Food Allergy : Symptoms, Types And Health Tips

food allergy

Food Allergy: People generally eat many foods and foods in order to get the energy to accomplish various tasks and tasks. As well as enjoy food and taste. The variety of food and beverage is indescribably different regions, customs, and species. Sour, sour, bitter and others. In addition to nuts, salads, juices, beverages, light and fatty foods and others.

Some people suffer from allergies to certain types of food. In a way that harms their health and threatens their lives in some cases. You see them go to the nearest doctor after suffering from emergency symptoms due to certain foods.

In this article, we will talk about symptoms of allergy from eating. In addition to mentioning a number of foods and items that are sensitive to some.


Symptoms of allergic reactions from eating.


Suffering from acute and painful colic and intestinal cramps.

Feeling nauseous and vomiting in some cases.

Colic in infants.

Swelling of the throat.

The appearance of a rash on different skin areas in addition to redness.

A runny nose.


Difficulty swallowing and talking.

Inability to breathe.


Food Allergy types.


Some people are usually allergic to eating certain foods. The response of different objects to food types varies. What causes the appearance of allergies in some people does not affect others. Here is a list of foods that cause allergies in many people.


The sensitivity that occurs in some people as a result of eating nuts is a kind of permanent allergies that are life-long. One of the most common reactions in the treatment of nuts is swelling of the mouth, pharynx, itching, stomach pain and vomiting and the spread of eczema.


When the affected skin is exposed to some scratches of peanuts or oil extracted from it, this may trigger some form of allergies. This type of allergies is most common in children with the disease.


One of the most common food allergies is egg allergy. And most often appear in young children. This sensitivity usually ends in childhood. But in a few cases, it is possible for a person to be associated in a large way.

The milk.

This sensitivity includes bovine milk and its derivatives of butter and cheese of all kinds and others. Many people with bovine hepatic sensitivity also have an allergy to goat’s milk and sheep.


Some people are allergic to fish. It is worth mentioning that the substances that cause the sensitivity of the fish are very stable substances. This means that it does not disappear during frying or boiling.

Some people who are allergic to fish have allergic reactions if inhaling steam caused by fish. This vapor may cause asthma symptoms.


People suffering from this type of allergies should avoid this type of seafood.


The following symptoms appear when people with wheat or dust allergies Pain in the stomach Stimulation of eczema Acute trauma Asthma diarrhea.


Soy allergy is a type of food allergy. The only way to treat this type of allergies is to cut all foods containing soy protein.


Treatment of food allergy.

Eating bananas, which proved to be very effective in reducing the rash that causes the spread of redness on the skin. Helps to rest the stomach and thus digestion efficiently and effectively.

Eat foods that contain vitamin C, such as citrus, orange, lemon, and others. In addition to some vegetables as they help to strengthen the immune system in the human body. It is responsible for preventing the body from contracting various diseases.

Drink a small amount of castor oil on your stomach every morning. Which improves resistance and reduces the incidence of various types of diseases.

Add lemon juice with water and a little honey and drink it to remove toxins and waste from the body and improve immunity.

Yoga practice, which works to rid the body of its sensitivity.

Exposure to treatment by prick needles.

It is important to note that in order to prevent susceptibility to any type of food, the mother should breastfeed her baby naturally. As well as to refrain from taking any of the substances that prove to be allergic to them. Alternatives can be found, such as replacing plain milk with soy milk or eating chocolate that does not contain milk and eggs, for example.

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