Beyonce Diet Plan, What Nutritionists Say?

beyonce diet plan

Byeonce diet plan: American star Beyonce takes care of his line. To do this, she follows a rather drastic diet, the “22 Day Vegan Challenge”, whose principles she espouses to her millions of fans through social networks but also thanks to a book, of which she wrote the preface.

 So, for or against this highly publicized diet?

This is an update on her diet by Virginie Balès, dietician-nutritionist.


Beyonce diet: the principle.

To keep the line, Beyonce follows a simple diet, she eats only fruits, vegetables, vegetable proteins and seeds.

A 100% vegan diet that celebrates kale, chia seeds and other trendy foods like quinoa or detox vegetables.

If a Texan like me can do it, everyone can do it, she promises in the book – written by her coach Marco Borges and whose preface she signed.

The idea, it would take 22 days, thanks to a detailed food program, to completely change its habits and become a happy and healthy vegan.beyonce diet plan

Gluten, dairy, meat, eggs or fish, not to mention all industrial foods do not exist in his plate. Therefore, you find vegetal and homemade meals, nothing but home made.

Beyonce diet: recipes, blog, etc …

For those who would like to take the example of the American star, 65 recipes are available in the book. Which accompanies the program, also makes it possible to get delivered in the United States only for the moment, small fresh dishes for 3 weeks of menus, as well as powders Vegetable proteins, energetic or protein bars and pumpkin seeds.

According to the star, this diet would be beneficial for both health and the line.I am so happy to have made this challenge and I thank Marco for setting a good example.

He is the most energetic person I know, and it is his choice to live a balanced lifestyle. He thought a perfect program to motivate people to make better nutritional choices. You just have to try.

beyonce diet plan

For or against?  Virginie bales:

I fully subscribe to the idea that it is essential for our health, and therefore our line, to limit as much as possible any processed and industrialized food. We also eat too much animal protein.

With a little knowledge and attention, it is quite possible to have a very balanced diet without animal protein, gluten free and without dairy. I am quite sure that this 22-day cure is very beneficial to all, especially as they advocate nutritious seeds and foods.

But be careful: taking a 22-day break in poor healthy food does not help much if you take it back. For a lasting result, you will have to keep the majority of changes; lots of fruits, vegetables and seeds, little animal protein and industrial food.

And finally, I find a little shame that finally a large part of the concept is based on the purchase of product certainly GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free but industrial production anyway.

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