The Most Healthier Fast Meals Tips

most healthy meals

Fast meals are often cheap, convenient, and satisfactory, but unfortunately, is not always very healthy.

Some takeaway can increase the recommended daily intake of salt and fat, leading to a range of health problems, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Today some restaurants and fast-food stores have calories on their menus, which allow you to choose food with lower calories.

Here are some tips on what foods to avoid and the most healthy options when ordering your favourite meal.

Fish and potato chips.

There are many ways to make your trip to the fish and chips shop healthier. Get a meal of cooked beans or soft peas and bread with fish and chips of fried potatoes. Watch out for other high-fat foods, such as pancakes and sausages.meals

The thicker the potato chips, the better it will absorb less fat. Try a smaller meal or share potatoes with others. Order a meal of fish and chips without salt – if you want some salt, add a small amount yourself.

Do not eat all the mixture around the fish because it absorbs a lot of fat. Ask for thicker, covered with breadcrumbs because it absorbs less fat, if available.

Fish and potato chips cooked in oil at an appropriate temperature have a better taste and absorb less fat. So be careful of the mixture saturated with water and chips because that is often a sign that the oil was not hot enough.

  • Try to avoid eating: thin potato chips, pancakes such as cheese, onion pie or steak pie and kidneys, large sausages.
  • More healthy options: Fish covered with breadcrumbs, soft peas, and thick potato chips without salt.

Italian meals.

If you eat pizza, choose low-fat classes, such as vegetables, meat, fish and prawns. You can order some extra vegetables for pizza to raise your daily fruits and vegetables. However, if you do not want to increase the level of saturated fat and the number of calories in your meal, do not ask for extra cheese.


For pasta dishes, if you want a lower fat option, choose a sauce that depends on tomatoes or vegetables instead of cream.

If you eat an entree or dessert dish, you can choose a smaller main meal such as pasta with the size of an appetiser dish with a side salad – Italian restaurants offer mostly standard pasta dishes. Instead of bread with garlic, which often contains a lot of butter (and therefore contains high fat), you can try the bruschetta, a delicious Italian toast toasted and covered with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

  • Try to avoid eating: the large, thick pizza, pizza with cheese-crusted cheese, triangular cheese with pepperoni pizza, fatty noodle sauces, and bread with garlic.
  • More healthy options: a small or medium sized pizza with thin thickness and a top layer of vegetables or lean meat, sauces based on tomato, bruschetta.

Chinese meals.

Nothing crunchy or rated as “crispy” on the menu is well fried. Beware appetisers such as prawns and spring rolls because they are well fried. Anything dipped in the milk mixture will be in the high-fat dough. The meat cooked with sweet and sour meat is usually concentrated.


Steamed dishes are the best choice, but the fried food is good enough because it is usually less fat and has vegetables.

  • Try to avoid eating: meatballs cooked with sweet and sour rice with special or fried eggs, toast prawns, spring rolls.
  • More healthy options: corn and crab soup, steamed dumplings, steamed vegetables Plain boiled rice, steamed fish, Chinese dish with chicken pieces, Sichuan shrimps.

Thai meals.

Try to stick to fast fried or steamed dishes that contain chicken, fish or vegetables instead of curry dishes.

Thai curry dishes, such as green and red curry dishes; contain coconut milk, which is high saturated fat. If you choose curry, try not to eat all the sauce. Eat some steamed rice with your meal instead of the fried rice with eggs.


  • Try to avoid eating: fried rice, fish cake, spring rolls, prawns, grilled meat skewers with peanut sauce and sweet and sour dishes.
  • More healthy options: pure soup like Tom yum, salads, fast fried meats, fish or vegetable dishes, steamed seafood dishes such as fish or mussel.

Indian meals.

Try to avoid anything creamy or well fried. To reduce the amount of fat in your meal, choose dishes with sauces based on tomatoes, such as Indian bread with spices and Madras, plain rice or young women. Also, choose many vegetables, including lentil dishes (known as stray).


  • Try to avoid eating: fatty curry dishes like Korma, Sanda or Masala with Belo rice, Nan, pais, pakoras and popadums.
  • More healthy options: Tandoori or Madras with chicken, prawns or vegetables, plain rice and chubby.

Kebabs and beef sandwiches.

The donut can be high fat. For a healthier option, choose grilled kebabs, a skewer with whole pieces of meat or usually grilled fish.

If you want to eat a sandwich, avoid chicken or bacon or coated with ground bread, extra cheese, strips of bacon and high-fat sauces such as mayonnaise. Instead, choose a single beef sandwich without mayonnaise or cheese with extra salad.


  • Try to avoid eating: a large donut kebab with mayonnaise without salad, a sandwich with cheese and mayonnaise, thin potato chips, chicken pies or fried fish well in buttermilk and eggs.
  • More healthy options: Shish Kebab and Greek bread and add the salad, grilled burger made by fish or meat (beef) without cheese and mayonnaise.

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