomach pain.

If you suffer from stomach pain, the fatty acids in castor oil will relieve you of these pains. “Castor oil packs that are easy to operate at home are a quick way to relieve abdominal pain,” says Dr Taz. Ricinolic acid helps relieve abdominal muscle contractions. ” Use castor oil with a heating pad and stomach pain will end.


Castor oil for different skin conditions.

Castor oil also works as an antifungal agent. “It removes common skin conditions such as ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot,” said Artemis. Just put a little castor oil in your hand, rub your hands together, and massage the scalp or skin, you can use it daily.

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