7 Best Foods To “Silence” Hunger Before Bedtime.

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The majority abstain from eating before bedtime because we believe that it is unhealthy and undesirable. So, you have to eat before go to sleep to silence hunger. But is eating before bed harmful to health?

Will you eat a night meal or will you fall asleep hungry for fear of weight gain if you feel hungry after dinner?

There is no doubt that eating before sleep raises controversy among people. Reservations supported by the assumption that the calories, consumed by the human before he sleeps, stored in the body does not burn during sleep. Scientific studies confirm that there is no need to worry.

All scientific studies have revealed that eating at night does not necessarily have a negative effect on weight. The total calories consumed 24 hours are the main factor in determining weight.

The only scientific way to fix weight loss is to reduce the total calories consumed. Increase the level of calories that one burns through physical exertion.

How do I avoid insomnia because of hunger?

While it is advised to abstain from eating two or three hours before going to sleep to facilitate digestion, meeting the feeling of hunger and the desire to sleep requires one to deal with hunger first so as not to disrupt later sleep.

Research has shown that the rise of hunger hormone (ghrelin) when feeling hungry may prevent some of the immortality of sleep or may wake them from sleep to eat, which can be avoided by eating a little food before going to sleep.

Eating foods that are wrong to treat hunger before bedtime may cause insomnia or poor digestion, so avoid the following foods:

Foods and drinks rich in caffeine such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drinks, chocolates. Caffeine acts as an alarm for the central nervous system and its consumption is related to sleep before sleep.

Sugar-rich foods such as desserts of all kinds give a sense of activity and energy, making sleep harder.

Fatty foods such as pans, meats, whole fat cheeses, and creams. Digestion of fatty foods is a burden on the digestive system and takes a relatively long time to digest.

Foods that are recommended before bedtime to treat hunger as well as vegetables that can be consumed freely are as follows:

1) Coutage cheese up to 5% fatfoods silence hunger before bedtime

low-fat cottage cheese contains a case in protein, which is characterized by slow digestion, providing a feeling of long-term satiety without a burden on the digestive system.

2) Boiled egg

Because of the high amount of protein contained, the boiled egg provides a sense of immediate satiety and does not constitute a risk factor for obesity, as the egg contains only 80 calories.

foods silence hunger before bedtime

3) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a type of whole grains rich in dietary fiber, which provide a feeling of high satiety, reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, oats contain a moderate amount of “melatonin” equivalent to 1.8 ng per 100 grams of oatmeal, as well as vitamin B6 anti-stress.

For calories, three tablespoons of oatmeal provide only 80 calories. Eat oatmeal boiled with a little water or milk.

4) Hot milk

Hot milk contains L-Tryptophan, an amino acid stimulator to produce a serotonin relaxing compound and a melatonin sleeping hormone. L-Tryptophan is activated only when the milk is heated. Drinking cold milk before sleep does not provide the same feeling of calm, relaxation and the need to sleep.

On the other hand, milk is characterized by a good amount of protein and starch, which provides a sense of immediate satiety. A cup of low-fat milk contains about 80 calories.

5) Bananas

foods silence hunger before bedtimeBananas contain a high level of potassium and magnesium that stimulate the natural relaxation of muscles. In addition, the banana contains the amino acid L-tryptophan mentioned earlier, which turns into a complex serotonin linked to the brain relax and feeling the need for sleep.

As well as to the hormone melatonin, which stimulates one to sleep and responsible for the cycle of waking and sleep. The average banana offers about 80 calories.

6) Nuts

Nuts contain dietary fiber, fat and a few carbohydrates to provide a sense of fullness. On the other hand, some nuts contain the hormone melatonin. For example, almonds provide 39 ng / 100g of it, while the sunflower button contains 29 ng / 100g of this hormone.foods silence hunger before bedtime

Because of the relatively high calorie intake of nuts, it is recommended not to eat more than two tablespoons of nuts that contain approximately 90 calories. The nut helps to relax and sleep.

7) Cherry

Cherry contains a quantity of sleep hormone (melatonin) 15 ng / 100 g. Researchers who studied the amount of sleep hormone in cherries are advised to eat an hour before going to bed. It is worth mentioning that 12 grains of cherries provide approximately 50 calories.

How to eat well so that we can sleep?

Have a dinner but go to sleep for 4 or 3 hours. If you have gastric acidity, gas or your digestive system is sensitive – you should reduce the intake of harmful foods.

Some people prefer a relatively small dinner, which makes them feel full without being heavy on the stomach. Eating a meal of meat or legumes in the midday hours is better digested than digested during the evening.

If you have a need to eat yogurts, choose a small amount before you sleep. Such as chocolates cubes, energy sweets up to 100 calories, medium fruit with a bunch of nuts, slice with some avocado or half a cup of ice cream.

Eat well; this code is always good and easy to apply. If you eat food slowly, the stomach will digest food faster, and you will feel fuller.

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