Health Benefits of Having Sex in the Morning

sex in the morning

Sex in the morning: It was customary to practice intimate relationships in the evening. Many couples delay meeting late at night. But after a long day of work, housework or other reasons, the couple may experience physical and mental stress all day long, and sex in the evening may become less enjoyable and more stressful.

Some couples go to have sex in the morning. We may find this somewhat strange, but science has confirmed that morning sex has many benefits on both the physical and psychological levels, which will be discussed in detail in this article.


Benefits of having sex in the morning.


Morning sport.


Instead of waking up early for sport, sex is one of the ways to train physically. Almost all of the body’s muscles move during the sexual relationship. This leads to the burning of many calories (approximately 3000 calories / 30 minutes). In addition to increasing the blood flow in the blood vessels and increase the brain’s reach.


Reduce stress and prevent depression.


During the sexual relationship and then the body excreted many of the neurotransmitters and chemicals, such as endorphins or hormone happiness. Giving you a good feeling throughout the day. The traffic jam will pass you by and work pressure will become less effective and you will feel calm and comfort and as we say “sweet day Biban from the first.”


A distinctive face glow.


Instead of spending time in the morning between cosmetics what do you think of a natural and free cosmetic? Yes, like morning sports, sex keeps a healthy blood circulation and gives you vitality and vitality, giving your face a bright and healthy look.

Dr. Herbnik, the author of it feels good, says that estrogen, released in the body when reaching an orgasm, nourishes the hair, improves the skin layer and adjusts its texture.


Strengthening the immune system.


There is no doubt that sex, in general, strengthens the immune system. Researchers found that having sex two or three times a week had a positive effect on the immune system.

People who have sex regularly have globulin An antibodies that protect the body from infection” more than 30% of those who have sex non-cyclic. In the morning, sex increases the secretion of IgA (IgA), which protects the body. Its morning secretion on the wall of the female reproductive system protects it from infection.


Heart health and the elimination of migraines.


In a Belfast study of 1,000 middle-aged men over ten years, sex found two to three times a week reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack by 30 percent. Sex also helps to reduce blood pressure and regulate blood circulation.

In another study on sex in the morning, researchers found that sexual intercourse in the morning periodically eliminates the symptoms of migraines that some women feel at some time in the afternoon thanks to hormones produced during intercourse and activation of blood circulation.


Get ready for sex in the morning.


Now that we know the benefits of having sex in the morning, we have to know how to prepare for it.

Prepare for it the night before.

The smell of your mouth may be unpleasant in the morning. Do not let this spoil your relationship. Keeping some mint on your side will help you eliminate bad breath.

It is also advisable to go to the water cycle before you sleep directly so you do not need to do this in the morning.


Wake up your wife gently.

Your wife may not be aware that you are ready to do so in the morning. It is best to start with slow movements until your wife is awakened in a calm and ready-to-enjoy mood.


Take time into account.

You may not be able to consider something else during intercourse to concentrate and it is best to wake up well in advance of your work so that you can enjoy the worry of delay.

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