Abdominal Muscles workout, Common Mistakes

abdominal muscles

Abdominal muscles are one of the most important things to people who care about the elegance of men and women alike. We have talked about many previous topics about rumen disposal exercises and abdominal fat burning.

The most important of these are abdominal exercises, Zumba exercises, and best abdominal exercises. We have also introduced many different dieting systems aimed at burning belly fat in particular.
However, our subject is very different is presented to me who does not have a large belly or belly and seek to divide and show the muscles of the abdomen.
We will discuss in our topic to explain all the reasons not to appear abdominal muscles to be able to get a belly is not only tight and thin and flat, but a belly divided and attractive muscles.

Causes of abdominal muscles not appearing.

Many of us have succeeded in reducing the rumen but at the same time keep the muscles of the abdomen one of the most difficult goals that a person seeks to achieve, and often lose the difficulty of it despite the regular exercise abdominal exercises and there are 8 main reasons to prevent this:

Wrong eating habits.

Many of us think that exercise alone can show the muscles of the abdomen without drawing attention to the quality of food, or the method to eat it.

Experts do not advice to follow a harsh diet, as deprivation can lead to eating greedily and thus impede the appearance of abdominal muscles. At the same time. many erroneous habits such as eating too much salt in food or eating foods such as pickles, fast foods and fried foods also force the body to store water and then fight the appearance of abdominal muscles.

Deprivation of carbohydrates.

Many of us think that refraining from eating starch completely is one way to show and maintain the muscles of the abdomen, although the frequent intake of starch one of the most important causes of the rumen.

However, the deprivation of them in full may lead to the opposite result. Where the body begins to secrete hormones that reduce the burning of the fat body, especially fat burning difficult, which consists of the abdomen, middle and buttocks.

Lack of drinking water.

Drinking water washes the body of toxins. Also, it stimulates the body to store as little water as possible and of course in the abdomen. Nutrition experts recommend eating at least 2 litres of water daily.

 Lack of sleep.

Science proves that the lack of sleep, the body urges the secretion of cortisol hormone. It is the hormone that is responsible for the promotion of fat to be concentrated in the stomach area. Sleepers are advised to sleep for 7: 8 hours a day.

 Lack of aerobic exercise.

We have repeatedly mentioned that the most important reasons for the appearance of the rumen are immobility. It is intended for aerobics, swimming, massage and cycling. All these activities are working to increase fat burning. Also, it works to control accumulation in the body, especially in the most sensitive to fat.

 Frequent exercise exercises abdominal muscles.

Where a large number of exercise on a certain muscle on a daily basis to kill rather than development. So you should pay attention to the practice of stretching exercises of the body, instead of focusing on the practice of abdominal exercises only.

Experts say that abdominal exercises should not exceed 4 times a week. That because the abdominal muscles are thin and the pressure on them increases.

 Smoking and soft drinks.

We know that soft drinks help to accumulate fat in the abdominal area. That makes it more difficult to show the muscles of the abdomen. As well as its role in the increase of gases, it also accumulates in the abdomen.

However, the new here is that smoking also reduces the metabolism. It affects directly on the delivery of food to the places needed by the body. This lead to the accumulation of fat in certain areas. The most fat-retaining areas are the abdomen and buttocks.

 Weak gene response.

It is not possible to determine the specific timing of the emergence of abdominal muscles in all individuals. Where the different ability of each body for exercises. Also, notes that there is someone who responded to the exercise faster than someone else did. Despite following the same lifestyle and food, but in the end, we can achieve the perseverance.


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