15 Effective Way to Treat Acne Naturally

15 Effective Way to Treat Acne Naturally

Do you suffer from acne? Have you heard of some recipes or tried some methods but did not work? Here’s finally a final solution to treat acne. But before that, I have to make sure you have something you want to do. I want you to focus on this topic because it will make you completely rid of acne.

If you have something important keep the subject in your favourites and see it later. If you are full-time, it will only take you 5 minutes. Therefore, you can come with a cup of fresh juice (which helps in the treatment of acne) and start reading.


Keep your hands away from your face.

If you want your skin to look fresh and beautiful, stop touching it. I think the subject is easy.

But most of us do not realize how. We often touch our faces. We rub our skin, or wipe our lips and rub our ears. All this we do with our hands.

Hands are the basic body tool to interact directly with the world around us. There are many diseases that happen to us because of pollution of our hands because the outside world is very dirty. Sweat, dirt (not to mention bacteria and viruses). They spread from one person to another through the use of surfaces such as door handles, handles and counters of pump shop, gas station, public baths … etc

Surely you will touch your face times during the day and this is inevitable. So try washing your hands all day long.

Speaking of hygiene, come with me to the second method.


Wash your skin twice a day.

Take only 5 minutes of your day to wash your face deeply (but gently at the same time). Is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the escape of dirt and grease into the inside of your skin pores. The outside atmosphere is filled with dust, dust, cigarette smoke and car exhaust that stick to your skin.

But do not overdo it in your skin, just wash it twice, once in the morning, and once at the end of your day. Use a clean towel, warm water, mild soap or antiseptic. This simple system is very effective in clearing your skin from dust, dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria.


Acne causes more acne!

Are you surprised at the title of the paragraph? Yes, if you have acne, you may get more. Why do you think?

All this anxiety about acne and treatment and your appearance will cause the appearance of more acne. Many people have already confirmed that after he used to have acne (not only you suffer from acne as it is a temporary issue that will not last forever) and he became too preoccupied with the points we mentioned, he completely recovered from acne.

Some behaviours such as frustration, stress or nervous depression cause the spread of acne. Also, bad habits such as lack of exercise and lack of attention to personal hygiene can all contribute to the emergence or increase the spread of acne.

Chemical reactions that occur because of the emotions that control us contribute to the emergence or spread of acne. This is because when you feel frustrated or depressed, a compound called cortisol is released, which completely prevents the dead skin from getting out of the skin and causing clogged pores. Of course with some dust and dust … What is the result? Yes, acne.

Do not feel frustrated however you have acne? Perhaps the next paragraph will help you.


Make-up and treatment of acne.

When you look for the cause of acne, you should know what makes up your makeup that you often put on your face every day. Of course, makeup alone does not cause the appearance of acne, but it certainly will not help you get rid of acne. Always try to use non-oil products (as a powder). They are easier to clean and the body does not absorb them. Do not penetrate the pores and cause a defect in the functions of the glands and may lead to clogged pores of the skin, which you do not want.

No matter what type of makeup you use, you should wash your face well after returning home and not leaving make-up on your face until morning.

If you have followed all of our tips so far and acne still exists, the next paragraph may help you.


Acne treatment with baking soda.

Mix equal portions of baking soda and water to form a paste. Place them on each one of the acne individually, not on the entire face.

Leave a baking soda paste on your face for 10 minutes, or until dry.

Wash your face with very cold water. It will help close the pores significantly.

Repeat the recipe at least twice daily. If your skin becomes greasy or feels sore, discontinue treatment.

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Acne Treatment With Lemon.

You can use lemon juice as a remedy for acne. Cut the lemon in half and gently rub the open side of the lemon on the acne. You will feel the lemon radio on your face. Lemon contains citric acid, which attacks the bacteria that cause acne.

Make sure to wash your face of lemon juice, and use sunscreen afterwards. Citric acid can whiten the skin and puts it at a much higher risk of sun damage.


Potato chips as a treatment for acne.

Cut a slice of raw potatoes onto your skin. Put some other slides directly on acne. Raw potatoes can cure and treat acne because they act as an anti-inflammatory. Leave for 15 minutes, and gently wash your skin with water after use.


Acne treatment with snow.

Use ice to close pores and reduce inflammation. There are a lot of people who have large pores so they can use ice cubes.

Place it gently on the whole grain or on your skin. Specifically ice, or cold in general, narrow blood vessels under the skin, which reduces inflammation significantly.


Acne Treatment with honey.

Honey is considered a good treatment for acne but it is not used very much. The honey makes a layer of magpies in your face and it has powerful substances that fight germs. It is considered a good treatment but can not be relied upon alone in the treatment of acne.

Just put a suitable amount on the pimples on your face. Wait until you feel your face is tight. Wait about 10 minutes. Then wash your face well with very cold water.


Use tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is a famous herbal remedy to treat acne, which makes it very good for treating mild acne. In a comparative study of the efficacy of tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil has proven quite effective in fighting acne. While benzoyl peroxide works faster than tea tree oil, tea tree oil has fewer side effects in patients.

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Use aspirin to treat acne.

Scrub some aspirin (about 2 to 3 depending on the number of pimples in your face) and use it as a paste. Mix it with a little water to make a paste – as you have done with baking soda, place the paste on individual blisters, and let it dry. Wait about 10 minutes.

Why Does Aspirin Work? Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is best used for topical acne treatments. Salicylic acid will dry pimples and fights bacteria simultaneously.


Buy a suitable skin cleanser for you.

Many people who have problems with acne have improved their condition while continuing to use benzoyl peroxide. Most benzoyl peroxide products can be obtained without a prescription. Oxygen water diluted can treat acne. Read this topic to know the uses of oxygen water

There are a number of products available, mostly in the form of cream or gel. Benzoyl peroxide kills acne and bacteria that cause inflammation in clogged pores. It may take up to three weeks for acne to be treated with this cleaner for satisfactory and good results.


Too much sport, lots of sweat.

A great way to improve the appearance of your skin – not to mention your physical, mental and emotional health – is to get some regular exercise. Only half an hour a day, exercise three to four times a week is the best, and if you can not even one day better than nothing.

Nerve pressure makes your skin produce a lot of oils, so anything you can do to reduce stress (sports, or yoga, for example) will help you reduce the spread or possibly cure and treat acne. Sports also reduce the fluctuation rates of hormone levels, which in turn reduces the production of sebum in the pores.

This is not only what you get from sports, but you also get rid of the dead cells that come out on the surface of the skin which reduces the incidence and be acne.


Do not forget to shower.

The only thing that is better than going to the gym is to leave. After fatigue and the release of a high amount of endorphins, go home to get some rest. But you’ll find yourself getting a delicious dinner and maybe watching TV or checking your email.

When you exercise, the sweat that leaves your body through the pores takes dead skin cells with it. This is very good but the accumulation of these dead cells can lead to clogged pores. Also, once the sweat evaporates, it leaves behind the salt on your skin. If these dead cells are not washed, the salt will prevent the pores from being clean and bacteria appear. So take a warm bath will help you to remove all salt with dead cells in your body and therefore skin fresh and healthy and free from any bacteria or causes of the emergence of acne.


Treat acne with antibiotics.

Have you tried some home remedies that do not work? You can now try antibiotics. Antibiotics destroy bacteria responsible for the appearance of acne. But antibiotics will not be effective if your skin is not clean or produces a lot of secretions and oils. In order to treat acne, you should use more than one method at the same time. But do not overwork your skin and dry up and backfire.


Learn about the most important home remedies for acne treatment.

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