Best Advices For Mixed To Oily Skin.

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When the sebum is in excess, the oily skin problems are never far away … Buttons by way of the comedones and other luisances, it is necessary to purify it gently, to matifier with the good products and to help him to find a balance in long term.oily skin

After 35 years, many women find that their skin is changing. It becomes easily subject to imperfections (pimples, blackheads …). So, oily skin, what to do ?

If pollution is probably involved, it is above all the lifestyle and the hormonal changes that trigger this phenomenon. Between the ages of 35 and 45, many women have to face an active professional life and a busy family life.

Fatigue and stress are often the norm. To make matters worse, time is lacking to take care of oneself. “This period often also corresponds to a change in contraception with a pill stop and the insertion of an IUD,

Unbalanced, the skin produces an excess of sebum, whose abnormal composition, gray complexion and shines the famous zone T (forehead, nose, and chin). The pores expand and skin imperfections appear.

Blackheads and microcysts, or more or less severe acne, whose inflammatory spots appear on the lower face. In crisis, these skins must constantly juggle between the need to be hydrated and to be purified.

Therefore, what are the good rituals to clean and treat them, in order to balance them permanently and how to reconcile them with an anti-aging treatment?

Daily care at home.

A mixed skin, oily skin or acneic is just as sensitive as another. It needs as much hydration and should not be stripped by cleaning or cosmetics too aggressive. Irritated, it could produce more sebum and multiply the imperfections.

Before any care, including cleaning, your hands should be washed with soap so as not to contaminate the skin with bad bacteria…

1-A gentle make-up remover.

In the evening, a soap-free cream rinse with lukewarm water. The goal is to completely eliminate pollution, impurities and grease. We then experimented to avoid leaving residues.oily skin

In the morning, specific micellar water for mixed and oily skin is perfectly suitable. Avoid milks that are too greasy to promote comedones.

2-A flawless hydration.

The day cream is both moisturizing and mattifying, thanks to absorbent powders and sebo-regulating active ingredients, the fluid texture of which is applied as a light film to the face.

At night, ensure good hydration to the areas that need it like cheeks with a non-comedogenic cream a little richer than the day.

Make double blow thanks to retinal aldehyde which has both an anti-aging and anti-imperfections action, in the form of a light fluid to slip under the night cream.

3-Exfoliation under control.

To improve the radiance of the complexion and to refine the skin texture, A cure of one month to AHA (fruit acids), at the rate of 2 applications per week, is the ideal, especially since they possess Also anti-aging properties.oily skin

We opt for a cream “peeling at night” with 15 or 30% fruit acids according to its sensitivity.

4-Local button processing.

Between flesh and skin, the red inflammatory button is painful. Before applying your usual care, place a hint of antibacterial care on a cotton swab, in order to directly brush the button. Renew the application two to three times a day to accelerate its disappearance.

Effective solutions in dermato.

In addition to conventional cosmetic treatments, mixed, oily or acne-prone skin have an interest in making an appointment several times a year with the dermatologist. Within his firm, this skin specialist offers certain medical techniques that are both efficient and safe.

1-Skin cleansing to remove pimples.

If black dots (open comedones) can be removed at home with the utmost care, only the dermatologist can perform a “medical skin cleansing”, ie the extraction of closed comedones (or microcysts) On the face and décolleté.

How it works?

The doctor incises the clogged pores before extracting the sebum with a comedon.

2-The peeling to make new skin

Dosed with more than 35% of glycolic acid, a medium peeling allows to act on the clarity of the complexion, to rebalance the production of sebum and to diminish the marks of the age such as the fine lines.

How it works ?

By eliminating the superficial layer of the epidermis, it makes it possible to erase all surface irregularities, and thus to find a smoother epidermis.

3-The LEDs to improve acne.

oily skin

More recently, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are particularly useful for eliminating persistent imperfections. That is improving the complexion brightness and fighting inflammatory acne.

How it works? The LED light therapy combines the blue light that attacks the P. acnes bacterium and the red light whose anti-inflammatory action ensures better healing.

Recommended combined oily skin care.

1-Day care.

It’s evanescent texture with vegetable micro-pearls and hyaluronic acid glides on the skin. It matifier, smooth and moisturize in a single gesture.

2-Triple action serum.

oily skin

Anti-blemishes, anti-marks, anti-aging, it combines the best active ingredients (myrtacine, azelaic acid, vitamin PP, monolaurin, glycolic acid) for a sharper and matte skin.

3-Anti-bacterial treatment.

On contact with the skin, this gel transforms the benzoyl peroxide it contains to benzoic acid. Then transforms to oxygen effectively destroying the bacteria responsible for the inflammatory pimples.

4-Night cream.

A night cream concentrated with 30% glycolic acid and 5% ascorbosilane C to blend wrinkles like surface irregularities and regenerate the skin deep.

5-Night lotion.

Enriched with 4% glycolic acid and fermented black tea extract. It is applied with cotton to gently exfoliate even the most sensitive and oily skin.

6-Stick camouflage.

It combines the precision of a stick, the covering of a tinted corrector. And an anti-imperfections action (sequestering zinc, ichtyol bactericidal, and witch hazel astringent).

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