Glutes Workout, Best Exercises for Better Results


Glutes muscle is one of the largest muscles in the body and is a vital element in the performance of the exercise. Unfortunately, when a defect occurs elsewhere in the body, it can create problems in the glutes and hips.

For example, foot dysfunction can lead to hip weakness and pain. The following exercises are designed to target the glutes muscles, increase the stability of the glutes muscles and the pelvis and generate energy for the body as it helps to stretch the body.

We offer a range of effective and regular exercises that achieve the most challenging benefits. You should get organized and start with one group x 10 times and then progress to 2-3 groups for 10 repetitions to improve your fitness.

Now is the time to begin these exercises and add the following moves to the exercise routine to get better performance.

Glutes exercises.
Steps up.glutes

One of the best exercises that build the muscles of the glutes is the exercise steps to the top. Because it is a movement performed every day up and down stairs and then walk and stand. If you perform the exercise correctly at a slow pace and controlled by exercise gives control of the muscles of glutes.

Put a strong box of weights to put your foot next to the wall and then work on the climb one foot on the weight box and push the hips to the back and then slowly lower the body and stability in this position for 3 seconds. Once you have completed this exercise well, you can continue with a pair of dumbbells in your hands.

Push the hips.glutes

There is no better way than pushing hips to target the glutes muscle. It is similar to the back plank exercise but with a slight change, it becomes very safe and easy to practice and do anywhere.

Lie on your back with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and put your feet flat on the ground and using the arms you can tilt the basin a little and lift the hips away from the ground and maintain this tendency throughout the performance of this exercise.

Try to push the hips up and keep the straight back without bending and persist in this position for 30 seconds and then slowly decrease to increase the challenge during the exercise you can try to lift the shoulders.

Push one leg.glutes

Once you have mastered your hips, you can switch to a single leg push exercise. Because lifting one leg requires a lot of stability for the glute muscle to help you increase the strength and flexibility of the glutes.

Lying on your back, flexing your knee at 90 degrees, maintaining the balance of the thighs by placing your hands behind the back, working on lifting the right knee in the direction of the chest without bending the lower back, slowly returning to the beginning and repeating the same steps with the left knee.

Payment by weight.glutes

The sting exercise is one of the most important exercises that target the muscles of the glutes and the fitness exercises are easy to implement. It activates the upper and lower glute muscles significantly better than any other exercise. To make clear progress in this exercise you can increase the weights you carry during exercise.

Lift the upper body on a flat bench with the knees bent on the floor and the foot flat too. Then move the balance across the hips and pressure on the hips until the muscles Gluttes near the ground after trying to lift the hips until they become in a straight line with the abdomen and shoulders and the weight of the upper hips.

The most important thing is to keep the back straight all the time and be careful not to curvature and return to the position of beginning and repetition.

Squatting with weights.glutes

It is called a back squat exercise because it is a quadratic exercise that helps build the glutes muscles because it assumes that the glutes muscles are stretched and that the glutes muscles contract again to become a force to push the body to the starting position.

Lift the iron so that it reaches the level of the shoulders and lift the two attachments so that they are parallel to the arms (the position of the beginning) with the position squatting as much as you can do, stay in this position for 10 seconds. And then rise again to the top with the work to repeat these movements of 10 – 12 times.

Thigh stabilization exercise.glutes

When this exercise is performed well, the exercise of the lower body can be performed efficiently, including the squatting exercise, the stabs, the dead lift, because it begins with weight loading on the muscles of the hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

Stand with your feet open by showing your shoulders and arms by your side and straightening your back without causing any curvature. During this situation, bend the upper part of the body forward without moving the back as an attempt to reach the arms to the ground. This exercise puts pressure on the front glute muscles

Dead lifting exercise.glutes

A deadlift exercise works on the muscles of the back of the body and when done correctly you can build the body and increase muscle strength.

Stand with the knees bent in a position similar to squatting position. With iron holding both hands until they become chest width. Then work on pushing the hips and back to the top directly and stand with the lifting of the hands to the top until the iron is close to the body and stand in this position for 5 seconds. Then slowly return to the starting position. You can repeat it about 10 – 12 times.

Dumbbell exercise.glutes

Dumbbell exercise results in a high load on the muscles of the gluteus. This exercise becomes more difficult and may result in poor results, such as difficulty sitting the next day of exercise.

Stand with the opening of the feet with the width of the shoulders and hands next to the side of the body and holding the dumbbell between your right hands and extending the right arm to the top. Make sure to hold the dumbbell well and take a step forward in the left leg and hit the ground with the left leg to stabilize the left knee and bend the left knee to gradually lower the body to the ground and stand on the left side while taking the position of the dash.

Extend the back.

You can do this exercise in the gym on a device that stretches back to target the muscles of the glutes because it depends on the pressure on them.

It starts by installing the heels at the back of the device to help stretch the entire spine and individual body so that the face in front of the ground and your feet open at a 45 degree angle and make sure to tighten the muscles of the lower eye and the head of the arm and bending to the trunk forward until the curvature occurs To the back and lift the trunk slowly again to squeeze the glutes.

Bulgarian squatting in the bar.

The Bulgarian squat exercise stimulates the muscles of the thigh and stabilizes the leg muscles and repeating this exercise enables you to get stronger muscles.

Stand a few feet from the bench with the weights bar on the back and hold it firmly in your hands. Bend the knee slightly, fix the toes on the chin, keep the other leg straight, continue to position your hands behind the head of the bar, and then pull the left knee at 90 degrees and lower to take the position of squatting, thus making the thigh parallel to the ground. Using the left foot, the body is pushed back to the starting point again.

Dead blood lift exercise with one leg.

This exercise helps you achieve balance on one leg and aims to strengthen the muscles of glutes.

Stand up and open the feet with the width of the shoulders and lift one leg to bend the right knee and do not forget to catch the pair of the dumbbell in your hands and keep the individual arms in front of the hips and a slight bend of the knee. Lift the right knee back and leave the arms in front of you to stand in this position for 3 seconds.

Tightening the cable.

If you want a firm, firm back and easy movement of the glute muscle you can try pulling the cable and creating a tight body especially the back.

Stand in front of the cable device on a few inches and open the feet by shoulder width Put one foot inside the cable handle and keep the chest muscles tight and use the muscles of the glutes in pulling the feet back slightly and the cable in the back. Do not try to make any curvature of the back and then stop it for a while and go back to the starting point.

Cable lift exercise while standing.

Hold the cable device with your arms and stand beside and hold the legs until the foot becomes directly behind the cable. Using the glutes muscles, you can pull the leg to your side to pull the cable and reverse the movement before returning to the starting point. Try to switch between the legs and the same repetitions for each side.

Reverse Dumpbell Exercise.

This exercise begins by opening your feet with the width of the hip away and holding the dumbbell in your hands with a step back to being in the position of the ditch and bend the knees with bringing the foot back until you meet the front foot and repeat the same steps with the other side.

The clamshell exercise.

This exercise is aimed at the muscles of the hips and the muscles of the glutes and thus helps the thigh dramatically and its implementation requires you to control the muscles of the body.

To perform this exercise, you need to lie on your left side with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Start with lifting the upper leg, but keep the other leg in position and often lift the leg as far as possible and install during lift for a period of. Repeat it 15 – 20 times with each side.

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