Keto Diet, Health and Fitness Benefits

keto diet

The keto diet is a diet in which the amount of fat in the diet is four or three times the amount of protein and starch communities. It is then formed by ketones, which play an active role in altering the nervous and chemical activity in the body, which helps in the treatment of many diseases, including cancer and epilepsy.


What is ketone food?

The term keto diet is not new in medicine, but it may be for many. As well as the term useful fats, as fat is linked to the mind of heart disease and rheumatic .., This is true information, but beneficial fats are indispensable to the body, which is resisting the impact of harmful fats.

In this system cream, oils, butter, mayonnaise, fish, meat, birds, cheese, nuts, and eggs are increased at the expense of bread, rice, pastries, potatoes, pasta, honey, sugar, pizza and …..

The ketone diet in a simplified form is a change in the proportions taken from the food components. Fat increases up to 75% of the calories, followed by a good protein (20%) and starches down to only 5% of the total calories.

The amount of fat in the meal may be four or three times the amount of protein and starch in communities, and then the so-called ketone bodies, which play an active role in changing the activity of the nervous and chemical body.

Keto diet (low carbohydrate).

The basic idea behind this system is to avoid sugars, including sugars, and there is not enough space to tell you all the permitted foods and foods. But there are two basic skills you need to know to succeed in reducing your weight:

Identify food ingredients.

It is a mechanism that avoids any food consisting mainly of sugars or starches or harmful trans fats, thereby avoiding the bad effects of sugars on insulin levels in the blood, allowing for weight loss. In principle, foods consist of one of three main types: fat, protein, and sugars (carbohydrates). In this program, we will avoid sugars (carbohydrates) mainly.

Learn about calories.

Calories are the unit of measurement of energy provided by food for the body, and in order to lose the weight of a person must create a shortage of energy, which deals with the energy consumed by 500 calories a day to lose half a kilo per week, and this means not to eat the male between 1800 to 2,000 calories per day. In the program low sugars and carbohydrates (carbohydrates).

This mechanism works directly without the intervention of the patient because of the impact of strong food on the appetite of the human, where less eat food for the sense of permanent fullness, and the lack of appetite to eat, but in the case of non-descent of weight, and after making sure that the types of food eaten by humans does not contain Sugars, the patient must calculate the calories and not exceed the limit of his surveys of them until he begins to lose weight.

How are ketones formed?

When we eat carbohydrates, they turn into glucose quickly. When insulin increases, insulin causes glucose to enter the cells of the body, where the energy generator breaks down and the blood sugar drops.

But in the case of a diet, where carbohydrates are almost non-carbohydrate, the body is forced to use fat to produce energy instead of glucose, resulting in the production of ketones, and then show many medical benefits, especially in patients with epilepsy and cancer.

The ketones are not strange to us. They occur in our bodies naturally when the body uses fatty acids instead of glucose to produce energy during sleep and fasting for longer than 12 hours. Fasting has long been healthy, it increases the immunity of the body, and is used in the treatment of some mental diseases and epilepsy.

 Keto diet and weight loss.

Some resort to the use of the keto diet to lose weight, where the body in the absence of starches consumption of fat in food, and also stored in the body to produce energy, and thus reduce weight, but in fact this medical therapeutic system, not favored in the use of weight loss, Use regular balanced systems to avoid side effects of this diet.

Foods Allowed on the Keto Diet.

Meat, fish, and poultry.

All types of cooking are available in the three meals, all kinds of marine fish or other seafood, or fresh red meat (sheep, lamb, camels, cows …) and all kinds of poultry or birds.

It should be noted that some types of cooking use flour or squash (such as the prostate) or rice (such as stuffed pigeons) to make food flavor from forbidden foods in the system as it will come.

Some types of grilled meat (especially in Western restaurants) are used in cooking sauces in the formation of sugar, should be avoided.

Vegetable oils used in frying may contain large amounts of trans fats, preferably using grease, animal butter, or olive oil instead.

