Bee Venom Therapy, Healthy Benefits of Bee Stings

bee venom therapy

Bee venom is a common remedy and a lot of studies have been done. Poisoning, or the substance left by the bee when a person bites, is composed of hydrochloric acid, acetic acid, phosphorus acid, histamine, piamin, methionine, bovine, cysteine and bee marking with an acid reaction due to the abundance of acids in its composition.

Bee venom.

Bee venom is a colorless liquid made up of proteins, enzymes, and soluble amino acids. It is one of the traditional folk remedies used, and there are many medicinal products containing bee venom, and these products are in the form of injections, or ointments can be obtained from pharmacies. These products are not as effective as bee stings, although they have the same structure. They lose some components of bee venom, which has a healing effect.

Methods of using bee sting treatment.

Before use consult your doctor and make sure there is no sensitive against bee venom.

Wash the place with warm water and soap and alcohol is not allowed.

One of the most commonly used disinfectants is alcohol or iodine dye. These should not be used to sterilize the treatment before sting because these disinfectants quickly destroy the active ingredients in the bee’s poison, and can be washed with soap and warm water and then dried with a towel.

After removal of the fork, paint the place with any fat without effect and prefer to paint honey bees.

When using bee bites take into account the sting in the body in different places.

The graduation of the number of bites on the first day one and on the second day two and so on up to ten bites followed by rest for the patient four or five days.

Then start the second dose “140 to 150” bite.

The number of peaks and the period of use depends on the type of illness. In simple cases, 2 to 3 bites for two or five sessions only. If the condition is more difficult, there are several bites between two to three sessions a week for one to three months and so on.

Some people suffer from the sensitivity of bee venom, and get them many reactions that can occur from bee bites or from the product extracted from bee venom, but usually a local reaction with redness and tumor affects the location of the sting, and some suffer from a stronger reaction This occurs when the tumor increases and spreads throughout the limb and causes movement problems.

Benefits of bee venom

Increases the number of red blood cells, and activates blood circulation, which helps to increase activity, and vitality of the body.

Stimulates nerve cells in the brain, thus sending sensory signals to the sensory cells below the brain.

The body is exposed to more than one bite, which helps to cirrhosis of the skin if the bites are in the same place, that is, the skin becomes more resistant to temperature and resistant to bacteria.

When the bee bites, it releases a substance called ionic saliva, which works to burn fat in the body in the infected area, burning about 99% of the fat in that area.

Therapeutic benefits of bee venom.

Strengthens the immune system against diseases.

Limits the spread of cancerous tumors in the body.

Addresses diseases of arthritis, hardening of tissues, and rheumatic fever.

Amplify the auditory nerve atrophy.

Infertility is treated in women and men.

Treats sexual frigidity in men, activates sexual desire.

Treats headaches, chronic headaches.

Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

It treats gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach ulcers.

Treats venereal diseases.

Treatment of bedwetting in children.

Is bee sting safe?

Some patients may suffer from allergic reactions to bee stings. In some cases, bee bites can lead to life-threatening allergic shock. Attention must, therefore, be paid to investigating the presence of an allergic story in the patient and to caution when given the first sting in case of allergic reaction. Also, treat with extreme caution with heart, tuberculosis and sugar patients.

It is also known that bee sting treatment can cause pain, as well as some side effects such as anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, changes in blood pressure, and palpitations of the heart.

So be sure to consult your doctor before starting treatment.

Bee venom and cancer.

Finally discovered in October 1895, a new substance in bee venom has an effective effect on pain relief. It is ten times more potent than morphine and has a five-fold reduction in aspirin.

This substance can be used in the case of cancer to treat the pain it causes. In Japan, royal jelly has been used as a substance against the growth of malignant tumors. This is due to the role of royal jelly in breaking nucleic acids in tumor cells but this effect is slowly occurring.

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