Balance Exercises Using the Bosu Ball

Improve your body balance and your fitness with bosu ball.

Rebalancing Exercises Using the Bosu Ball

When you are looking for exercises that you can do with simple equipment at home, try rebalancing exercises using a Bosu ball. This ball is manufactured to help rebalance the body easily. So you have the ability to do any exercise easily and using anything.

It is a balancing ball and made of a strong plastic material on one side. You can place the rounded side either on the floor or upwards, giving you the flexibility to practice using simple equipment.

Check that you can do these moves and talk to your personal trainer or fitness trainer for more ideas. Physical fitness routine requires balancing exercise on an unstable surface.

It can be done in a gym or at home as it adds more fun while performing the exercise. In fact, bosu’s ball helps you to focus more on balance, stability and strength.

If you are not using a Bosu ball before it is important to take some time to get to know it. The following exercises focus on the lower body and here are tips and tricks when using the bosu ball.

It is normal to feel pain in the feet and if this happens, take some rest and walk on the ground as an attempt to relieve fatigue.

When you do not feel unsteady during exercise, you can identify a contact point, whether a wall, chair or bar, to maintain your balance well.

Always keep your body in a straight line while doing this exercise and naturally turn to maintain your balance but make sure you do not stagnate.

You should be prepared to do the exercise a few times and it is a great idea when trying to hold onto a chair or wall when doing exercise especially in the first time you exercise.

Take your time while exercising because standing on an unstable surface takes more time.


Rebalancing exercises using the Bosu ball.


Ankle balance.

Bosu’s ball is placed on the ground until the hemisphere is at the top. Kneeling on the balls of Bosu and fixing your toes on the ground. Keep your hands in front of your shoulders, hold steady in this position. To make progress in practice, lift your toes from the ground and close your eyes and arms around you.


Fixed balance.

Stand upright in the top of the Bosu ball with the opening of the feet with the width of the shoulder width and put your arms by your side and open your hands forward. The basic idea of this exercise is to move the feet to your side. Its purpose is to balance the unstable surface and move the feet and ankles. To meet the challenge during the exercise you can close your eyes.


The hunt for the hands.

Stand straight on the bosu ball and lower the upper part of the body until it takes a squat position or any other position that suits you. Place the hands in front of the face and bend the elbows. Start with the movement of the hands to the right and to the left while allowing the trunk to move and rotate slightly. While moving the hands, the eyes are moved in the same direction. To get the challenge in the exercise, achieve the stability of the trunk and head and move the eyes only.


Stand one foot on the Bosu ball.

Stand on the ball Bosu upright position and open the feet width hips and bend the arms at the angle of 90 degrees and try to raise the right foot to put away from the ball you can put it directly next to the ball and achieve balance of the body through the stability on the left foot and stand on one foot for 3 seconds and then repetition with foot Left and more challenging to put the foot on the ground and reduce the body a little until it takes the position of squatting.


Fixed impulse.

To take the position of the constant rush to stand on the bosu ball. Start standing with your feet open with your hips apart, sloping down your shoulders, taking a step backward in the dart position, keeping the back heel of the ground and bending your knees with your knee down open at the same time keeping the position right for you and repeating the same steps with the other side.


Walk upstairs.

Move the feet up and down while standing on a Bosu ball You can stand on one foot for a few seconds and switch between the feet. To achieve the greater balance you can use the weight bar or wall to achieve greater balance.


Side steps.

Stand with your feet fixed in the middle of the Bosu ball and walk the right foot on the ball and then the left foot and then descend the left foot from the ball to the ground and open the feet to fix one of the feet on the ground well.


Front Blanc Exercise.

And starts by lying on your stomach and work to raise the body by the hands and wear the Bosu ball to tighten the muscles and the basic toes to become the body in a straight line and steadfast on this position for 2 minutes and pressure the arms. You can do 2 – 3 sets per group 5 – 8 times and take about 60 – 30 rest intervals between each group and the other.


Balance on the arm.

To perform this exercise you need to fix the body on one arm and put it on the ball Bosu and feet open and one of them raised to the top and the other fixed on the ground. And thus achieve the integrity of the body from the head to the soles of the feet and tighten the muscle glutes to exercise properly.


Pressing the Bosu pulley.

Put the ball of Bosu in front of you to practice pressure and put the hands on the ball Bosu and the arms to the upper to work on lifting the body and tighten the muscles of the trunk and buttocks then decrease the body until the chest in the balance of the ball completely and stand for a few seconds in this situation about 3 seconds before moving to the position of start .


Raise one knee in front of you.

Bosu ball requires a dynamic balance and more training to achieve results, especially as the surface of the Bosu ball is unstable. Start standing on one foot and left foot put the ground and bend the arm at the angle of 90 degrees and bend the left knee before you return to the starting point. Repeat 8 times and then switch to the other foot.


The Bosu Ball Skating Exercise.

All Bosu ball exercises require maximum balance. To do this exercise you need to stand next to the Bosu ball. Trying to bring the right knee behind the left knee and rush towards the left-footed Bosu ball and bend the left arm to help you move. You should be careful while performing this exercise so as not to cause head injury and switch between the sides.

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