It is best to minimize canned meat as it contains unhealthy ingredients.


With all possible cooking, but preferably olive oil or animal butter instead of vegetable oil.


All kinds of cheeses are allowed in this system, with attention to reading nutritional information to avoid cheeses with high carbohydrates.

You should avoid all kinds of low or skimmed cheeses because they contain higher sugars.

Four servings of cheese, preferably no more than a day.


1 serving or 2 servings of whole fat cream free of sugary additives. One serving is about 30 grams.

Vegetable Power.

All vegetables that are normally used in preparing the authorities are allowed in this system. With the fact that they contain in the normal composition of the proportion of sugars but because of the very small amounts of sugar in addition to the presence of large amounts of fiber that prevent the absorption of quick sugars, it will not be a problem in addressing.

It should be noted that when vegetables are cooked, they lose many of their non-sugary components, and this leads to high sugar when ingested cooked; therefore, it is not to multiply when cooking compared to eating an intention such as power.

Some types of salads are added to toast or bulgur. These starchy and sugary ingredients should be avoided while taking salads.

Ghee, oils, and fats.

The following can be used for cooking or for flavoring on main dishes or salads:

Animal butter.

Free olive oil (cold era).

Mayonnaise (canola oil and no sugar additives).

canola oil.

Coconut Oil.

Sesame oil.


Many spices contain ingredients of sugars. Read the food leaflet well and avoid any spices by sugars or enter into the composition of wheat or corn. Avoid ketchup, roast sauces, and some types of hot pepper chicks contain many sugars in their composition. If you get the right spices, you can add them to the main dishes or salads.


Water (six to eight glasses a day).

Tea (without sugar).

Coffee of all kinds (without sugar).

Tea of different plants (anise or cinnamon …) (without sugar).

Industrial Sweeteners.

In general, do not use artificial sweeteners. We recommend using the natural flavor of beverages of all kinds. But, in the case of the need to eat artificial sweeteners, such as Stevia, taking care not to exceed the use of more than two small packages a day.

Foods prohibited in the keto diet.

Polysaccharides and complex sugars (Starches).

Rice, noodles, the bread of all kinds, and starchy grains of all kinds (wheat, barley, maize …) (whether white or wild bread) and products such as corn …

White sugar, plant sugar, and sugar-based products.

Fruits and everything related to them such as fresh or canned juices.

Soft drinks fully.

Potatoes and starchy vegetables such as carrots, whether fresh or ready.

Legumes such as beans, chick peas, lentils and other pulses because they contain relatively high sugars.

Bovine and yogurt.

All diet products (low-fat), whether juices or food.

Fast food restaurants.

All food containing or cooked in mutant oils.


Avoid nuts at the beginning of this system, two weeks or more. If you lose weight, well you can return it as snacks once or twice a day.

General Tips.

Eat three main meals daily, and do not leave yourself hungry for long hours.

In each meal, each of 4 to 6 servings of protein (about 30 grams). Do not remove grease or fat from meat or skin from poultry.

Enjoy healthy fats such as butter and olive oil on various meals (a tablespoon of them on salads or other).

Make sure to do not exceed 20 grams of sugar per day. After 2 to 3 weeks, you can add 5 grams a week provided your weight does not stop falling.

When you feel real hunger, eat moderately not excessively. Drink a glass of water if you are unsure of the feeling of satiety.

Be sure to eat vegetables at every meal, make sure to prepare them in a good way to eat them.

Weight stabilization.

The keto diet you started in this program is one of the best types of weight loss. But, some cases continue to lose weight even after reaching the ideal weight. So, when you reach the weight you want, try to increase the grams of carbohydrates you eat until the stabilization of your weight.

The best way to do this is to gradually increase the grams of carbohydrates. Take five grams per week until we reach the stability in weight. Most patients find that eating 55 grams of carbohydrates is the most appropriate for them to maintain weight.

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