15 Cosmetic Tips From Hollywood Beauticians.


In addition to basic cosmetic tricks such as skin peeling and moisturizing, natural hair masks, dental care and nails, there are some cosmetic methods that you must implement from time to time. Girls need intensive care that requires time.

 These tricks you can apply every three or four months. You must register these new tips and implement them at the beginning of each chapter.

Here are some cosmetic tips from Hollywood cosmetologists:

01-Peel the lemon to remove nail polish stains.cosmetic

If you paint your nails, find some paint spots on your fingers, bring some lemon peel, rub your hands, or you can soak your hands with lemon juice to get whiter nails and a mask.

02-Remove excess hair after showering immediately.

If you want to have a shiny complexion, the most appropriate time to remove excess body hair is after showering with warm water directly; warm water will open the pores of the body, making the hair suppler, and thus easier to remove it from the roots and then get a clean, from the roots of haircut.

03-Do not get rid of orange peel.

After frying with the orange fruit, do not throw away the crusts, but grind them in the electric mixer and use them as a peeler for the coarse areas of the body, such as knees and elbows; vitamin C in the orange peel makes it an excellent peeler to get rid of dead cells in these areas.

04-Take a nail care session after bathing.cosmetic

If you are suffering from weak, broken nails, avoid cutting it at any time of the day. Scissoring nails and beautifying them with a coolant can break them and increase cracks if you do not do so in time. The shower is the best time to do your nail art.

The water and soaps that blend with your nails during shower make your nails softer, cutting your nails easily without cracking or cracking.

05-Delay your skin with Vaseline.

Skin care is refreshing and changing. Over time, you may find many preparations that are old than to other newer, more effective preparations on the skin.

However, this rule does not apply to Vaseline, as more time passes, experts discover the benefits and other uses of Vaseline make it one of the most important skin care cosmetics.

One of the most important benefits of cosmetic Vaseline is to protect the facial skin from the hair dye. Flynn area surrounding the hair, ears, and neck by Vaseline magic effect to protect the skin from the components of hard dye, and staining edges facial skin.

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06-Aromatic your hair with your favorite.

If you want to have hair that smells great but you do not know where to buy hair fragrances, try this simple method.

Sprinkle a small amount of your favorite perfume on your hair brush and then stroke your hair from the roots to the sides, and you will get the hair follicles of your favorite scent.

07-Get rid of the darkness and dryness of your mouth the fruit of grapefruit.cosmetic

If you are suffering from the blackness and dryness of the elbows, first take a shower and peel them using the usual body peeling you use.

Then take the fruit of the Indian lemon (odd grapefruit) and cut it into halves and put each on the elbows for 15 minutes, the acidity of the fruit will lead to the softness of dry and rough skin and thus the disappearance of blackness.

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08-Use baby powder in friction areas.

In any area where you have skin contact between the thighs, place the baby powder so the area stays dry and clean.

09-Keep away from bathing in hot water for a long time.

Yes, this may be the most painful advice for you (and us too) but try as long as possible to have your shower period short in hot water or replace it with cold water, because it degrades the skin from moisturizing and natural oils that are very important in protecting it.

10-Test the moisture / dryness of your skin.

If you find that it has left a white mark, this indicates the dryness of the skin and its need to peel first to remove the dead cells and then moisturize with moisturizing creams. Choose a moisturizing cream containing shea butter. It has very high moisturizing properties.

11-Get rid of the creamy foundation lotions with tissue.

If you put too much of the foundation cream on your face, simply put a paper napkin on your face and press the places where you want to soften the cream.

12-Get rid of the Baking Powder creams.

If you want to get rid of the skin of your skin that you have obtained by placing the nailing cream, put a little Picking Powder on the body fiber and discard it with rubbing.

13-Get more lips with cinnamon.

Cinnamon is the active ingredient in many lip glosses that enlarge the lips. Add a little cinnamon to your lipstick or use cinnamon oil on your lips. Which you can get from the supermarket. It is less expensive and you will get the same result together.

14-Make your lipstick.

Cut several colours of lipstick and place in the microwave oven. Put the mixture in a small box and use it as a lip balm.

15-Hand grips.

Yeah! Do not neglect your hands! Start! Their softening is a cosmetic step that you cannot avoid. Many handkerchiefs can remove the dead skin from the hands and work to soften them at the same time. The mashed avocado ( the avocado mix is perfect for girls’ hair) is on top of your hands. It provides a soft texture.


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