Abdomen Muscles Workout in One Week.


The abdomen muscles (or stomach) are an important part of the muscles of the middle. It is important, not only to give an attractive view but to balance the body and its strength. It is not without any physical effort, whether the source of exercise or daily activities of the use of the muscles of the centre.

Abs consists of the muscles of the stomach, the lower back, and the muscles of the vertebrae, and if there is a weakness in any of these muscles, it will lead to injuries in the body and great pressure on the bones and joints.

The ab workout to strengthen the abdomen muscles is one of the things desired by most young men and women, because of the strength of the body and increase the moderate appearance.

Of course, there are many factors that prevent the appearance of tight abdomen muscles in most people. But with a little effort and in a short period can exercise these muscles to appear better and over a long time.

Causes of the disappearance of abdomen muscles

When talking about the disappearance of abdomen muscles, it does not mean the disappearance, but the intention is not able to see the details, and the reasons for non-appearance:

The nature of the structure of the body: Since the body is mystical structure is difficult to show abdomen muscles in it, unlike the body of the apparent structure, which can be details of abdomen muscles is a phenomenon of its own.

The weakness of the abdomen muscles: The weak muscle is small in size and does not show details.

Increase body fat: Excess fat in the body (especially in men) is stored in the abdomen area in front of the muscles, hiding these muscles behind.

Water retention in the abdomen: This is due to diet, where salt and some foods that contain it high rates of water in various areas of the body, including the abdomen, and this is not always, but disappears after a few weeks by reducing the salt rates in the diet Food.


How To Tighten Your Belly Muscle Fast.

First, attention should be paid to the quality of the daily habits. The lack of regular sleep, lack of movement and the types of food intake are the first and most important factor in the failure of the exercises and the desired effect. Salt-rich foods help store water in the body. Thus increasing the amount of time required for the stomach muscles to appear tight.

Foods that contain saturated fats such as fried or fast foods, in general, are very harmful to the body. They are a major cause of increased body fat. So be sure to reduce the salty foods, sugars, saturated fats, and replace it with fruits, vegetables, unsaturated fats, and net meat free of grease.

There are two major simultaneous phases that must be performed to show abdomen muscles, namely burning fat, and tightening the abdomen muscles with exercises. Without fat burning, the details of the abdomen muscles will not appear as strong. The abdomen muscles will not be detailed and tight in the absence of exercise, as the abdomen will be flat and smooth, so the stages are important and can not be without either.

Burn fat

Body fat is burned by limiting high-calorie foods such as chocolate and sweets. Also, foods containing saturated fats such as fried potatoes, as well as carbohydrates with a high glycemic index.

To burn fat, you must burn more calories through exercises such as running and swimming. And you should prolong in the exercise. To burn large amounts of fat, it is not enough to run or swim for only 10 minutes, but it should be at least half an hour. And to adjust the exercises to make it more difficult for the effort to get the sustain for long periods.

 Tighten the abdomen muscles with exercisesabdomen

As for exercises to tighten the muscles of the abdomen, there are several types of exercises. You must practice those exercises, for at least a month, to get the best result in record time. You should know that abdomen exercises alone are not enough. It may cause damage to the muscles because of exhaustion if exercised daily.

So exercises should be a complete system. That to tighten the muscles of the body. So, we advise drinking a lot of water, at least two litres of water per day. In addition of course to the water gets from other foods and beverages.

Take care to keep away from smoking and drink soft drinks or alcohol. We prefer to eat a lot of foods that contain protein at high rates such as chicken, eggs and fish. Protein is the nutrient responsible for muscle building in the body.

We recommend exercising the abdomen muscles every two days. So, as to leave the day when the muscles rebuild itself. When you exercise, your abdominal muscles should be heavily stretched to benefit from exercise, but not too much to avoid a hernia.

The exercises.

One of the most popular exercises to build abdomen muscles are:

The sitting exercise.

Where the person lies on his back and raises his knees, and begins to sit and then lie down. Repeating this exercise until the fatigue of the muscles of the abdomen.

Weight training.

This exercise is difficult, similar to the principle of sitting exercise. The person carries free weight with his hands while keeping it raised up throughout the exercise. He can perform it on a sloping seat.

Blink Exercise.

The person lies on the floor as if he wants to do the pressure exercise. But, he installs his body using his elbows and stays in this position for at least 30 seconds. That help maintaining the straightness of the back.

In the same training session, the combination of fat-burning exercises and stomach muscle exercises is good to ensure energy. In addition to exerting more effort due to frequent exercise, this helps to burn calories more.

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