Grapefruit, Health; Nutrition and Aesthetic Benefits


Grapefruit is a seasonal acidic fruit that appears during the winter. It is famous for its acidity due to its citric acid and vitamin C.

This type of fruit is one of the most important types of fruit that contains a range of great benefits and variety, which in turn helps the body to resist diseases and bacteria.

Despite the bitter sour taste of this type of fruit, many people are keen to eat it as one of the most acidic fruits that are very rich in food.

Also named the Indian oranges is a citrus and orange family, its spherical fruit is large in size. It is said that the home of grapefruit in India as well as parts of Asia, was brought to Florida in 1809 and was an important product for it, and is currently grown in some countries of the Mediterranean.

Grapefruit is often multiplied by a broccoli. This type of citrus is evergreen and attractive and is considered prey if exposed to frost.

It is an important food source because it contains nutrients and phytochemicals. It is a source of both pectin fibers and vitamin C. Rosy and red forms also contain beneficial and antioxidant lycopene, including bioflavonoids.

Healthy benefits of grapefruit.

Bioflavonoids found in grapefruit prevent cancer cells from spreading in the breast and help rid the body of the increase in estrogen.

It is also an antagonist for pancreatic cancer.

Grapefruit reduces the excessive production of harmful cholesterol in the liver, where grapefruit contains a specific compound that helps.

Grapefruit gives the body strong energy in addition to the immunity that protects it from colds, it protects them as it works to address them.

In the event that the person during the day the great fatigue by drinking a glass of grapefruit juice with the addition of lemon and a little honey, as it will give his body a sense of comfort.

Fresh grapefruit juice is like balsam, which relieves a cough and sore throat.

Fruit grapefruit contains an enzyme that burns fat and helps to reduce starch and sugar in the human body and absorption of fat, and therefore you could eat it if you want to lose weight.

Eating grapefruit on a daily basis will protect your gums from many diseases, and will help prevent harmful cells from forming.

Quinine contains grapefruit juice or fruit is a natural treatment of malaria, and also for arthritis, it is a rare source of this article.

Eating fresh grapefruit juice in the morning saves the person from constipation. The juice works to stimulate both the colon and the secretion of gastric juices. That will relieve the constriction of the digestive system and also activate the bowel movement.

Grapefruit antifungal, viruses, and germs. But be careful to eat grapefruit during the use of drugs because of the causes of the increase in the proportion of medication in the blood is more than the permissible rate and therefore the sharp increase in symptoms of side medicine.

Nutritional benefits of grapefruit.

A rich source of vitamins that resist all diseases that appear in winter, including colds, flu, flu and sore throat, it contains anti-inflammatory substances and treats all types of bacteria and viruses that cause inflammation.

It contains minerals and vitamins necessary for the body, eating one grain of grapefruit daily gives the body the need of these minerals and vitamins, as it contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese and other minerals.

Contains a high content of folic acid which helps absorb vitamins and minerals from the blood properly and keeps the fetus healthy from deformities.

Contains a percentage of fiber that supplies the body with digestive enzymes that burn calories.

The grapefruit contains a high percentage of water, which makes up between 80-90% of the weight of the grain.

Does not contain a high percentage of sugar compared to other fruit types.

Grapefruit juice helps relieve itching.

Grapefruit contains a large amount of fiber that helps you get rid of the fat accumulated under the skin and contribute to digestion.

Aesthetic benefits of grapefruit.

Grapefruit contains volatile oils that help treat skin cracks, by rubbing the skin with peel and leaving it on the skin for twenty minutes, and then wash the body with cold water.

The finest international perfumes are prepared from grapefruit oil emulsion.

You can use grapefruit to prepare a skin cream to get rid of pimples and fats on the skin. Make a compress of grapefruit juice and then place it on the face and neck. Leave for twenty minutes, with washing the face with cold water later.

Grapefruit is characterized by the presence of citric acid. That works to whiten the skin.It also helps remove the blackness of the knee.

By rubbing the body with grapefruit fully, you will obtain a uniform skin color.

Preparation of grapefruit juice.

At the beginning you should know that grapefruit is a citrus that reacts and oxidizes due to surrounding weather conditions. So prefer to prepare and eat fresh every day, to maintain the benefits.

It does not contain preservatives. So, try do not keep it in the refrigerator. Because after two days, the taste changes and coagulates causing gas and abdominal pain.

Wash grapefruit and then place it in the fridge to cool before the age. After, we eat and eat fresh.

Prefer not to add any of the sweeteners to get the best results.

Do not add water because grapefruit is light. In the case of severe acidity can add some honey.


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