Arthritis: Pain Relief Without Medication.


Arthritis may be the oldest disease on the planet, where it has been discovered that ancient Egyptian mummies were infected, along with prehistoric humans and dinosaurs.

As you read, you – or anyone you know – may have arthritis, although there are recent books that show almost every day about powerful treatments, drugs and arthritis. But we are not going to tell you about a “magic” cure, what we will can tell you how to relieve pain without visiting your doctor or taking medicine.

 There is so much you can do at home without buying expensive tools, pain or risk. So let’s start now and learn that the following tips are helpful in treating all types of arthritis. There are different notes.


Weight loss increases comfort.

There is no magic food or diet that can eliminate arthritis pain, but if you are overweight and reduced, it will relieve a lot of tension and pain in the spine, knee, thigh, heel or foot.arthritis

Cause: The higher your weight, the greater the pressure on the separator, which in turn increases the pressure on the cartilage associated with bones, thus increasing the likelihood of inflammation, swelling and pain.

Solution: Consult a doctor or nutritionist to find a diet that will benefit you, and follow it regularly

Exercise gently to strengthen joints.

If the movement hurts, the immobility destroys, and if the wrong movement hurts, the right movement is a cure.
Yoga teaches movement with proper alignment and alignment of the joints, which helps the deformed joints return to normal. Yoga also strengthens the muscles.
You have to keep a private session with an expert, buy a book to teach the right movements, and remember that yoga exercises are the way to restore the health of your inflamed joints. Then you have to work through the limits imposed by the disease but do not let it lose you.

You should seek comfort by reducing stress.

If you are suffering and feel tense and anxious, the pain will increase. People who control their lives can control their pain more than they can not control.

Relax and do nothing at the same time.

Individuals with arthritis should learn how to relax and not try to do everything they can when they feel better. It makes them feel the pain the next day. You have to do a little every day, whether you feel pain or not.

Learn to relax.arthritis

You have to learn lessons from normal birth cycles, the process of giving birth is painful, but women must learn how to deal with pain through relaxation, and books and tapes that teach relaxation techniques are available in many libraries.
The inactive joints may become painful. If you focus on the pain it will increase, but if you are busy doing things that are important to you, it may make you feel it.

You prevention in the evening to avoid pain in the morning.

90% of patients suffer from muscle stiffness in the morning, and I recommend that they put an ointment of muscles in the evening and before going to sleep. It causes relaxation and gives you psychological support, but why? People who suffer from arthritis feel much better when they do not suffer from typhus in the morning.

Relax in the warm water removes the pain.

Studies have shown that buoyancy in specially designed ponds may relieve joint pain. These pools are commonly known as septic tanks and sensory blocking. You usually spend an hour in this tub in the secretion of endorphins, the natural habitat of the body.
The water temperature in these ponds is 34 m, which is the temperature of the skin and the warm surrounding air which helps to relax.

Water treatment is very useful.

Doctors may differ in their positions when asked about the benefits of treatment – the treatment used in arthritis, but they certainly agree on all the exercises that can be practiced in water.

Water exercises are the best. The pain disappears completely and will be more flexible in water than in the air. I can not say enough about exercise in water and its usefulness.

The methods of initial exercise are simple and can be followed by any individual Kayaking, walking and some movements are performed underwater.

Advanced steps resemble dancing in water, and have been designed to take advantage of natural water resistance and buoyancy.

Share your partner.

Although it is normal for a husband or wife to do everything possible to help the other when he or she is suffering, this assistance may do more harm than good. When a wife tries to do everything herself and constantly asks her husband about his feelings, it increases his pain.
Do not be attentive and cooperative only when the husband is suffering, but when he is also feeling better and more active, this is the time to say: I am very happy to see you doing these things. Praise is very important and people usually forget it.

Use ice to prevent pain.

I recommend cold treatment when there is pressure on the joints due to exertion or excessive use. I used the gel with the patients, but I noticed that the ice in the plastic package would do the same work. It should be placed for 15 to 20 minutes and then removed for 10 to 15 minutes. This can be repeated for hours if there is a need to repeat it.

Do not relax too much joints.

