12 Step to Learn New Skills Quickly

12 Step to Learn New Skills Quickly

Can I learn skills quickly? Often tell yourself: if I can learn Spanish. If I were in my twenties I would have learned so and so …

These are the words that we all say in ourselves to make excuses that prevent us from learning anything. The Internet is now a more open world. There are lots of websites that give you a lot of information and courses on a lot of skills for free without having to pay a lot of money. Once you click the mouse button on your computer or tablet, you will find everything you want to learn from your hands.

All you need is the will you have to provide yourself to learn. This has reduced the amount of time spent learning anything. Tony Robbins, a US author and author, says that your ability to progress in this world is coupled with your ability to learn quickly.

So in this article, you will find some steps that can help you arrange your thoughts to learn something new you would like to do. Just a small boost that you need to supplement with your own willpower.


No invention of the wheel.

Why invent the wheel that was invented before? There is a common rumour that you should learn anything alone or alone with a lot of effort and time that you can provide when you learn with someone you can help and see what you do not see as you will do with him.

Think of the past when you started learning a new language or how you gained a previous skill. Maybe I started to take the upward curve. But after many years or months of experience and mistakes, you can reach solutions in the simplest possible way. You’ve also helped some friends avoid mistakes

In order to master anything quickly, you must consult the skilled players in this skill and those who preceded you to learn. This is to quote from their way of learning this skill so as to avoid the difficulties they have experienced before.

These former skilled people can add to your dream things you did not expect existed. They also give you some estimates of what you can face. They can also help you in some future solutions. It is important to create your own network.

This step can be achieved by following the videos of this skill. A real person to whom you belong, a blog you love to follow, or even a book or collection of books.


Deactivate the skill.

Skill If it was a big problem that can not be dealt with right now, you should dismantle it into a set of smaller basic skills. Which after assembled can acquire this great skill. Try to find the smallest important things you can learn at first and you will find that you have almost learned about 80% of this skill.

This step applies to Code 20-80 which you can use in many things:

Work: 80% of sales come from 20% of customers.

Employees: 80% of the results come from 20% of employees.

Happiness: 80% of happiness comes from 20% of relationships.

Following this type of thinking can change a lot in your life, including your will to learn. Where 80% of our success can occur from learning 20% of the skill required.

So try to find the simplest basics that give you the ability to learn 80% of the skill in the shortest possible time. This is what Josh Kaufmann sees in 20 hours. Your task is to find the 20 hours of your time in the shortest possible time.


 Multitask stops.

Multitasking sin makes us happy after so many applications of phones. From browsing the email every 10 minutes to Facebook to Instagram to talk to anyone around us every 5 minutes. All of this can destroy you and take a lot of your time and avoid you learning what you want.

Think of your device when you open more than 20 programs at the same time because it becomes less efficient and slower in processing data. There are many studies that show that when a person is interrupted from a task, his mind needs 25 minutes to regain the same ability to focus again.

This applies to long-term focus. In this way, your learning of a skill can take between 6 months and 12 months or more. This is because you cannot keep the focus on a project, idea or talent that applies to everything that the mind works on. You lose your passion for the idea as long as you learn it.


Repetition, repetition, repetition.

This rule is annoying for many but it is important to learn anything.

A study from the University of Florida found that people believe that experts in an area have become experts because they have the skill or talent for it. Or because they are smarter than those around them. This may indeed be true but the lack of talent is not a sign of failure. Constant work, repetition, perseverance and diligence are what create geniuses and experts.


Look for feedback.

In 1960, when the Beatles were not an important rock band, they went to Hamburg in Germany for a party. The group did not have much money and the audio was very bad and did not get the audience’s approval. What did the group do after this incident? They did not stop playing music and did a lot of training. After getting this quick reaction they were able to make themselves better.

This is one of the keys to success. Your ability to know what you are doing with experience so that you can continually develop from yourself to become better. This point is related to your ability to accept criticism. Which means that you must accept all opinions about you and try to turn them in your favour to develop and learn.


Always advance forward.

Unfortunately, many surrender in the middle of the road. Although it is important to know the right time in which you should give in but you must have the ability to resist and advance the pitfalls until you reach what you want. One American author, Seth Godin, says there are five reasons for failure:

It saves you time and gives up.

You get the money and give up.

Fear and give up.

I am not serious about what you do and give up.

You lose your interest in the thing you love and give up.

Psychologists say there is a so-called transformation cycle. It is the cycle we are going through when we are going to change something like learning a new skill, for example. We all start with a lot of ecstasy and excitement at the beginning of this new thing. When events begin to complicate, the decline begins and our performance begins to learn less. Here many think of giving up. It is therefore important to expect this point where the slope begins so that it can avoid or at least prepare for it.


Observation, reflection and reflection.

You do not have to fill your day with work and learning. You should give some time to think quietly and observe what is around you and what you do for each one who can come up with a lot of new ideas that can move your life to many different aspects. It may also be a great start to the development you want. Believe me these moments are very important to make you feel peace and quiet.


Exercise and experiment.

Exercise is very important above your imagination. Everything you read and theories has no value without actually applying it. You should not stop learning to read and just take notes, but you should try and do what you read in a practical way. No matter how unsuccessful this experience is, you must learn from it to advance and learn more.

Think about how Thomas Edison did not just read the theories about electricity, but tried, tried and tried so he could invent the lamp after many failed experiments. Henry Ford also did not sit on a chair and make plans for his car, but began to implement his ideas in an organized fashion immediately.


Values of learning above money.

Money is certainly important but if you work you should put part of your money to invest in yourself. Then you get many new experiences that develop your life.


He relied on trial and error more than anything.

Most inventors and inventions started from the wrong thing came by accident. Even if you do not know the end of the way you follow the signs and signs and continued to learn and do something you love. Try to discover yourself so that you follow the principle of trial and error until you get what you want. This will increase your experience and your ability to get to know the world.


Look for someone you challenge.

Believe me, challenging someone greater than you with these skills is fun and beautiful. It gives you motivation to move, learn and accomplish a lot that you would not have to reach alone. But do not take on my wrong loader. What I want to say is a fruitful challenge, not a wish for failure.


Be thankful.

When you wake up in the morning, write down all the blessings that God has given you and be thankful for that. When you ask someone for help and do so be grateful to him. Give as much as you can for free. Try to help those around to become your life and teach you the meaning. It will also give you a lot of happiness.

You must remember that the value lies in the journey and all that you can gain from your way to this path and not just its end.

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