What is The Right Diet for You? Low-Fat, Low-Carb, or Mediterranean Food

the right diet for you

To be able to adjust your weight and maintain your health you should know well what diet is right for you. That weight loss sometimes takes the form of tests. If you are making the best of what you have in your diet and do not get a long-term result, perhaps that system is not suitable for you. Or cause metabolic processes of your body, or your situation.

Family genes, your environment – even your friends – affect how well, why, what, and how much you eat. So do not be discouraged because the diet that led to results with everyone did not happen with you the same results. Try another one, and keep in mind that almost all diets will help you lose some weight – at least for a short time. Here is a look at three common food systems and which ones suit you.


What is the right diet for you?


Low fat: Taste is not good .. Does not cause weight gain.

One day the weight loss strategy was to cook low carbohydrate meals instead of low-fat meals. In fact, healthy fats can promote weight loss. Some fats are also good for the heart and removing them from the diet may cause problems.

Since fats contain nine calories per gram, carbohydrates contain four. You can theoretically eat more food without getting more calories. By reducing fatty foods and eating more foods that contain carbohydrates, especially fruits and vegetables rich in water.

However, such a diet tends to reduce your feeling of satiety. It is also less tasty than other diets, which reduces the desire to take it over the long term. If the carbohydrates you eat instead of fats are processed very much and digested quickly, you may be sabotaging your weight loss plan.


Low Carbohydrates: Safety questions about fast weight loss but long term.

Eating carbohydrates – especially those that are heavily processed such as white bread and white rice – quickly promotes blood sugar, leading to an insulin flow from the pancreas. A rapid increase in insulin can quickly reduce blood sugar, causing hunger.

Low carb dieters claim that people who eat too much carbohydrates get more calories and gain weight. Reducing carbohydrates in favor of protein and fat is supposed to prevent increased insulin flow and make you feel fuller for a longer time.

To compensate for the lack of carbohydrates in the diet, the body packs up its own carbohydrate stores of liver and muscle tissue. In this process, the body also mobilizes water, meaning that the weight lost is the weight of the water. The result is a rapid loss of weight. But after a few months, weight loss tends to slow and reverse. Just like with other meals.

The American Heart Association warns people of following the Atkins diet. Because it contains a very high percentage of saturated fat and protein. Which can be difficult on the heart, kidneys and bones. Lack of fruits and vegetables rich in carbohydrates is also a concern, because eating these foods reduces the risk of stroke, insomnia and some cancers. Most experts believe that South Beach food and other low-carbohydrate diets offer a more rational approach.


Mediterranean food: healthy fats and carbohydrates with a large portion of fruits and vegetables.

Good fats are monounsaturated fats found in olive oil and other oils, polyunsaturated fats found in fish, canola oil, nuts and other foods. (Saturated fats and trans fats are bad fats). Mediterranean diet meals contain a moderate amount of fat, but most are healthy fats. Carbohydrates in Mediterranean diet diets come from non-refined sources, rich in fiber such as whole wheat and beans. These diets are also rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fish, with small amounts of meat and cheese.

People living in Mediterranean countries have a lower-than-expected rate of heart disease. But the traditional lifestyle in the area also includes a lot of physical activity, regular meals methods, wine, and good social support. The role of these different factors is difficult to know – but there is growing evidence that the diet itself can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and the development of diabetes.


Make your own system and discover the right diet for you.

A good diet should provide plenty of choices, relatively few restrictions, and there are no long grocery lists for special foods that are sometimes expensive. It should be good for your heart, bones, brain and colon as it is for your waist. It should be something you can keep for years.

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