Bodybuilding Sport, Benefits and Bodily Injuries

bodybuilding sport

Bodybuilding sport is one of the most recently discovered sport. As they emerged at the beginning of the last century, especially in the seventies and eighties. Bodybuilding sport or iron sport depends on building the body and muscles and making it stronger and larger.

The most famous sport at the time was the German Eugene Sandu, who was displaying his muscles during celebrations and festivals. After that, many men wanted to get a sporty body with twisted muscles such as Eugene Sando, which led to the spread of bodybuilding sport in the world.

Benefits of Bodybuilding Sport.

Men with age may lose nearly two kilograms of their body muscles. Those muscles can be preserved and not lost through the exercise in bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding helps to eliminate excess body fat, burn it through exercise and body exercises, especially aerobics exercises, making the improvement of consistency and consistency possible.

Increase the ability of the body to benefit from foods, through the distribution and digestion of food easily, in order to contribute to these exercises in improving the level of metabolism.

Increases stamina in case the body is exposed to certain shocks or accidents, because of muscle strength, flexibility, and toughness in the face of potential injuries.

Exercise reduces the risk of diabetes because it contributes to the burning of as many sugars as possible in the blood.

Mastering the various works practiced by men, especially those that need physical strength such as building and lifting heavy materials and others. In addition to its contribution to increasing the performance needed for different sports, such as football, basketball, running, and others.

Increasing the attractiveness of men as a result of his prominent muscles, and his sculpted body, increasing his self-confidence to feel that he is a loved and desirable person.

More benefits.

Increased mental activity, which increases the concentration and speed in making good decisions, for the possibility of blood flow in the arteries and blood vessels safely, without obstructions stand in front of blood, atherosclerosis, and hypertrophy of excess body fat.

These exercises help to resist high blood pressure.

Help increase the secretion of a male hormone (testosterone) and thus contribute to the treatment of erectile dysfunction and increase sexual ability.

Contribute to the treatment of deformities that may affect the skeleton by increasing the density of bones and strength and hardness. Also, improve the work of joints and resistance to diseases.

Improve mood, get rid of anxiety and tension, increase physical activity, resist laziness, fatigue and increase your body’s stamina.

Food for bodybuilding sport.

You can not get the muscles required and exercise bodybuilding without taking care of the quality of food that the person eating. Therefore, there are some foods that bodybuilders should take during the training period, such as:

Because it contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the body.

Drink plenty of water to make up for fluids lost by the body.

Eggs contain proteins important for muscle growth.

Milk contains important calcium for bones, muscles, meat, and fish.

Damages of bodybuilding sport.

The sport of bodybuilding has many drawbacks, including the following:

Liver and kidney disease.

Enlarged prostate.

Depression and mental disorders.

Heart disease, especially myocardial hypertrophy.

Hypertension is higher than normal.

The spread, proliferation, and appearance of grains on various areas of the skin, especially the face.

Suffering from increased cholesterol in the blood. Bleeding from the nose.

Constant and severe stomach pain.

A chronic headache.

Baldness due to continuous hair loss.

Damages of dietary supplements.

Sports bodybuilders always take dietary supplements containing keratin. It is a harmful substance as it stores and holds fluids in the muscles to become larger in terms of appearance. However, this presents them with the risk of continuous convulsions and over time causing great pain.

Protein damages.

Bodybuilders sport accept protein intake, certifying advertising campaigns that say they have no negative side effects or any harm to their users. But it has many disadvantages, and we mention the following:

The risk of atherosclerosis and convulsions due to muscle increase rapidly.

Abnormal growth in some areas of the body.

Lower body immunity and weaken it.

Infection easily.

Damage to eyes.

Damage to nerves, muscles, and bones.

Aggressive behavior, anxiety, and tension.

Increased risk of osteoporosis in the long run.

There are many cases of the deaths in the athletes of this type of sport. Because they take the drugs without the prescription of doctors or supervisors or trainers, in order to amplify their muscles.

We also advise being patient and careful while practicing various types of bodybuilding exercises. It takes time to get the muscles attractive. Do not get such things overnight. Rushing through the various proteins and hormones may lead to the death.


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