How Do You Burn Body Fats Using Iron Exercises?

burn fats iron exercises

This article is for men and women. I strongly advise men and women to practice iron exercises and lift heavy weights in order to increase muscle mass and increase metabolic rates of food (burning).

Iron exercises or lifting of heavy weights, which can be practiced in gym or at home, have many positive effects on fat burning rates and maintenance of muscle mass. Iron exercises are superior to aerobic exercise in slimming and fat burning for these reasons:

With iron exercises, most of the lost weight of fat.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania trained to 3 groups. Group adheres to Burjim without exercise. A group is committed to dieting with aerobics and the third group is committed to dieting with aerobics and iron exercises.

Trainees in the three groups lost 10 kg. But the third group (the group of iron exercises) lost 3 kg of excess fat. The other two groups lost more weight than the muscles.

Researchers from other universities found that those who ate Burger or diet without iron exercise were only 60 percent fat loss. The rest comes from the loss of muscle mass.

Iron exercises help to burn calories by three axes.

  • Iron exercises consume calories during exercise.

It is true that iron exercises themselves do not consume a small amount of calories, but you can burn 400 to 600 calories in an hour of iron exercises because of the constant movement between the devices and the installation and removal of weights and transport and return and go and return from the gym.

You can wear a watch such as Fitbit, Garmin and Polar, and you will notice an increase in calorie burning during the session.burn fats iron exercises

  • Iron exercises lead to consumption of calorie after exercise.

During iron exercises and lifting of heavy weights, small ruptures occur in the muscle fibers, which called the process of demolition.

After exercise, the body consumes calories to repair these ruptures in the so-called reconstruction process, which is expensive for energy and calories. Researchers found that trainees who perform an hour of exercise to strengthen all muscles of the body have an increase in the rates of burning and metabolism of food extends to 38 hours after exercise!

  • Iron exercises lead to a permanent increase in burning and metabolism.

Iron exercises lead to an increase in the weight of the muscle mass. Researchers have found that a pound of muscle (about half a kilogram) consumes 5-7 calories per day. And is a large amount compared to 1 – 2 calories consumed by a pound of fat.

Another study measured the role of muscle in the metabolic rate of food. It found that the muscles make up 22% of the calories consumed. Any increase in muscle mass leads to a constant increase in metabolism, even when you are resting or sleeping on your bed.

But be careful not to make your exercise in the gym a tool to burn calories. Your goal in C is to build muscle and not burn calories. Calorie burning is done by diet and increased activity rate (NEAT).

Iron exercises will make your look better in clothes.

burn fats iron exercises

Researchers found that most people aged 30-50 years lose 10 percent of their weight and acquire the same amount of fat. Which increases the circumference of their midst. This is because fat consumes 18% more muscle area.

Of course, all these negatives can reversed by lifting heavy weights. In addition, iron exercises help the man to get a broad shoulder, neck strong and middle skinny.

Also, it helps women to get attractive legs and firmness.

Iron exercises lead to greater commitment to diet.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh conducted a study on 169 obese patients. They described a diet containing 1,500 calories. They found that patients who followed the exercise program three times a week were more committed to the amount of calories prescribed.

The researchers noted that patients who quit the diet also mix with the training system. If, as is evident, adherence to a diet with an iron training program leads to significant results in terms of commitment to the entire program.

Iron exercises lead to the elimination of anxiety and tension.

burn fats iron exercises

Researchers found that people with a higher weight of muscle mass had a lower proportion of stress hormones and anxiety.

The researchers also found that in the case of traffic with a severe and stressful event, people with larger muscle size have a better ability to return to the state of relaxation after tension.

Iron exercises improve mental state.

Researchers found that the exercise of iron for 6 months leads to a significant improvement in control of anger and improvement in the overall mental state.

Iron exercises strengthen ligaments, bones and joints.

Sciences prove that a natural person loses bone density and loses collagen from the ligaments with age. Fortunately you can reverse these negative effects.burn fats iron exercises

Lifting heavy weights puts the bones and ligaments under great pressure. Forcing them to build themselves and increase its strength and intensity. With the same mechanism increase the muscle size to keep up with the pressures.

Iron exercises improve public health.

Research shows that practicing iron exercises per week leads to an improvement in heart function. It reduces blood pressure and increase in years of life.

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