Herbs and Drinks to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

herbs and drinks

Herbs and drinks are mean to help burn fat and lose weight, so we offer you herbs and drinks to lose weight and burn fat.

What is fat?

Are chemical compounds, which are not absorbed by the body until they are converted into fatty compounds. It is one of the most important sources that provide energy to the body after various metabolic processes.

Therefore, if the amount of fat exceeds the body’s need, it begins to accumulate instead of burning it in several places, such as the abdomen, and walls of the blood vessels.

What are fat sources?

Animal fats, such as white meat, red, milk.

Vegetable fats, such as corn, sesame, and pistachios.

What are the best ways to burn fat?


Considered one of the most traditional methods, which works to burn fat in the body as well as weight loss. The greater the movement of the body to exercise, the greater the amount of energy required. The body burns fats and fatty compounds to supply the body with the necessary energy.

This does not mean that you are doing drastic exercises. It may not come as fast as you think. But some light exercise, such as grading, running, or even walking, helps burn belly fat and get a graceful belly.

Foods rich in proteins and vitamin C.

Studies suggest that protein-rich foods cause rapid satiety and burn calories, reducing fat build-up.

Other studies suggest that women who have not taken enough vitamin C have become obese. Vitamin C helps to build the carotene, which has the potential to convert fat into energy for the body.

Avoid soft drinks.

Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar, which is difficult for the body to get rid of it, which is converted into fatty compounds. It also contains a lot of calories, which have no nutritional value, which helps to accumulate fat and gain weight. Therefore, we find the high rate of obesity in America, for example, because of their dependence on large soft drinks, if you are serious in reducing your weight and burning fat, avoid drinking these drinks.

Green tea.

Green tea is an antioxidant and strengthens the body’s immunity. Drinking one cup a day burns a high percentage of fat, helping you build a lean and healthy body.

Eating slowly.

Yeah! Do not be surprised that eating slowly increases the feeling of satiety and fullness quickly, and therefore eat less fat increases the proportion of fat burning, and the efficiency of the digestive system, eating slowly from the ways that advised to follow to lose weight.

Do not eat dinner after midnight.

Nutritionists warn of having dinner after midnight for those who do not want to gain weight; because after midnight, the activities of the body start to slow down and gradually decrease, thus reducing the chance of burning fat, turning it into energy instead of the body works to deposit and accumulate.

Red pepper and hot spices.

Peppers and hot spices increase the burning of fat and calories in the body to 50% because they contain Capsaicin.


If you are thinking of staying up at night and falling asleep, it means that you are getting up to wake up because the body needs a good rest. This will disrupt the biological clock and block the metabolism of the body, which increases the accumulation of fat in the body.


The Strongest Herbs And Drinks To Lose Weight And Burn Fat.


Drink green tea.

Green tea is the most important and first means to burn fat in the body, especially the abdominal area and is used in most dieting systems. It is a natural product that absorbs and burns fat, so you can drink green tea twice a day to get results quickly, preferably drinking green tea before breakfast and evening before. Sleeping.

Chamomile and cinnamon.

Combine a teaspoon of chamomile and cinnamon powder in a warm glass of water, and drink them twice a day. This drink will help you a lot to burn abdominal pain and at the same time is the best diet slimming belly quickly 2015.

Fennel seed drink.

Bring the seeds of the fennel and boil it in water. Remove the liquid from it and make sure to drink it twice a day. The fennel has a great role in removing the weight and eliminating the fat that appears to be inconsistent.

Cumin and chamomile.

Combine a teaspoon of chamomile powder and cumin in a warm glass of water in the morning and evening. This mixture is very important for getting abdominal toning and burning fat. This video shows all the benefits of chamomile health.

Drink green tea and sage.

You can drink green tea with a combination of herbs to get a tight, fat-free stomach, so mix green tea with a teaspoon of sage in a glass of water twice a day.




Cinnamon is one of the most important herbs for rapid slimming. It has been found to have a great ability to lower blood sugar levels, reduce triglycerides in the body, cholesterol especially in type 2 diabetics, increase glucose metabolism by about 20 times and help increase metabolism. Blood sugar, making it the ideal seasoning for diabetics.


Ginger is one of the most important herbs of Chinese slimming, it does not contain calories, naturally promotes metabolism, and burns fat, in particular, promotes digestion and burns calories and contains volatile oils help the body to remove toxins.

The easiest way to eat ginger is to hone or cut the ginger and place it with boiling water and lemon can be added to a better result.

You should try this juicy juice for fat and fat-fighting:

Lemon peeler.

1 Grapefruit peeler.

1 piece ginger – sized thumb peeler.

Water as needed.

Mint (optional).

Method: the age of lemon, grapefruit, and ginger with the addition of water can be added to taste mint.


Cumin increases the body’s temperature and increases the body’s metabolic rate. It increases the metabolism, which makes you lose weight. You can use cumin with black pepper, ginger and turmeric powder. This is a great weight loss mixture and can be added as a spice to enhance your flavor and enjoy a wonderful taste. It prevents the storage of fat in the body and leads to weight loss.

Cumin is one of the best slimming herbs that burn belly fat at a fast rate. In fact, the quenching can improve the body’s ability to burn fat by 25 percent. And at the same time, promotes digestion, and protects the body from diseases.

Cumin also increases the speed of expulsion of the body of waste, it enhances digestion will not feel the lack of digestion and accumulation of waste or constipation and this makes the body lose weight quickly.

Since it is a fat burner and a toxin remover, it is advisable to eat it daily. It can be taken with other spices such as fennel, anise, fresh ginger and mustard to maximize benefits in weight loss program.


The fennel plays a positive role in weight loss. It improves the metabolism and improves appetite. Increasing the metabolic output leads to the burning of more energy, thus losing the body’s fat. Fennel has additional benefits in reducing fat. It helps to dissolve fat deposits in the blood stream to be used as a source of energy. It also works to reduce cravings to eat.

A study proved that fennel is anti-convulsions and helps alleviate the pain of hunger and regulates the process of sleep, and the study proved that the inhalation of Shammer work to digest food and reduce calories. The fennel is a detoxifying agent, a diuretic and reduces the weight of water in the body so it is a comprehensive plan for weight loss and fat burning.


One of the most important herbs slimming that increase the temperature of the metabolism and help the body to burn fat more efficiently and the cardamom helps digestion, which is a warm herb that increases the metabolism in the body by raising the basic temperature. The cardamom is usually used as a tea or with coffee.


Rosemary is a type of plant used as a spice, a medicinal plant. It was used in Germany as a treatment for digestion. rosemary prevents weight gain according to a study of mice. It also has the ability to inhibit the activity of lipase enzyme. The body in the elimination of fat, when delay digestion of fat will feel fullness and lack of desire to eat.

The rosemary works to activate memory significantly and contains a large proportion of iron and calcium, which is an antioxidant.

The recommended daily dose is two capsules of rosemary 400 mg. Pregnant women should be cautious and consult a doctor. They can also be taken as a tea and supplemented with green tea and anise.

Black pepper.

Black pepper is not just a hot seasoning. It is a fat warrior.

There is a gift that Black Pepper gives you. It is the heat. The heat of the black pepper burns the calories in your body in an unusually effective way. When placed with each meal as a single teaspoon, it increases your metabolism by up to 25% per day.

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