8 Most Important Yoga positions to Burn Fat

yoga positions to burn fat

Yoga is one of the most important types of sports to help relax your mind. Yoga positions help to restore energy and relieve the burden on the mind and body throughout the day.

But have you ever thought yoga can help you lose weight? Yes, this is a fact, as there are certain conditions for Yoga to exercise. You can eliminate excess weight.


The most important yoga positions that help lose weight.


The position of the warrior.yoga positions to burn fat

The position of the warrior is one of the most important yoga situations, as it helps you to return to your activity and daily duties with vigor, activity, and concentration. To take this position, push one foot forward and your knee. Move your other foot at 90 degrees and set your arms in front of you and behind you so that your palms face down and face forward.


The position of the warrior 2.yoga positions to burn fat

It is like in the first position but it is different in that you are doing your hands on the two hands each hand as shown in the picture. This will help to stretch the muscles of the abdomen and thus help you get rid of the fat accumulated in them.


The chair position.yoga positions to burn fat

Another mode of yoga is the position of the chair. In this situation takes the position of the chair may feel in the first two days of pain in the legs, but with the repetition of the exercise will disappear pain and make your body more flexible for this situation.

To take this position, fold your feet and then bend down as if you will sit on a chair and then lift your hands over your head and spread it up and bend your knees, and prove this position for at least 60 seconds.

It may be painful to start working in this situation and therefore stop when you feel the pressure on your body so you feel comfortable and repeat it again. This will help you continue to do this movement 10 times a day every 3 days and you will be happy to get rid of fat in the buttocks area.


The position of the boat.yoga positions to burn fat

Sit on a carpet and then completely apart your feet, feet up, and then try to lift your legs up at a 45-degree angle. Avoid bending your knees. Your spine must also be free to form your body in the form of a letter V. Then raise your arms at the level of shoulders and individual as shown in the image will help you get rid of the fat accumulated in the body.


The position of the bridge.yoga positions to burn fat

Lie on your back and leave your feet touching the ground and lay your arms on the floor and your back should be completely free. Now lift your thighs off the ground as this will help increase muscle strength. If you want to add after changes to this position you can lift one of your feet in the air for 20 seconds and repeat it with the second foot.


A sitting position.yoga positions to burn fat

This is one of the easiest situations of yoga where you sit on the ground with the spine individual and then bend the two carbines to meet the feet together, and keep this situation for at least a minute.


The position of locusts.yoga positions to burn fat

Sleep on the ground with your face down, then lift your legs up with your knees not bent and your arms apart and lift them up at the back of the shoulders as shown in the picture. This will help the individual muscles of the thighs and abdomen and thus get rid of fat.


The position of the camel.yoga positions to burn fat

The position of the camel is also one of the most important positions of yoga and is implemented by sitting on the ground so that the back straight and then bend back with free arms so that hold the arms feet as shown in the figure. This position is very important and very useful in expanding the thoracic cavity and opening the muscles of the heart and throat and strengthen the spine as well as the elimination of fat body.

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