High Blood Pressure, Medical Treatment

high blood pressure

Keeping healthy weight and body, reducing or even avoiding high-calorie foods that contain high cholesterol and fat, or containing high salt content, helps reduce serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease, etc. Of deadly diseases. High blood pressure is one of the most preventable diseases.

The level of blood pressure determines two factors, namely the amount of blood pumped by the heart, and the amount of resistance of blood vessels to blood circulation. High blood pressure is known to increase resistance and high strength on the walls of blood vessels long enough to cause a range of health problems.

The greater the amount of blood flowing from the heart or the increased blood vessels, the higher the blood pressure. It is one of the most dangerous diseases of the cardiovascular system. Because it starts without symptoms and may continue for a long time quietly without the patient knows that he was infected only after a damaged body organs. So doctors call it the silent killer.

Treatment of hypertension.

The treatment of high pressure, like other diseases of the body, is divided into two main parts. The first is to change the bad lifestyle, to avoid the bad practices that make the situation worse, and the second is the use of antihypertensive drugs to prevent new complications.

Modify the patient’s lifestyle.

The patient must make a radical change to his lifestyle, and these are the most important things:

Weight reduction.

Reduce the amount of salt consumed in food to less than 6 g per day, or less than 3 g if the disease is associated with other chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

Stop smoking, drink alcohol, and minimize the stimulant drinks.

Sports, where playing light sports such as walking for half an hour a day is very useful in the treatment of pressure. As well as protection from many other diseases.

Eat plenty of healthy foods, such as vegetables, and fruits.

Keep away from high-fat foods.

Stay away from stressful moods and stress.


Drug therapy of high blood pressure.


Hypertension medications are prescribed if the disease is diagnosed by the doctor. Where it should be started as soon as the systolic blood pressure is consistently higher than 140, or the diastolic pressure is consistently above 90. The goal is to keep the patient over 60 years of pressure below 150/90.

Pressure patients with other chronic diseases must maintain their pressure level below 140/90.

Doctors also recommend the use of aspirin at moderate doses daily, and cholesterol and lipid drugs in the blood, to reduce the risk of blood clots. In addition to adherence to pressure medicines that reduce it. There are a number of drugs that reduce the pressure of how they work and the strength of their impact.


Diuretics purify the body of excess fluids and salts, reducing blood pressure. The most important types of diuretics used to reduce pressure thiazide diuretics, which are highly effective drugs and equal to the rest of modern medicines. However, attention should be paid to the doses taken. And attention to the complications of these drugs that cause potassium deficiency, which affects the heart muscle.

One of the most popular of these drugs is hydrochlorothiazide. Another type of diuretic is called diuretic diuretics, such as the virus that is used to treat high pressure, kidney failure, and some heart disease.

Beta blockers.

Drugs used to lower blood pressure are also beta blockers. Which reduces the workload of the heart by reducing the nerve alerts of the heart, which reduces the strength of contraction and slow its speed. As well as to reduce the resistance of blood vessels.

It is a competitive antagonist divided into several types, non-specific ones that work on beta-1 and beta-2 beta receptors. Including the quality that works only for the future of beta-1.

And have several side effects are not recommended for use in cases of asthma, or other pulmonary diseases. And are not effective as needed when used alone, especially for adults in old age, usually these drugs with other drugs of pressure to be more effective.

Antagonists drugs.

It is one of the best drugs used to reduce stress, especially for diabetics, chronic kidney disease, and heart failure. These drugs include ACE inhibitors. It is a substance that relaxes the blood vessels leading to lower pressure. Examples include captopril.

The most important side effects of these drugs are renal failure, especially in patients with hardening of the kidneys blood vessels. In addition to a dry cough, high potassium, and others.

Do not these drugs to give pregnant women for fear of fetal health. Alternatives to this drug include angiotensin receptor antagonists, which act to prevent the adhesion of this substance to its receptors on the surface of the cells. We give it to those who prevent them from using inhibitory drugs (ACEI).

Calcium channel blockers.

It is an important medication, which relaxes the walls of blood vessels and reduces heart effort by preventing the entry of calcium into the muscle cells and reduce constriction.

The most important of these drugs are amlodipine and diltiazem. The patients usually use it with other pressure medications to increase their effectiveness.

But these drugs have several side effects, most notably headache and dizziness. Do not use these drugs when drinking grapefruit juice. Because it increases the concentration of these drugs in the blood, increasing the risk of exposure to side effects.

Renin inhibitors.

Those drugs reduce the production of renin enzyme or prevent it from starting in its work. The kidney releases the renin enzyme to initiate a series of chemical reactions that eventually lead to high blood pressure.

Some of these drugs are aliskiren. Do not take this drug with both anti-angiotensin drugs. Because they increase the risk of complications, most importantly cerebral clots.


Treatment of malignant hypertension.

It is a serious condition of high blood pressure to more than (220/120). The patient experiences multiple symptoms such as severe headaches and vision problems that may lead to loss of vision, confusion in the mental state, severe vomiting, and other symptoms.

Therefore, this is an emergency in which we must admit the patient to the hospital. There, he will receive appropriate treatment before the disease causes serious and serious damage to his body. After, we will reduce high blood pressure gradually. Doctors give the patient several drugs. The most important are sodium nitro which we processĀ it intravenously until his return to the near-normal state. Then, switch to the oral treatment.

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