6 Ways To Burn Your Body Fats.

body fats

Do you have large fatty deposits in the abdomen and middle?

Are you fed up with this appearance and have become frustrated and depressed?

Are you dissatisfied with your appearance in clothes?

Did you make dozens of attempts and ran dozens of kilometers and bought equipment and medicines hundreds (or thousands) pounds to solve this problem?

Do not worry and do not grieve. This article will help you burn your body fats quickly. Half of you will only get a tight, strong and attractive belly.

You will not need to read any other article or become a victim of lying and deceiving misleading TV ads.

Make diet a new habit in your life and not a severe diet for a limited period of time.

You should make healthy eating and exercise a way of life. And do not make your weight loss method follow a severe diet for a limited time.body fats

As we have mentioned, constant entry and exit from severe dieting does not work and causes great problems. Making healthy eating and exercise usually your daily habits is the best solution.

When habits are formed in man it is very difficult to break them and change them.

Of course, it is difficult to change all your old bad habits and replace them with new ones in a short period of time. But change takes its time. And after a while when you have these habits, it is easy to stick to them throughout your life.

Eating healthy does not mean eating tuna and cheese all day long. But eat a variety of food from meat, fruit, dairy, fat and even sweets such as chocolate.

Exercise does not mean hard or violent exercise, or lasts for an hour. But muscle strengthening exercises for 45 minutes three times a week. Simple exercises you can practice at home.

You should be interested in maintaining your muscle mass.

So when you follow a diet, you should consume adequate amounts of calories and exercise muscle strengthening exercises to maintain muscle mass during dieting.body fats

This is because the muscle or physical mass Lean body mass (LBM) is the key element to increase the metabolism of food Metabolism or what is called some burn body fats processes.

The higher your muscle mass is, the greater your ability to burn fat and calories daily. Studies have shown that one pound of muscle burns between 5-7 calories a day. Even during times of relaxation and sleep, your muscles continue to consume calories, burn fat and increase metabolism.

For this reason, increasing the muscle mass of men or women is the best solution to burn fat in the long term without a slow process of burning.

For these reasons, muscle strengthening exercises and iron exercises are your best tools to burn fat and get the ideal body. We will explain in detail in future articles appropriate exercises for men and women.

Calculate your daily caloric needs, and reduce them to a proportion proportional to your lifestyle.

For weight loss and fat burning, you should eat fewer calories than you consume. In order to increase your weight you should eat more calories than you consume.body fats

Therefore, to keep your weight steady, you should eat the same amount of calories you consume.

The amount of calories you need per day is called Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) or the amount of energy consumed per day. After calculating the TDEE you deduct an appropriate amount of calories, and this is the basis for your diet.

You should not lose large amounts of calories from your daily consumption. The maximum you can offer is approximately 1000 calories.

If you try to reduce large amounts of calories, your body will become tired and tired, slow down metabolic rates, fall into the “starvation response” cycle, and your body will stop burning fat.

Do exercise, especially muscle strengthening exercises.

There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions about exercise that helps slimming. There are those who believe that aerobics or cardio exercises are the best way to burn fat.

And there are those who believe that the sport of walking at a certain speed and after a certain period targeted body fat to get energy.body fats

There are those who try to do certain exercises or buy sports equipment to target specific areas to burn their fat, such as abdominal devices in television ads. All this is not true.

Muscle strengthening exercises or iron exercises are the best and best for burning fat and maintaining your muscle mass.

This does not mean that cardio exercises have no place in your weight loss program. But it is wrong to make cardio exercises the core of exercise.

The topic of practicing iron exercises to burn fat is a big topic and deserves its own article. But if you read point 2 on this topic, you will remember the importance of maintaining and increasing muscle mass in order to increase metabolic rates and burn calories.

Make your goal lose a pound or two per week, and nothing more.

The pound is 0.45 kg. Your goal should be to lose about half a kilo or kilo per week. . If you go back to point 3 you will find that I recommend making a small calorie reduction for your daily needs.body fats

If you cut 500 calories a day for your needs, within 7 days you would burn 3,500 calories a pound of fat. This is because the pound of body fat has 3500 calories, of course, provided that you exercise muscle strengthening and eating a good amount of protein to maintain your muscle mass.

Any loss, greater than 2 pounds per week, may lead to breakdown and wasting in your muscle mass. The ACSM or the American College of Sports Medicine also advises a maximum of 2 pounds of weekly fat loss.

Of course the only exception is to be very obese and you have a large amount of fat to lose. In this case loss of 3 pounds per week is a reasonable rate.

Calculation: If you lose one pound per week, this means losing 4 pounds per month, about 2 kg. This means that after 10 months you will lose 20 kg! And your shape has changed for the better.

Make a long-term written plan.

Your goal should be to burn body fat, not just weight loss on the balance. You can see in the picture two people with the same length, weight and BMI.body fats

You should measure the body fat ratio accurately and will explain the method in another article. Then plan to burn a pound or two per week until you reach the ideal body fat percentage, which is 10-12% for men and 12-14% for women.

Example: If you are a man and you weigh 90 lbs and your body fat percentage is 20%. To reach 10% fat, you should burn 10% of your body fat, which should burn 9 kg of fat.

If our goal was to burn half a kilogram a week, it would take 18 weeks to reach the target. You should take measurements of your weight g fat every two weeks or a month and you must record the weight of fat and lean muscle mass to make sure you do not waste your muscle mass.

It is also preferable that you follow your results by taking monthly or bi-monthly photos.

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