Foot Peeling Masks, 17 Easy Natural Way

foot peeling masks

Foot peeling masks: did you know that the skin of the feet does not have fatty glands that keep it moist? This makes the feet ‘feet very dry compared to other body parts.

This is why I need extra foot care to avoid dehydration by the following foot peeling masks to get soft skin and a beautiful foot that does not need to be taken to the expensive care you see in shops and spas.

You can resort to natural treatments that give immediate results and do not cost you more money.

Here is a range of healthy natural ways to help you make a foot peeling masks and pamper your feet and be prepared to try the peeling mixture at home.

Foot peeling masks.
Peeled peppermint.

You can use this simple mixture to peel your feet and achieve moisturizing and soothing the foot ulcers you can do before taking the bath.

Take 1/2 cup of sugar granules, olive oil, or coconut oil and a few drops of essential mint oil.

Place the sugar granules in the mixing bowl and add the olive oil slowly and gradually and stir well together until you get a moist and slightly granulated mixture and the dough becomes uniformly firm. In the end, you can mix a few drops of essential mint oil on the mixture.

When finished, put the mixture in a sealed container and start using it before bathing.

Peeled baking soda and brown sugar.

These ingredients may be present in your kitchen and it is very easy to prepare peeled baking soda in just a few minutes.

Take each baking soda and 1 large tablespoon of olive oil and mix well together and use the mixture before bathing.

You can rub the mixture on your feet and prefer to use it on the most rugged areas of the foot, such as knees and elbows and when finished, be rinsed completely.

Coconut oil and sea salt.

You can work peeled coconut oil and sea salt will need an appropriate amount of sea salt, coconut oil and a quantity of essential oil.

Once the salt is mixed with coconut oil, for example, take 1 cup salt and then take 1/2 cup of coconut oil and add 3 to 4 drops of your favorite essential oil and flipping them. You can store the mixture in a sealed container and start using it.

Peeled peppermint and sugar for the foot.

This mixture is based on the use of sugar or salt, but it is preferable to use coarse sugar granules for better effect with coconut oil and peppermint oil.

You can take 1 – 2 cups of coarse sugar and 1/2 cup of warm coconut oil and 10 – 12 drops of essential mint oil. You can reduce or increase the quantities according to your preference and use enough sugar or salt to get the required strength.

Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and transfer the mixture to a tightly sealed container and store for up to 6 months. It is best to use this peeling once a week before bathing.

Peeled coconut oil and salt

You can use this mixture on any area of your body that has rough, dry skin such as feet, knees, and elbows. Salt is preferred as a primary ingredient. Coconut oil gives you enough moisture and salt to soften the skin and increase skin softness and help you stimulate blood circulation.

Take 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of sea salt and 3-4 drops of essential mint oil or 1 pinch of minced mint and this amount is sufficient to apply three times.

Mix all the ingredients together in the mixing bowl and apply it to the feet with rubbing the fingers well back and forth in circular movements to eliminate the dead skin cells and thus soften the skin and get soft skin and when finished drying the feet with a towel to get rid of any excess moisture.

Peeled salt and lavender.

This peeler works to calm the skin and effectively eliminate dead skin cells. Where the salt peels skin and oil provide moisturizing while the essential oil to calm the skin and relax tired foot.

Take 1 cup of sea salt and 1/4 – 1/2 cup of essential oil and about 7 – 8 drops of lavender oil and 2 tablespoons of dried lavender sprouts.

Mix these ingredients together until you get a homogeneous mixture. If you feel that the mixture is dry you can add more oil until it becomes very wet or if you add more salt to mix well.

Rub the wet feet with the mixture and use your fingers in the massage with circular movements and thus eliminate the dead cells. Then rinse the feet and apply a little moisturizer or oil.

Peeled sugar and lemon.

You can prepare it yourself and use this peeler before taking the shower.

Take 1/2 cup of sugar granules, 1/4 cup of almond oil or coconut oil, 3 – 4 drops of aromatic lemon oil.

Pour the sugar into the mixing bowl and stir with the addition of the essential oil until you get a soft, smooth mixture and a slightly moist consistency. Add a few drops of aromatic lemon oil and mix the ingredients well.

Massage the feet with this mixture back and forth for 5 minutes before rinsing with water.

Tea tree oil and mint.

This peeler is easy to prepare for soft, clean, clean feet. You will need salt, aromatic tea tree oil, essential mint oil and organic apricot oil.

Sterilize the container before use by boiling the pot for 3 – 4 minutes and leave it until it calms down.

Pour the sea salt into the container so that the container is filled with salt and add the essential oil until the salt is completely covered.

Make a combination of 6 – 5 drops of essential oils.

Peeled lemon juice and tea powder.

This peel is based on citrus, which has an antioxidant effect and helps to nourish the skin and promote blood circulation, especially the activation of blood circulation under the fingers.

All you need is to prepare a basin of warm water and take out half a lemon juice, then add half a cup of dried tea and soak your feet in this solution for 20-25 minutes. You can also put a few slices of lemon or orange.

Peeled rosemary and rose petals with sugar.

To prepare this peeled foot you need to grind some rosemary and rose petals. Then mix the ingredients with the powder. Add half a cup of sugar and a little sesame oil to form a raw paste.

Rub your feet with this mixture gently for 2-3 minutes. Once you massage the feet with this mixture leave the dough on the feet to dry. Then, rinse the feet with warm water. You can use this mixture to peel your face too.

Listerine and warm water.

One of the best peels that you use for peeling feet. All you need is to fill a warm water basin to the middle and add a quantity of Listerine and soak your feet in this solution for 25 minutes to remove dirt and dead cells and this gives a renewed appearance of the feet.

Brown sugar and olive oil.

This peeler is very easy to use and preferably used before bathing. A large hanging mixture of olive oil, brown sugar and also baking soda. You can mix the ingredients together and use it on the feet, knees, and elbow well. The brown sugar is peeling the feet. The olive oil gives adequate hydration to the skin. In the same time,  the baking soda works to lighten the skin making it ideal peeling.

Yogurt and pineapple.

Place about 1/2 cup of pineapple in the blender and mix for only 5 seconds. Make sure you get small pieces of pineapple. Add a large hanging of yogurt with half a cup of sugar and mix the ingredients together. After that, rub the feet with the mixture. This mixture enables you to get feet clean and nourish the feet as well.

Camphor oil and honey.

Prepare a basin of warm water with a cup of honey and 1 cup of salt with four drops of camphor oil. Mix the mixture with your hands until they are well combined. Soak your feet in the mixture for 20 minutes. Dry your feet with a towel and apply the solution. Instead of using salt, you can use camphor oil only.

Strawberry and sugar.

This peeler uses natural useful elements and does not hesitate to use it to get the desired results. You will need three strawberries and a half cup of sugar with a large suspension of olive oil. You can massage the feet with the peeler gently on the feet for 2 – 3 minutes. After, wash with warm water and sometimes even lighten the skin.

Vinegar for foot peeling masks.

Of course, we realize that vinegar helps calm the feet and relax the foot, it happens miracles to your feet. Add a cup of white vinegar to a warm water basin. Soak the feet inside it may notice a strong smell at the beginning of soaking. The smell fades when you rinse the feet gradually. You can follow the massage of the feet with essential oil

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