How To Choose The Right Deodorant?


Applied all year round or when the weather is fine, the deodorant is often carefully chosen. Formulated without aluminum salts, it must act on both the sweat flow and the odors, while being pleasant and fresh on the skin.


deodorant absorbs moisture.

deodoantUnlike antiperspirants, deodorant does not block the flow of sweat, nor its production by the sweat glands. On the other hand, it limits the humidity by absorbing it by minerals (magnesite, talc, perlite, kaolin or alum stone). Which act as mini-sponges and thus prevent the appearance of odours.

deodorant fights against bacteria.

The perspiration oxidizes out of the pores and the bacteria present on the skin multiply. Hence the formation of unpleasant odours.

In organic does, essential oils (sage, rosemary, thyme, palmarosa, mint, clove, tea tree), glyceryl caprylate and/or alcohol that destroy them.

In the classical does, zinc or triethyl citrate play this role, as well as magnesium oxide or polyquaterniums (polymers).

deodorant masks the odours.

A few years ago, the does were very fragrant, either by the essential oils or by synthetic perfumes intended to cover odours.deodoant

If they are still present, they are no longer the main ingredient to combat the inconvenience of sweating.

deodorant brings freshness.

This is the big challenge of the latest deodorants. Since it often the sensitive or attacked skin (depilation, shaving) that choose this type of products, the laboratories work on formulas without alcohol, but fresh thanks to glyceryl caprylate and menthol├ęs or Hesperia dated perfumes.

To know.

Until now, deodorants without aluminium salts had no effect on moisture.

Thanks to the use of minerals, they have become almost as effective as antiperspirants!

In practice

  • Which one to choose?

choosing deodorant is according to its desires and expectations: organic or not, with or without essential oils, with or without alcohol.

Caution, because a product organic or without aluminium salts is not necessarily suitable for sensitive skin. You choose a roll-on or a stick instead of a spray to avoid the irritating and drying alcohol. Essential oils, potentially allergenic, discouraged.

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