Beard Hair, Intensify It Quickly And Naturally

beard hair

A large group of young people suffer from a lack of growth of beard hair. Their growth can be slow or not dense. Which makes the subject of intensification of the beard is important for young people, because in this reduction of elegance and attractiveness.

Men consider the intensity of the beard to be a distinctive proof of the mystery of gravity in manhood.

And therefore we see many of them are looking at how to intensify hair beard and accelerate growth. The reason for the lack of hair density is due to the chin to the lack of performance of male hormones. It can also be the result of some genetic factors. Although it is often due to the incidence of alopecia, so you should see your doctor.

Because beard hair does not grow for several reasons, it should be searched for to determine the cause. If the imbalance is hormonal, this should be corrected. If hair does not grow, despite attempts, we may be in front of a familial and hereditary cause (such as a lack of hair in a relative of the first degree, brother or father).

Therefore, all male family members should be investigated for the history of the family on the subject of beard hair growth.

Before thinking about stimulants, you should look for the cause by doing the necessary tests and checking your endocrinologist. Based on this, appropriate treatment is determined.

It is known that some patients have a normal hormone level, but no receptors in specific locations. So hair does not grow especially in these positions. And you do not have to worry. We will try to present some simple and effective treatment methods.

In this context, we recommend the use of natural herbs, oils and supplements that help strengthen the hair and its durability and maintain its appearance. It also supplies the body with the necessary vitamins that contribute significantly to the growth of capillaries.


Prominent and natural mixtures to intensify beard hair.

Make a paste of lemon juice and cinnamon powder to thicken beard hair quickly.beard hair

Apply a small amount of paste over the face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Apply moisturizer to the skin to protect it from dehydration.

Use the same treatment twice a week as long as there are no signs of irritation on your face due to lemon.

Amal oil mixture with mustard leaves to thicken beard hair.

Make a paste of mustard leaves and add some drops of oil in the hope. After preparing the dough, place it on the beard area that you want to grow quickly and leave it for up to 20 minutes. Then rinse your face with cold water.

Know that you need to apply this method about three or four times a week to get the desired result. Amla oil is one of the most important oils that work to prolong the hair of the body. So, experts recommend to use it to prolong hair beard.

If you want a real result, just add oil to the beard area, leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse the area where you placed the oil before with cold water and then clean the area.

Other tips to prolong beard hair in short duration.

One of the most important methods used in hair extension is the method of trimming and cutting hair. The fine hair of the beard removes your dead and damaged hair. And then you can get a better beard hair and longer than.

Another way to prolong the beard hair is the perfect shaving method. The method is by shaving the beard hair from right to left and vice versa. From top to bottom, and vice versa.

Hair experts advice who want to prolong their hair to shave hair in the opposite direction to their hair. So, that they get the best result when shaving hair.

The other method is the haircut, which we recommend for everyone to prolong the hair beard and rapid growth. It is the so-called “popular way” which everyone follows. The method is by shaving beard hair three times a week in order to increase hair growth.

You can also use Minoxidil “Intensify beard hair with your doctor’s advice before use.

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