Quick Ways to Burn Calories Without The Gym

burn calories

There is a list of daily activities that help you burn calories without going to the gym. Because we may not go to the gym because of business or fatigue or laziness and all the different excuses shown when doing exercise.

These methods help you improve metabolism no matter what you do. Whether you’re excited to watch something or search for something on your computer and need to burn a minimum of calories even if you spend most of the time while you work sitting. You want to find a variety of ways to help you burn calories throughout the day without taking any step towards the gym.

Your diet requires you to burn more calories every week for about 3,500 calories. It is a great and safe way to lose weight so it helps you lose 32 pounds in four months by eating a balanced diet combined with exercise.

Quick ways to burn calories without going to the gym.
Walk or use the bike everywhere.

Let’s admit that when you get used to driving the car everywhere you become lazy and do not want to exercise even when you go out to buy your groceries using the bike these habits harm your fitness.

A fitness specialist suggests walking around buildings for 40 minutes helps you burn 200 calories. Even riding a bike for 23 minutes can burn 200 calories, counting the number of calories you burn when you walk.

Up the stairs.

I think you might have forgotten to climb the stairs because of the frequent use of the elevator and instead of taking the lift, go up the stairs. You may find it difficult to climb the stairs when you carry weights like textbooks on a daily basis but try to choose the stairs every day to help your body in the long term.

A person can burn 10 calories per minute when climbing stairs. This means that only 20 minutes of climbing the ladder will help you burn 200 calories.


You can not get a way to make you happier and healthier than the art of dancing. It is one of the best ways to connect spiritually and reduce stress. So, try to practice one day of dance for 30 minutes to give you long-term benefits.

So try to dance for 30 minutes continuously, to help you lift the body and filter the mind and also burning calories every day of your home.

Tension rope.

If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle and enjoy fitness and a sense of happiness. Instead of following unhealthy habits such as sitting on your couch, watching movies, playing video games, you can replace them by taking 15 minutes each day to lengthen the cord to protect your body from heart disease and burn about 100 calories a day.

Exercise during study.

Can you really be in one place for long hours, whether you read or take a test to be good for your health? Because once you sit down for a long time, the average calorie decreases per minute and the enzymes that help to break the fat drop by 90%.

We advise you to move while studying to help your body burn calories. Walking in a treadmill during a 26 minute study will help you burn 200 calories and will also finish doing your existing exercise.


For many, cooking is a routine work because it is a form of self-expression. Now what is the best way to lose weight during cooking. You can set 45 minutes to burn about 100 calories without having to do anything else. The body burns 100 calories when indulging in small activities.

Home activities.

If you do not like doing housework, you do not know the importance of these healthy home activities. For example, cleaning the house, sweeping, arranging the living room for hours is equivalent to being in the gym for two hours. It is one of the easiest ways to burn fat in addition to keeping your home clean.

When doing light household chores like washing, you can burn 170 calories per hour or burn more.

Squat while drying the hair.

Do not be surprised there are light activities that can help you burn calories. After taking a shower in the morning, take a hair dryer. Because drying the hair takes a long time, why do not you think of practicing squatting up and down during that? You can burn 70 calories every five minutes while squatting. You can even try squatting while brushing your teeth.

Work to increase your flexibility.

Stretching exercises make you feel better and protect you from many diseases as well as burn more calories compared to sitting for a long time. . Try touching your toes while stretching back of simple and effective movements in burning calories.

Swapping office exercise aerobic.

Chairs with offices can be a suitable environment for sleep too, so you may feel uncomfortable after several hours to cheat and at the same time you burn calories try to exchange the exercise desk exercise roller. An aerobics ball can help you stretch the hamstring, but your hip weights can settle for a long time.

Sitting on the aerobics ball increases your calorie burning by 7% and as desktop work helps a person burn 106 calories per hour for a 135 lb. person, you can expect to burn 200 calories by using an aerobics ball for an hour and 47 minutes. Like you are more active.

Chewing gum constantly helps to regenerate and improve gum health. Studies have shown that when a woman chews gum for 12 minutes, about 11 calories are burned.

You can substitute snacks with chewing gum to help you burn calories easily.


Kissing also helps you burn fat. Because strong kissing involves paddling and movement, which helps you burn up to 90 calories per hour, says Jaya Kitshen, a specialist in intimate relationship science .. Trying to follow a longer technique when kissing can sing about going to the gym, especially when pushing your partner For higher kissing this process enables you to burn 171 calories in 30 minutes.

Drink cold water.

The next time you want to drink, avoid taking warm water and replace it with cold water in this way you can burn 25 calories per cup of cold water. Because the body uses extra energy to warm the water and when eating 8 cups of cold water a day can burn 200 calories.

Walking and talking.

There are a few things that look amazing and amazing for you like talking to a friend on the phone instead of sitting and chatting. You can move while talking in the phone from one place to another because this trick helps you burn calories.

Weight Loss Tips.
Get enough sleep.

The body is a cohesive unit and a complex system and must work in harmony to achieve a healthy weight. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation over a short period of about 4 nights increases insulin resistance by up to 30%. When you get the right amount of sleep you can control weight easily and you have a great chance of losing weight.

Stay hydrated.

The survival of the body moist of the most important steps to lose weight effectively Experts advise to eat cold water because it allows to burn more calories because the body tries to warm it may be the result of burning 8 calories. So help you burn fat Try to keep the body moisturize at least 8 glasses of pure water a day in order to perform the basic functions of the body in a natural way.

Follow a healthy diet.

Foods that increase the desire for satiety during diet and are included in your diet. These foods usually contain high protein content such as eggs, poultry, fish, beans, legumes, lentils, fiber, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil and coconut oil.

For example, when eating dinner, I suggest you a healthy meal that helps you in the diet and gives the body only about 350 calories, when eating a cup of bean soup with a quarter cup of chopped avocado and a cup of roasted asparagus and a half cup of cooked quinoa will leave you feeling after eating This meal.

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