Fat Burning After Eating, Nutrition and Walking

fat burning after eating

Perfect weight.

Fat burning to achieve ideal weight is a goal that many people seek to achieve. This is important for promoting mental health and protecting the body from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

The best way to burn fat and lose weight as recommended by dietitians is to reduce calories by consuming less food, increasing physical activity, and exercise. However, this mathematical equation does not apply in the same way and effect to all persons because of the different nature of objects, and the presence of several factors that control them.

Physiological factors affecting fat burning and weight loss.

The number of fat cells in the body.

Are factors that determine the body’s tendency to gain weight. The number of fat cells in the human body depends on genetic factors first, and other behavioral factors, such as eating an unbalanced diet and rich in calories during the first stages of life, such as the period of breastfeeding, childhood, and adolescence.

It is known that the number of fat cells in the body is stable after the child reaches the age of 2 until adolescence, where there is a further increase in the number of fat cells in adolescence, but recent studies indicate that the number of fat cells in the advanced stages of age to After adolescence.

Obesity results from the bulge and size of these cells; they produce hormones that adversely affect the feeling of satiety, by sending messages to the brain to make the person feeling hungry all the time, and it increases the resistance of the body to insulin. To control these symptoms the experts aim to keep these cells empty and inactive.

The efficiency of metabolic processes in the body.

Which determines the efficiency of burning calories and energy; it depends on three factors, the frequency of metabolic processes at rest, and the extent of heat emission when digesting and decomposition of food, and the extent of burning energy during exercise.

Unbalanced diets, thyroid disorders, lack of nutrients and aging can affect the metabolism of the body as well.

Having an unbalanced and unhealthy diet can increase the number of fat cells and inhibit metabolic activity. In addition to the exercise may be inappropriate may lead to excessive consumption of sugar energy at the expense of energy from burning fat in storage centers.

Foods that promote fat burning after eating.

To promote the activity of metabolism that activates fat burning is recommended to follow a healthy diet appropriately, and fill the deficiencies of food, and physiological exercises that stimulate the metabolism and the renewal of building muscle mass in the body and will be addressed later.

There are also some foods that can be included in the weight loss program, which promotes fat burning after consumption. These foods include:

Milk or yogurt.

Milk is a rich source of protein. It needs more calories than carbohydrates to digest. It can stay longer in the stomach than other foods, preferably milk and empty or low-fat milk and sugar.

Fresh vegetables.

It is always recommended to consume it rich in water, which gives the feeling of satiety, and reduce the amount of calories consumed, and it is poor in calories, making the consumption of safe quantities open for the loss of excess weight.


It is recommended to eat eggs for breakfast because it contains proteins, and it needs more calories to digest it compared to the breakfast rich in carbohydrates, but advised to consult with the doctor before the consumption of eggs by people with high cholesterol in the blood, and can eat egg whites Without a whistle.


May help to increase and enhance the activity of metabolism in the body. Oats: It is recommended to cook and eat rich fiber, and it is recommended to eat hot, which slows down the process of eating and gives a sense of fullness and fullness for a longer period.


Is a high source of dietary fiber and proteins.

Soups and salads.

Because of its high content of water and fiber; it is recommended to eat before starting to eat the main meal to reduce the amount of food consumed.


It can be used with authorities instead of using oils and other calorie-rich sauces.

Meat-free fat and fish.

Fat-free meat is a rich protein source that needs a lot of calories to digest. It also takes a long time to digest, and fish are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids that protect against heart disease and other chronic diseases.

Chili pepper.

It is useful because it contains a chemical called capsaicin, fills the appetite, and promotes the activity of short-term metabolic processes, but does not affect the weight loss directly, but it may affect the amount of food consumed, when eating hot may affect the reduction of the amount of food Thus consuming weight loss.

sweet potato.

Because of its jealousy of the nutrients needed by the body, and taste delicious taste to add to the addition of flavors rich in calories like butter and others.


Some studies have shown the ability of cinnamon to maintain blood sugar levels and suppress appetite, especially if consumed by type 2 diabetes patients.

Green tea.

It is recommended to drink it several times a day to take advantage of its burning properties of fat; it promotes weight loss and may affect the metabolic processes in the body.


Try to drink a glass of grapefruit juice or eat half a pill before eating; it reduces the number of calories consumed because it contains soluble food fibers, which need a long time to digest.


Because of its richness in water; it reduces the amount of food consumed. Apple and Pears: These fruits reduce the amount of food consumed, and increase the feeling of satiety and fullness, because of their high content of water and fiber, which remain in the stomach and intestines for a long time.

Berries of all kinds.

This gives the fruit a sense of satiety, and therefore the consumption of calories less because of the content of water and fiber, like other fruits, and have a taste that eliminates the consumption of high-calorie sweeteners such as cakes.

The effect of walking after eating on fat burning.

It has spread among people that exercising immediately after eating as a walking sport may lead to feeling tired, uncomfortable, and having stomach pains. However, many studies have shown that walking after meals directly promotes weight loss, compared to walking after an hour of eating.

It is recommended to walk three times a day for 15 minutes at a time. This method proves an effective result in reducing blood sugar, burning fat and weight loss. Walking activity at a moderate speed of 45 minutes daily helps people exposed to diabetes.

General methods for fat burning.

Other factors that burn fat, and promote the activity of metabolism as follows:

Exercise in its various forms; running, swimming, jumping, walking.

Do not follow hard diets for weight loss.

Eat several small meals during the day.

Eat foods high in protein and dietary fiber.

Do not neglect to eat breakfast.

Get the right amount of vitamin D and calcium. They promote fat burning processes, metabolic processes in the body.

Drink enough water during the day.

Get enough sleep at night, ranging from 7-9 hours a day.

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