Diabetes, The Importance of Healthy Diet for Patients.


A question that comes to the mind of diabetics: Is it possible to follow a safety healthy diet when you have diabetes? Weight gain leads to many problems such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and high blood pressure. When you have diabetes, chances of infection increase. How can a diet lose weight with the diabetic? The importance of dieting for diabetics. A low-calorie diet is recommended for optimal weight. Weight loss helps control diabetes rates and prevents complications from diabetes. Following a low-calorie diet helps reduce your insulin doses and…

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Insulin Injections, Methods and Side Effects.

insulin injection

When your doctor describes insulin injections, some questions arise about how insulin is injected and where insulin is injected. Is it possible to have complications caused by the use of insulin injections? There are various devices used to inject insulin, including insulin injections, insulin pens, insulin pumps, and now the answers to these questions through this article. Insulin injection specifications. The injection is made of plastic and is used only once, and the length of the needle reaches 12.7 mm. According to the World Diabetes Organization, but recent research has…

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Cellulite, Get Rid of Them With Exercises.


Cellulite is a problem that suffers a lot. It has caused many problems for some. But with a healthy diet and exercise for 20 minutes 3 days a week, this problem can be gradually eliminated. With exercise, you can reduce cellulite and make the lower body appear smoother and firmer. Prevention consultant Wayne Westcott, who recently developed a plan to eliminate cellulite, says that 16 women aged 26 to 66 were placed in an 8-week exercise program. The results were that all of them had lower cellulite at the bottom…

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Antibiotics, Best Natural Sources.


Antibiotics are no doubt the wonders of modern medicine, beginning with the discovery of penicillin in 1928. In 1940, antibiotics spread dramatically around the world, prompting doctors and people to forget about natural antibiotics and avoid them in the treatment of infections such as those used in ancient times Fish oil and whale liver oil. This major change in the medical model in recent decades has led to the misuse of antibiotics by over-discharging and ingestion, leading to increased antibiotic resistance and non-response to bacteria called TDR (completely drug resistant).…

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Top 10 Useful Foods in Arthritis Treatment.

arthritis treatment

Arthritis treatment: Arthritis is an inflammation that affects the body’s various joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. Symptoms include arthritis in general, swelling of joints, pain, stiffness, inability to move joints and other symptoms. Although there is no food for arthritis treatment, there are foods that can reduce arthritis, fighting inflammation, strengthening bones and strengthening the immune system. Adding these foods to your diet can reduce symptoms of arthritis much. Here are the top 10 foods that are useful in the treatment of arthritis. Useful  Foods in…

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Lower Your Cholesterol Level Naturally

cholesterol level

A healthy diet and exercise regularly help lower the cholesterol level in your blood. Adopting healthy habits, such as a healthy diet and balanced exercise, will also help prevent your cholesterol level from rising in the first place. It is important to keep your cholesterol under control because high cholesterol levels increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. If you are concerned about your cholesterol, talk to your doctor. Foods that contain cholesterol. Some foods contain cholesterol. This type of cholesterol is called dietary cholesterol. Foods like kidneys, eggs…

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Neck Pain, Health Information and Treatment.

neck pain

Neck pain or neck stiffness is a common problem and there is nothing to worry about in general. Pain and stiffness usually improve after a few days and are no sign of a more serious underlying condition or condition. You can have painful pain or stiffness in the neck if you sleep in an uncomfortable position, use your computer keyboard for a long period of time, or even sit in the face of an air stream. Stress and anxiety can sometimes cause stiffness in the neck muscles, which can lead…

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Sports Benefits , Amazing Impact On Sexual Health.


Regular exercise helps maintain the overall health of the body. In addition, the sport is an activity practised by individuals stimulates the development of their abilities. It is an effective way of exploiting the potential energy within the human body. The exercise of sports activities has a role in avoiding bad companions and bad habits such as alcoholism, drugs, smoking and others. Sports activities are important and easy and are always available to all individuals even at different ages. Thus, sports activities are only a means of promoting man in…

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