Back pain : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

back pain causes and treatment

Many suffer from back pain. It has been tested by everyone at least once. The extent of the pain that a person feels varies according to the reasons that lead to his back pain. But the good news is that it can be avoided or treated simply, but first we need to know what causes back pain and what is an appropriate treatment and how to prevent it.

Back pain is a common health problem among different people, both young and old. There are some common symptoms such as back pain, pain in the knees, decreased backbone flexibility, lack of sleep.

Back pain can occur for many reasons including muscle tension, improper diet, lack of physical activity, arthritis, excessive physical activity, erratic posture, pregnancy.


Causes of Back Pain.
Muscle strain and ligaments.

Frequent heavy weight load or repetition of sudden movements can lead to stress of the back muscles and ligaments between the vertebrae. If your physical condition is not as appropriate, these actions can lead to tension and strain in your back muscles, making you feel pain.

Swelling or rupture of pillows or cartilage.

Pillows or cartilage work as a pad between each paragraph and above and below it so as to reduce friction and corrosion between them naturally. But at times this soft material moves away from its proper place or ruptures, which puts great pressure on the nerves. Since it is not necessary to cause back pain, it is usually discovered only late when some tests and radiation are performed.


Arthritis may also affect the spinal vertebrae, resulting in a contraction of space around the spinal cord and lead to back pain. In this case, the spine is called a narrowing.

Wrong reactions.

Some malfunctions with the skeleton may result in significant loading on the spine, leading to one side. This leads to back pain but is mostly a rare condition.


When one gets osteoporosis as a disease, this affects the strength of the vertebrae to compress, leading to itching and back pain.

Back pain is sometimes a symptom of cancer.

Sitting incorrectly for long periods may lead to back pain.

Sometimes diseases like kidney disease and uterine diseases can lead to spinal pain.


 Symptoms of back pain.

Muscle pain along the spine from the neck to the lower back.

The inability to stand upright without feeling a lot of pain, especially after standing from a long session.

The sensation of stings in the back.

The sensation of pain down the legs.

Inability to exercise any flexible movements.

Pain in the middle or lower back especially after sitting or standing for long periods.

Lower back pain that extends to the buttocks and thighs may even reach the bottom of the feet.

Of course, you will not feel all the symptoms at one time but you may apply some symptoms in different situations but there are some cases that you should go to the doctor. When the pain persists for a long time, or when you feel weight loss or when you feel very tired or any unusual offer, you should visit your doctor immediately.


How to get rid of back pain and prevention.


Sleep habits.

If you wake up one day and have your back and neck down, you should look at sleep habits.


Your favorite sleeping position may be what causes you back pain and this can be avoided simply by putting a pillow between your feet.

The pillow:

Enlargement of the size of the pillow or lack of size may be the cause of neck pain because it works to change the placement of the vertebrae in the spine leading to impotence.


Before going to shower try to relax some moments on the bed and do not from this situation suddenly, but with all slow and comfortable. Turn on your neck, your thighs, and your knees, and push your body with your hands to your sitting position.

Diet, weight loss, and water.

Diet is very important for the health of the spine and is, of course, essential to maintaining a healthy weight does not greatly affect the muscles of the back and joints between the vertebrae.

Doctors say most adults do not get too much calcium and vitamin D, both essential for bone formation and making it stronger. Therefore, a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D, which contains many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, stimulates the muscles and gives the body the strength to endure without much effort. You should also take adequate water to keep your body hydrated and avoid infections.

Practice some exercise.

A sports coach regularly helps to strengthen the muscles of the body in general but beware of excessive pressure, especially when you feel pain.


Exercises strengthen the heart muscle especially if you are walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week or some aerobics or swimming.

Muscle stretching exercises:

If you do a lot of routine work then some stretching exercises may be useful to relieve the muscles from stress and tension and reduce pain.

Sitting in the water:

The water treatment system reduces the effect of the compressor activities, helping you get rid of muscle pain in general and back pain in particular. The natural resistance caused by water to the movement of our body reduces pressure on the joints and bones even if not a skilled swimmer can walk in the water to do the same purpose.

Brain and body workout.

Brain training for the treatment of diseases is a modern treatment method that helps a lot in many diseases.


Meditation has many benefits by focusing attention, increasing calm, eliminating disease and improving overall health.


Regardless of their religious perspective, training the body through breathing control to expel stress and pressure from the body helps greatly in getting rid of back pain.

Tai Chi:

Exercises are very effective in dealing with back pain and muscle control and get rid of the feeling of stress.

Apply ice and heat to treat back pain.

Applying ice to painful places may help get rid of infections every few days for at least 20 minutes at a time. Try to apply the heat on some other days using some thermal pillows, which increase blood flow in the area, which helps to stimulate and feel relaxed.

Electrostatic electricity.

Research has shown that some electrostatic charges help to eliminate back pain, especially if they are supervised by a doctor.

Try to avoid using acupuncture as modern studies are unlikely to be used.


Safety measures to protect the spine.
In the car.

You should choose the right type of car and usually the bigger cars are the best either sports cars may have a negative impact on the muscles of the back and joints.

Set the chair in good position, try adjusting the chair in a position that allows you to sit in a straight and comfortable shape for your back.

Enjoy a short break, if you are on a long journey of usefulness take some time to rest on the way to relax and get rid of your muscles from stress and effort.

At work.

You should put the computer screen at your level so that you do not have to bend in front of it or lower your back while sitting.

Sit smartly. You do not have to sit on one of the expensive chairs that take care of the health of the spine but you can at least keep your angle of sitting at 90 degrees This is the right posture.

It is useful to put one of the comfortable pillows under the foot so that it is also kept on the base of the existing corner 90 degrees.

You should move away from the chair and sit at least once every 45-50 minutes for at least 5 minutes.

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