Diabetes, The Importance of Healthy Diet for Patients.


A question that comes to the mind of diabetics: Is it possible to follow a safety healthy diet when you have diabetes?

Weight gain leads to many problems such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke and high blood pressure. When you have diabetes, chances of infection increase. How can a diet lose weight with the diabetic?

The importance of dieting for diabetics.

A low-calorie diet is recommended for optimal weight. Weight loss helps control diabetes rates and prevents complications from diabetes. Following a low-calorie diet helps reduce your insulin doses and also protects you from insulin complications.

Diet Plan and Diabetes.

The Diabetes Diet Plan always tells you about foods that are good for you, as well as the best times to eat. The diet plan includes:

A number of calories that a diabetic patient has.

Percentage of carbohydrates and sugars in foods.

Diabetes  Mellitus.

The dietary plan should be balanced with diabetes medication treatment, whether insulin therapy or treatment using diabetes medications. A balanced diet plan will not only lead to weight loss but will also control blood glucose, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. Exercising may also be helpful with following a diet plan. Lack of exercise can hinder weight loss.

What is a diabetic diet?

One of the most important foods to be eaten is diabetic food (leafy vegetables, whole grains, fruits, low-fat dairy products, beans, lean meat, poultry and fish). Diabetics should get important vitamins and minerals.

Some Important Diabetes Tips From American Diabetes Organization.

Eat more vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, preferably from starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn and peas. Cooked vegetables should contain a small amount of salt.

whole grains.

Eat fat-free proteins, preferably fish at least twice a week, preferably lean meat and remove chicken skin before eating.

Eat fresh fruits, preferably avoid canned fruits because they contain a high percentage of added sugar.

Healthy fats such as olive oil can be used, preferably from two full-fat dairy products and replaced with skimmed products.

Avoid certain foods, include:

Saturated fat: The diet should contain only 7% fat. Foods that contain high fat are whole-fat dairy products, and animal meat containing fat.

Trans fat: foods with high trans fat content include margarine and ready-made foods.

Cholesterol: It is found in whole milk products, liver, and yolks.

Sodium: The American Diabetes Organization has determined that diabetic patients need sodium to 2300 mg daily.

Finally, a balanced diet helps control the levels of diabetic in the blood, as it is one of the most important points of coexistence with the diabetic.


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