I would like people to follow a physical exercise program for joints, and I recommend walking, cycling or swimming, because it does not hurt the joints, but you have to exercise that can increase the pulse to at least 120 beats per minute and have an effect Effective on both heart and lungs.

Research has shown that vigorous exercise may be safe for arthritis patients and may cause psychological and physiological improvement, as well as reducing pain, swelling and general pain.

Drugs that lead to addiction should be eliminated.

Unfortunately, drugs – such as sleeping pills, tranquilizers and sedatives – can be part of a person’s life with arthritis. It is not that these drugs do not help, but they are useful, but for most individuals, they need them in increasing quantities over time and end up with more problems than they do.

Although this may require medical help, we believe that these drugs should be replaced by vital feedback or other forms of treatment or sometimes by non-narcotic analgesics such as aspirin or ibuprofen.

Eat fish to rest from pain.

It is noted that most, but not all, individuals are already responding to fish oil. A report published by researchers at the Albanian Medical Center in New York confirms this observation, explaining that arthritis patients have seen improvement in joint pain and exhaustion when taking fish oil capsules.arthritis

Although fish oil has been gaining attention from the press, fatty acids – the active ingredient in fish oil – have been prevalent in the form of whale liver oil for many years. Studies have shown that eating a teaspoon a day of whale liver oil may help To reduce the symptoms of arthritis, by supplying the body in quantities of vitamin D, and vitamin A, and vitamin D is important in the process of bone growth, and vitamin “A” has an anti-inflammatory effect.

It should be noted that any increase in the amounts of vitamin “A” and vitamin “D” may be toxic; so you should be eating the oil of whale liver is one teaspoon a day, and the increase of these vitamins may lead to liver damage over time, so consult your doctor If you need fish oil or vitamin D as supplemental food. Instead of using supplemental food, you can try a diet that lacks fat and contains fish such as macarillas and salmon, which contain fatty acids.

Massage when it comes to joint pain.

It is necessary to massage the muscles associated with tendons that lead to joints that cause pain. For example, if you have arthritis in your hands, you should massage the forearm from the wrist to the elbow using pressure methods.
To do this, use the grip of your hands, thumb, or elbow to squeeze and hold the muscle for several seconds before leaving it. If you have an ankle or foot injury, massage the leg muscle and foot.

More vitamin C should be taken.

People suffering from arthritis also suffer from Vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C deficiency may increase the condition of arthritis, and increasing doses of vitamin C may cause the disease to be relieved.
Vitamin C is a good home remedy for arthritis patients. There is no toxicity in vitamin C. If the person takes 500 milligrams throughout the day, it is not too much and it is enough to do the desired benefit, but before using vitamin C as a treatment, consult your doctor.

Eat more carrot juice.

Refraining from eating vegetable juice has alleviated the pain of schizophrenia infection for many patients.
You can only use carrot juice, celery, cabbage or tomatoes. It is suggested that you start by abstaining only from vegetable juices for one day in the first week, then two days during the following week (Monday and Wednesday) and three days during the third week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) You should consult your doctor before applying abstinence.

Herbs may be useful at times.arthritis

There is hope for treating the pain of arthritis by herbs. Some we can use but the majority is not useful.
In the long run, Willow is the most useful herb. It contains the willow and is similar to aspirin. But to treat arthritis you need more willow.
There is another herb that can treat arthritis, an American grape seed. It used for a long time. But it warns against it. As there is no research to show how grapes are efficace.

Copper bracelet.

The copper bracelet, which has long been worn by humans for long periods of time to relieve joint pain, has been commonplace to date.

Some studies show that some individuals with arthritis find it difficult to metabolize copper from the foods they eat. That increase pain. This led to the theory that arthritis patients should obtain copper from sources.  Another is the copper tube from the copper bracelet that enters the body through the skin.

This is the only way for arthritis patients to obtain the copper needed by the body. A substance that studies have shown to relieve pain.
Some doctors spent time sceptical about copper but did not abandon the theory. Copper plays a role and may cause arthritis healing. The use of supplemental copper does not appear to be as beneficial as wearing a bracelet.
I do not advise individuals to wear a copper bracelet and I do not prevent them from doing so.

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