Buttocks Slimming, 22 Effective Methods

buttocks slimming

All of us dream of getting the perfect body. And many see this process as frustrating and difficult, especially with regard to the marginalization of the buttocks.

Although all the efforts you make do not notice weight loss in excess areas such as buttocks. Buttocks are certainly the most difficult areas when losing weight.

Many people think they know how to lose fat in their hips and thighs. The answer to this simple question is to work on these muscles more and more to help you lose fat.

But this is not the whole story to be able to lose thigh fat. I have to work on two fronts – diet and exercise – to help you achieve your goal faster and healthier without having to work more on your muscles.

Loss of one inch of hips can only be achieved by losing the total weight of the body. Because you need to burn calories by exercising regularly and reducing calories by eating a healthy diet and reducing fatty foods. Here we offer a range of tips for fat loss.

Methods of slimming the buttocks.
Cardio exercises.

Burning calories is the key to reducing body fat in general. Cardio exercises are especially useful when choosing exercises that help burn most calories such as cycling, running, jumping rope. She also tunes the legs while doing them and regularizing them for 60 minutes per session five times a week until you notice the difference.


When you practice regression and pressure in a treadmill helps you lose weight in the buttocks. Try to find some hills for the bike or climb the stairs at home, so you immediately feel an increase in heart rate which means you are working well on burning calories better than sticking to a flat surface. The slope also targets the thighs, tendons, and lower extremities.

Thighing the thighs.

After doing cardio exercises, get rid of the fat layer surrounding the lower body and want to detect strong and tight muscles. Exercise exercises that sculpt the inner and outer thighs and hamstrings and make the legs look smaller and smaller.

The first meal.

Surely you should not skip the initial face of the day because it makes a jump in the metabolism, helping you reduce body fat overall and detect smaller legs. Avoid sugary foods rich in refined carbohydrates, and choose protein and foods high in fiber. Because protein gives the body the energy it needs in the early morning before practicing cardio exercises.

Eat healthy snacks.

Eating only a few hours every few hours prevents hunger and not eating too much, so be sure to eat a snack between healthy meals. Always try to equal 150 calories and choose the high foods in protein and fiber to increase the feeling of satiety and provide energy through 150 calories.

Organizing meals.

You can not reduce weight by exercising alone. It is important to reduce calories, as well as know the calories you eat. Although the process seems to be tedious, maintaining the organization of the meals you eat is essential.

A study of those who recorded what they ate six days a week found that they lost weight easily from those who did not pay attention to how much calories they were getting. In order to lose a bond per week you need to reduce 500 calories a day, 250 of them through exercise and 250 through diet.

Make sure you do not drop less than 1200 calories and become responsible for how much you need to lose weight.

Drink more water.

Choosing the water you drink helps you save hundreds of calories by avoiding soft drinks, fruit juices, and other sweetened beverages. Zero-mindedly being calorie-free, the water will help you hydrate the body, helping to lose weight.

Try to keep the water nearby and eat it regularly, especially before meals because of the fullness of the stomach and not to eat large quantities.

Get enough sleep.

It has also been shown that getting enough sleep helps you lose weight, it makes you reduce the number of snacks you get and leave you feeling tired. You can get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night to ensure that the body works well and to determine a daily routine to sleep by going to sleep in a specific day-to-day improves the quality of sleep.

Focus on exercises in the muscles of the stomach.

We have already mentioned that choosing exercise is an effective way to lose weight, especially when choosing the right exercise. Exercise exercises the muscles of the stomach is essential gives more strength in your exercises.

Multi-group exercises.

It is best to do exercises that involve multiple groups and focus on a large number of muscles. Bar exercises can be very effective in focusing on a variety of muscles. Experts also note that jogging exercises that include cardio and strength exercises can bring this combination quick results by moving all the muscles.

Lower body exercises.

If you want to reduce the weight of the thighs, think of exercises in the lower body, which focuses on the construction of the muscles of the hips and lengthening the hamstrings, which leads to a more slender body. You should consider that you include the opposite leg exercises, arm lifts and movements that include yoga such as twisted chair and dog position.

Exercise balance exercises.

Balance exercises are a great way to reduce your hips, slim your buttocks and burn calories for weight loss. You can practice glutes exercises to help you move your inner and outer thigh muscles.

Do not forget the role of Pilates exercises.

One of the best exercises that you can stop by is putting the aerobics ball between your inner thighs and then doing the bridge exercises with your hips. Squeeze the thighs from the inside using the ball about 30 times and lift your heels and then repeat it again. Press the knees together 30 times and repeat the series 3 – 5 times.


You should maintain your metabolism throughout the day and organize your meals and not eat while watching TV because it slows the metabolism of the body and leads to weight gain.

Maintain a quick routine of exercise.

Specialists mention that hip exercises can be done at any time because they help you burn calories and slim your buttocks such as trying to do a paddle jumping workout for 30 seconds and rest for another 30 seconds and then repeat the exercise again.

Increase the amount of fiber in the diet.

You should be interested in eating fiber in the diet is an amazing and healthy component of the intestines. You can follow a high-fiber diet without drinking too much water and you will feel bloated, which looks like your body is full of fat but you can balance the fiber and water in your diet.

Eat more fat.

Studies show that diets containing healthy fats are the best option to reduce buttocks fat. You can eat almond oil as a snack in the middle of the night, nuts, dark chocolate, fatty fish, shea seeds, avocados, extra virgin olive oil are good sources of healthy fats.

Protein strength.

While you may resort to protein powder to help you build muscle. Studies have shown that diets high in healthy proteins are better in building the body. As it increases the period of feeling full and release hormones that help the body to stay in a healthy weight. You can eat eggs, turkeys, chicken, fish, seafood, nuts, they are also good choices for protein.

Eating fish.

Try to include fish in your diet and preferably choose healthy fish that contain healthy fats such as salmon rich in fatty acids.

Caffeine can be your friend.

Although caffeine has positive and negative qualities, it has been shown repeatedly that coffee improves athletic performance, and you can have coffee before exercise to improve athletic performance in a few minutes to give you the energy needed to burn fat and calories.

Fitness is the solution.

Losing weight takes more time to get the results you need. It is very important to follow a healthy eating routine and exercise and adhere to a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits and fat free.

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