How You Can Boost Your Body’s Metabolism


Everyone’s dream is health, wellness, agility and vitality. To achieve this dream, the Metabolic process, also known as Metabolism, should be stimulated. We can achieve it by exercising in particular, since the muscles are the largest organ of the Metabolism.

Professor Matthias Weber, president of the German Society of Endocrinology, said every cell in the body has its own system of metabolism, noting that Metabolism needs work to be activated.

The German doctor explained that the substances are transferred to the cells in the body, are utilized, and then discharged again, so the body occurs in many biochemical processes.

For his part, Professor Ingo Frobuzah, a professor at the German University of Sports Sciences in Cologne, said that metabolism needs to work, and the less energized, the less work. This is a bit like what happens in a car; if the car is locked in the garage, it is rusted and corroded.

Sports are important.

Sports are the most effective way to stimulate Metabolism, since muscles are the largest organ of the metabolism.Metabolism

At the same time, there is an enemy of metabolism, the strict diet, which harms metabolism in the long term; it puts the body in an emergency, and then the metabolism recedes.

Frobuzah noted that the basic metabolic rate usually ranges from 1600 to 2,500 calories. The food user is the one who eats well and at the same time stays slim and fit.

These people seem to have a good baseline metabolic rate; they eat well and do not put their bodies in a state of hunger.

You can activate Metabolism through daily actions by going up stairs or exercising regularly.

Times of the day.



Frobozah advised to pay attention to the times of the day. Starting by the morning, the energy charged. In other words, eat fats and carbohydrates. In the afternoon, eat foods rich in nutrients. And in the evening, try to eat foods rich in protein. The body does not need energy before sleep.

Forbuzah is advised to give the metabolism a break between meals, so the body must remain without food for 4 to 5 hours.

Zilke Ristmayer, a member of the German Dietetic Association, noted that the interaction of the body with this varies from person to person, and that the decisive factor in this is the energy balance.

Drinking enough water is important for health. But experiments it has not scientifically prove that drinking a lot of water stimulate metabolism or body weight.

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