Anxiety, Signs Indicate That Without Feeling

stress and anxiety

Anxiety is the main cause of many diseases and various health problems and experts warn of the consequences of severe stress. Sometimes there are signs that you are stressed and stressed and are not aware and can not be noticed immediately and cause other side effects.

So you need to know the signs of stress to control it and avoid complications in the future. Because managing stress effectively is a crucial skill that everyone needs because exposure to high levels of stress and stress can lead to psychological, physical and emotional problems. Some of the most common problems, such as high blood pressure, heart attacks, depression, anxiety, accelerate aging.

 Symptoms of tension.
Hair loss.

“We lose about 100 hair a day without our knowledge,” said Caroline Jacob, medical director and founder of Chicago’s plastic surgery and dermatology department. However, stress is the main cause of hair loss because it changes the physical and physiological functions of the body after three or four months of rest and when the amount of hair falling is large due to changes in the body and suffering from stress.

Mood changes.

Stress affects your hormones that appear in mood swings as well as anxiety, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction and mental health problems.

Continuous thinking in action.

Stress often makes you concerned about your work, your obligations, and your financial responsibilities. However, the best way to solve this problem is to move away and think calmly about these responsibilities increases the constant thinking as the problem worsens further and causes physical and psychological issues. Alternatively, you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends to relax.

Weight variations.

Stress leads to weight differences because it causes loss of appetite and therefore weight loss or may reduce metabolism and cause weight gain.

Sleep problems.

Too much stress and stress cause sleep problems. Therefore, fatigue and exhaustion need to determine the root cause of stress and try to resolve in order to get the body rest sufficient. You can try yoga, meditation, exercise, walking, reading, and so on.

Anxiety and insomnia.

Stress often leads to insomnia and anxiety and, if not treated, worsens over time.

Pain of the body.

Stress causes dysfunction within the body, leading to body pain, headaches, acute arthritis, chest pain, ulcers, palpitations, muscle tension, diarrhea and stomach problems.

Weak focus.

When you are under stress in your life, there are many things that go on in your head such as life and work responsibilities. You find yourself following all things and small details. When you reach this point you will suffer from a range of things such as forgetting appointments, not remembering where to put your keys and not meeting. Do not let yourself get to this point.

Chronic headache.

When you are under stress in your life, there are many things that go on in your head such as life and work responsibilities. You find yourself following all things and small details. When you reach this point you will suffer from a range of things such as forgetting appointments, not remembering where to put your keys and not meeting. Do not let yourself get to this point.

Gastrointestinal problems.

Being under a lot of stress in your life leads to physical discomfort and nausea. For example, you may feel nauseous before going to the office in the morning because of the stress you feel because of the day that is waiting for you. You may hear a quick bump in your stomach that can cause gastrointestinal problems that lead to vomiting Or a lot of other problems.

Feel light dizziness.

We all know that when suffering from stress and stress you must take a deep breath and try to relax. And when some ignore these steps lead to difficulty breathing and feeling dizzy and may develop into a loss of consciousness. Therefore, it must be tired and relaxed enough so as not to cause further damage to the body and mind.

Follow an unhealthy lifestyle.

After a hard day you may want to go straight to the house to relax but some may have to do a host of other activities, such as homework, but this is wrong once you get home. Relax for an hour to wake up the next day and you do not feel tired. If you do this, contact your doctor immediately.


The medical community states that the brain is full of nerve endings. In fact, the body contains a large proportion of nerves inside the body and outside the brain. This makes the body more sensitive and reacts with stress. According to a study, there are nearly 2,000 people who have suffered from stomach infections due to stress.

Pain of jaw.

Research has discussed that the pain caused by the contraction of your jaw and the toothpaste is the culprit. Experts pointed out that dental grinding during sleep and mouth ulcers and teeth in addition to headaches.

Increase sensitivity.

Studies have shown that people with allergies have direct symptoms of anxiety and stress. It is believed that stress hormones promote the production of the blood protein that causes allergies.

The severe menstrual cycle.

Stress directly affects your hormones which can cause menstrual differences. This makes you feel the pain of menstrual cramps more. To solve this problem you can participate in exercise to reduce stress hormones.

Emotional problems.

If you feel that it is difficult to control your nerves in things related to work or even in private life and find yourself looking for better ways to gain more control this can also be a sign of stress.

Weak sexual desire.

Stress often affects your sexual desire. The higher levels of stress and secretions of stress hormones are responsible for sexual response. Stress results in depletion of energy and inability to experience intimacy. If you notice a weakness of sexual desire try to discuss the problem to look for the cause and treatment.

Tips to get rid of stress and tension.
Cold compresses.

You can use ice bags to apply to your forehead, to provide quick relief from stress and stress. Or apply it by putting it in a cool cloth on the head for ten minutes and repeat it after a while to get a little rest.

Frozen vegetable bag can serve to give the same result as ice bags. When cold pads are placed on the head, pain is lost and blood vessels help shrink and improve blood circulation, giving an effective result in getting rid of headaches. This method is appropriate when the headache is caused by sinus pain or stress.

Cinnamon tea.

Cinnamon is another effective herb in the treatment of stress. Grind some cinnamon sticks and grind them and add a little water to this powder to make a paste and apply it to the forehead. And lying for half an hour will work to relieve headaches and after time wash your forehead with lukewarm water. This treatment is very useful in treating headaches.

Aromatic therapy.

There are aromas of different aromatic oils, but the most common in the treatment of stress is aromatic lavender oil and banning. These oils are used to massage the neck, during bathing or inhalation. You can mix five drops of rosemary oil with five drops of nutmeg oil, five drops of lavender oil in the tanker and massage the neck and upper back.

Massage with camphor oil.

Camphor oil also has anti-inflammatory properties. To get rid of tension and anxiety headaches, massage the front with camphor oil for 15 to 20 minutes. It relieves pain and relieves muscle tension. You can add other oils to camphor such as coconut oil or almond oil.

Ginger tea.

Ginger tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve headaches. It helps to relax the blood vessels and activate the blood circulation in the brain and thus relieve the pain of headaches and anxiety.

Warm water.

You can apply hot water to the lower part of the neck using a hot water bag, giving you immediate relief from stress-induced headaches. When the heat is applied, it works to relax the tense muscles. In addition to using hot water bags, you can take a hot shower. Another way is to put your hands in a hot tub for 10 to 15 minutes. When doing so, it helps to improve blood circulation or put the two men to those who suffer from chronic headaches.

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