Is It Difficult To Sleep? Maybe Blame On Foods.

sleep foods

There are some types of foods that you should avoid if you want to immortality to sleep easily. What are that foods and how they affect our bodies?

I wore the pajamas and played the sound of the whale sounds. Dimmed the lighting and pulled the quilt out of the closet … Nothing happens. Sleeping is far from you. What foods affect our ability to sleep and sleep? Is it hard for you to sleep because of the pasta you ate at your sister’s wedding?

This article discusses what to avoid. Since it contributes to the feeling of fullness of the abdomen and excessive satiety. The effect lasts even when you want to sleep.

Typical foods of this type include heartburn, fried foods. Also fatty pastries containing a huge amount of margarine, pizzas, and hot food. The sensation that arises following the intake of a high-fat meal is common to those who eat too much of this type.

As if we feel that the food is retained at some point during the course of the bottom of the esophagus and does not move. Even after the taste in your mouth completely fade the general feeling in your body and accompany you when lying on the bed and sleep away from you.

So what can be done? If you are lying on the bed – it is recommended to sit or walk a little at home and allow gravity to play its role and enable food to progress in the gastrointestinal tract. A cup of herbal tea may have a calming effect on the digestive system.

Other foods that are hard to digest:

Large amounts of meat.

sleep foods

This is often referred to as fibrous meat, such as beef and meat, which is rich in fat such as internal organs, sausages, hot dogs etc. All of these foods are digested for a long time so they last for a longer period of time.

Fatty dishes.

Examples are pasta with cheese and yellow cheeses, fried food such as potato chips, popcorn, desserts, and cream cakes. The fatty food is slowly emptied from the stomach so it is likely to cause it to feel trapped in the throat or that the abdomen is full and swollen – and it increases its effect, of course, in the immortality of sleep.

Food causing a feeling of flatulence.

This is referred to as food rich in dietary fiber, such as the salad of large vegetables, especially if prepared from many vegetables leaves such as cabbage, lettuce and onions.

sleep foods

Whole grains, such as cereal grains, may cause a feeling of bloating and large amounts of gluten may cause bloating in people with low gluten. Large amounts of gluten are found, for example, in low-calorie bread.


Food causing gas.

It is similar to the food that causes bloating, including legumes, radish, and some vegetables from the gas-causing carnivorous family, which often give rise to a feeling of full belly and excessive bloating.

Meals are very large.

Meals offered to us when attending parties or special meals and although the food is often delicious and high quality. Eating it causes fatigue and lack of energy. Even if you do not have heartburn, going to bed and full stomach is not an enjoyable experience.

sleep foodsIf you do not eat all day and come back home late while you are hungry like a wolf, you are also likely to eat far more food than your body needs to compensate for not eating all day long. In such cases it is recommended to take several meals during the day to reduce the feeling of hunger and reduce the size of each meal.

Very salty food.

Nails, nuts and sandwiches containing salty products – no matter what you choose to eat, if the salt is large, you will likely need to drink more fluids. Although we encourage you to drink it, we are not sure that going to sleep is the most appropriate time because of the fluid effect on your urinary system.

You may have the opportunity to empty your bladder before going to sleep. But keep in mind that it is very likely that you will have to go to the only place where you can urinate in the middle of the night. And also because of the cold weather, none of us want to get out from under the quilt.

Choco and caffeine drink.

They are sleeping away from you. Even if you do not start jumping in the living room while you are drinking espresso, the body actually feels high levels of caffeine, which stimulates it to a certain extent, but the effect of caffeine is about two hours away. Let’s say two chocolate pieces will not change unless you have a noticeable sensitivity. If we talk about eating more chocolate, it will have a big effect.

sleep foods

As for the intake of large quantities of sweets: Have you ever felt hungry after eating sweets last night? Have you ever wondered why this phenomenon?

Large amounts of sugar move to the bloodstream and rise continuously. It is making us often feel alert by the temporary nerves and ultimately lead to a sense of fatigue caused by the decline in sugar level.

Most importantly, you know that phenomenon increases during the night hours because the body ¬ętampers” with the levels of sugar itself.

We all have changes in the levels of sugar at night. That including the normal reduction of sugar at a certain point in time between 3:00 and 6:00 am. Often the consumption of excessive amounts of sugar in conjunction with the normal process in the body causes hunger in the morning. Because the body lacks a means to re-raise sugar levels that have fallen.

So what the recommend way to eat before bedtime without sleep disturbance?

It is possible to eat before sleeping according to certain rules. You can have dinner three or four hours before going to sleep and if you have heartburn or gas or if you have a sensitive digestive system, avoid the above foods.

Some people prefer to eat a relatively small dinner to feel fullness on the one hand and not over-eating on the other. We recommend to eat meat or legumes in the afternoon. Not eat at night in anticipation of the symptoms we experience when going to sleep.

If you feel like eating something before you sleep, you can have a snack. But, the most important thing is to limit the amount of food you eat. Examples of meals you can eat to feel full are: Some chocolates, a piece of energy biscuits with a maximum of 100 calories, a medium-sized fruit with a few walnuts, a piece of bread with avocados, or half a cup of ice cream.

Check that the food chewed well and usually the experts recommend it for adoption. Although it is difficult for people who use it to eating fast. Even having to eat quickly, it is good to chew well. It helps to quickly empty the stomach, digest food well and increase the feeling of satiety.

Good night!


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