Crawling Exercises , Fitness And Health Benefits

crawling exercises

It is very important to include crawling exercises in the exercise routine. They are functional exercises for the body. It can improve its core strength and achieve coordination between muscles and mobility.

In addition, crawling exercises are one of the forms of cardio exercises you can do anywhere. Here is a set of crawling exercises that enhance the entire body and increase the heart rate. These exercises are suitable for the body both beginners and applicants. These exercises use a combination of training moves that help you get active cardio exercises.

Crawling exercises are very difficult. You need the muscles to be sufficiently coordinated on the opposite leg and the arms working together. It is one of the movements that we do in childhood so much, but we fight a lot in order to learn it again in the old age. It helps strengthen muscles, connective tissues around the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine, and hips.

In addition, this four-wheeled movement extends the ligaments of the hands. In addition to this, it offers benefits to enable the performance of fine motor skills.


Crawling exercises and why do you need to do them?


The crawling exercises as children for beginners.

crawling exercises

You’ll need to start crawling like children. Through this exercise, you can achieve stability and move. To do a crawling exercise like a child, start kneeling on your hands and feet so that your knees become under your hips and hands under your shoulders. Take a step with the right hand and the left knee forward and then the left hand and the right knee.

Keep taking small steps so that the opposite arm and the opposite leg can work together while keeping your hips well. You can prepare by using the basic muscles as you crawl forward.

Crawling exercises as children are one of the easiest forms of crawling. Once you move your arms together and legs also. You will need to try out a rear crawling exercise like a child.

While performing a rear crawl exercise, make sure to keep your steps small so that you do not stretch your shoulders. You will do the same movement as you did the front crawl but in this exercise take a step backward.

Keep your movements small and small and ensure that your basic muscles are involved all the time. Once you feel comfortable, the corresponding movement will progress higher in the crawl exercise.

Basic crawling exercises.

crawling exercises

The basic crawl exercise is a great way to go ahead with crawling exercises like children. It achieves a major challenge to basic muscles starting from the shoulders to the knees. If you are moving fast, it will really happen pumping blood without having to go to the gym.

To do the basic crawl exercise, start by kneeling on your hands and knees so that your knees are under your hips and hands under your shoulders such as the start position to exercise crawling like children. Then, stabilize your feet and raise your body by using your toes and hands. Taking a step forward with your left foot and the Yemeni hand and keep your knees close to the ground until you achieve a flat back position.

In the next step, take a step with your right foot and your left hand. Keep moving the opposite arm and opposite leg together. Take small steps with your feet so that they do not achieve a large stretch of hips and do not start to fluctuate. Try to keep your abdominal muscles as tight as your crawling position. The basic crawling exercise is easier than the front because it crawls backward.

If you continue to stretch your feet back away, you are putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders and you will not be able to move. You also will not be able to keep up with the next move if you take great strides. Keep the steps nice, short and compact.

Side crawling exercises.

crawling exercises

It is important to include this exercise in your exercise routine. Beginners may need to change the exercise of crawling as children to this exercise is an advanced position and increase the challenge of muscles.

Kneel on your hands and knees under your hips and hands under your shoulders with your feet bent slightly to try to lift them. Start by placing your hands close to each other and your feet open at a distance equal to the width of the shoulders and hips. Take a step with your left hand to the left until your hand is near your shoulder width and then take a step with your right foot towards your left foot to bring your feet together. Then, step in your right hand to meet with your left hand and become your hands together and the feet move away.

Keep taking a step with the opposite arm and the opposite leg to the side when directions change.

Gorilla crawling exercises.

crawling exercises

The gorilla crawling exercise is suitable for anyone who wants to strengthen their leg muscles well. To perform gorilla crawling, stand with your feet open wider than your shoulders. Then continue bending the body until you reach the hands to the ground in front of you and legs bent slightly and the rear driven back in the air.

Take the weight of the body forward on your hands and then jump feet until you reach near your hands and then again. Move your hands forward so you can jump your feet near your hands and repeat. Exercise helps to tighten the muscles of the hips while jumping.

The lateral gorilla crawling exercises.

crawling exercises

If you want to perform an exercise that increases muscle strength, you can try this exercise. To do the lateral gorilla drill, you need to bend over the balls of the feet as if you were doing a kind of squat down. Then take the body weight forward with your hands in the direction of the left. When you land, during bending you can jump feet up and continue to move in the direction of the left and then go down slowly to the starting position and repeat 8 times.

 Inchworm exercise.

crawling exercises

This exercise is a different form of crawling but it works to strengthen the body’s basic muscles and improve mobility and flexibility. But if your hamstrings are tight this motion may be very difficult.

To do the exercise, start by standing up and putting your feet together and keeping your legs straight. Bend and put your hands on the ground in front of you and try to walk on your hands to keep the legs straight as if taking the position of the Planck exercise. In this situation, take your hips down to the ground and lean on your hands and lift your chest muscles to hold them and look your head at the ceiling. Do not forget to keep your legs as far apart as possible to stretch your hamstrings.


Benefits of practicing crawling exercises.


Tighten the muscles of the body.

Exercise helps you tighten your body muscles because when you crawl, the most important parts of your body work. Toning and tension occur when your shoulders, muscles, hips, and feet are in good condition. Crawling helps give tight muscles to these parts.

Strengthen the underlying muscles.

When you exercise, you work on building your core muscles. When you have strong muscles, you become less prone to back pain. Also provide immunity, which helps the body absorb nutrients from the diet.

Balance the body.

When you exercise regularly, it will lead to very strong muscles. As you move back and forth using the arms and knees achieve a balance of the body and stability of the body. Most injuries occur due to an imbalance of the body, such as when you are exercising very intense physical activities such as jogging. If you have an unbalanced body you are more likely to have a disease that can cause you severe injuries. But exercises like crawling can give you significant benefits in this regard.

Protects you from the symptoms of aging.

When you have problems with body balance and injuries, crawling exercises help you a lot. During the old age, you are more prone to illness and fall or more bone injuries and do a crawl exercise helps to promote the body regularly.

You can practice crawling at home.

Yes, you can practice crawling anywhere, it does not require any special equipment. You can do a crawl at home to enjoy many benefits over the long term.

Requires less time.

When you spend more time practicing exercises that strengthen your underlying muscles, the results may not be guaranteed. But when you include crawling exercises in the daily physical training system, you will get good results in a short period of time. Once you have done this exercise for 10 minutes on a daily basis it will make you free from bone problems and other health problems.

Achieve body stability.

There is a range of muscles that help maintain body balance and aim to provide a high level of stability to the body that prevents falling.

Increases body flexibility.

Crawling exercises help you to increase muscle flexibility and get well. It increases the flexibility of the inner thighs.

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