Oil Recipes to Get Rid of Knee Pain and Joints

knee pain and joints

Knee pain and joints can cause stiffness, swelling, redness, difficulty in movement, and if left untreated, symptoms worsen and cause further discomfort.

There are many treatment methods used to treat knee pain and joints, including oils for the treatment of knee pain and joints, a safe way to avoid resorting to methods that produce undesirable side effects.

Therefore, oils are a natural alternative and beneficial experience that has anti-inflammatory effects and a whole host of other benefits that help relieve knee pain and joints.

Knee and joint pain can be controlled by natural remedies, which are essential oils. The CDC estimates that 52.2 million adults suffer from painful pain due to knee pain and joints. Here is a list of essential oils for the treatment of knee pain and joints.


How do essential oils relieve knee pain and joints?


Essential Oils Natural plant products, most of which possess antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Oils of ginger, orange, and black cumin seeds relieve knee pain and joints.

Essential oils are quickly absorbed through the skin and can be detected when plasma is used after local application. Therefore, topical application of essential oils is a direct natural way to relieve knee pain and joints, especially when applied to the location of pain directly.

The National Medical Library of America shares this report and notes a study using topical application of an ointment containing essential oils that reduce the severity of knee pain and joints.

We know that aspirin is the common ingredient in all anti-inflammatory drugs in knee pain and arthritis, which is originally derived from the bark of the willow tree. There are many other herbs that have similar properties that can be used in cases of arthritis in general.

Essential oils are one of the therapeutic herbs and can often achieve great relief without leaving any undesirable side effect because they contain many other ingredients that work together to prevent these effects.

Essential oils enable you to eliminate impurities, which are an integral part of the tissues and help to facilitate the absorption of blood circulation and this helps in the elimination of pain Apart from this, massage with warm aromatic oils is soothing and rejuvenating the body.


Methods of use of essential oils in the treatment of knee pain and joints:




You can mix 20 drops of essential oil with 2 ounces of carrier oil before applying to the area that has pain in the knee or joints. Note that hot oil such as warm mint oil and corneal oil are oils that help together to relieve knee pain. You may feel mild, but disappear after a few minutes and avoid being applied in sensitive areas.


The bathroom.


Mix 10-20 drops of essential oil with 2 cups of salt Ipsum and add to the bath. This treatment is great for knee pain, joint pain, and muscle pain.


Hot compresses.


Heating the twill and adding his essential oil can be a way to reduce knee pain and joints. It is recommended to apply it for 15-20 minutes to areas suffering from pain.


Oil recipes to get rid of knee pain and joints.


Ginger oil.


Ginger essential oil is an amazing agent for healing knee pain and joints because it contains chemicals and residences for anti-inflammatory effects. It has a great role in relieving the knee pain and joints, making it a great analgesic for pain. It provides relief by acting on the phenyl Noid receptors located at the sensory nerve endings.

Ginger oil may initially lead to mild burning but disappear after a few seconds. The researchers found that it affects pain trajectories directly and quickly in most cases and reduces inflammation, which in itself leads to the elimination of knee pain and joints.

Ginger affects inflammation, ulcer resistance, antiviral activity and a small amount of analgesia, making it a great option for arthritis and knee patients, according to the Arthritis Foundation and researchers at the University of California.


Turmeric oil.


There is an active ingredient in turmeric oil, which is curcumin and acts as a great anti-inflammatory. The benefits of turmeric include effective control of knee pain and joints. A recent study in Japan curcumin significantly reduces knee and knee pain and is an effective way to fight knee pain.


Oil of frankincense.


Frankincense oil prevents the production of major inflammatory particles, including arthritis and knee pain, and can be helpful in preventing cartilage breakdown. It has been shown to significantly reduce inflammatory levels, making it a natural option for pain-related diseases affecting muscles, joints and tendons.


Bitter oil.


Bitter oil has anti-inflammatory properties and used next to the treatment of arthritis and knee. A study at the University of California showed that frankincense is effective in treating inflammatory diseases. The study revealed that bitter oil suppresses inflammation and the severity of arthritis.


Orange oil.


Orange oil of acid odors that make you more awake has been researching its strong anti-inflammatory properties and fighting knee pain and joints.

Try dissolving drops of orange oil with 1 small pinch of avocado or almond oil. Then, rub it on the part that suffers from pain in the knee or joints.


Peppermint oil.


Peppermint may be one of the most popular ingredients in treatments because it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and has an anesthetic effect that relieves pain and swelling related to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in particular.

Mix 5 – 10 drops of peppermint oil with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Use the mixture in massage areas that suffer from pain.


Eucalyptus oil.


This oil contains active ingredients that relieve knee pain and joints. Alleviate the camphor oil with vector oil to eliminate painful joints swelling and often brings you immediate and quick relief. But may cause skin irritation so you need to test the oil mixture on a small area of the skin.


Lavender oil.


The lavender oil has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis often notice a significant improvement in the local application of lavender oil.

3-5 drops of lavender oil with a carrier oil to relieve knee pain and joints immediately but dilute the oil in a small suspension of oil carrier is recommended to breed skin irritation. Rub in a circular motion and repeat it when necessary to improve circulation of the area and reduce inflammation. In addition,  lavender oil has an effect on the relaxation and calm the body in general.


Chili oil.


This oil has excellent analgesic properties. But you must use it for several days until it has a clear effect. Caspian oil found in chili oil is the active ingredient in pain relief.

Apply a few drops of chili oil with coconut oil a day and continue applying it for several weeks.

Olive oil.


Olive oil has a good consistency that helps you soften the joints and relieve joint pain because it contains compounds that inhibit inflammatory enzymes by taking half of the suspension of olive oil and use in the knee massage to work on softening the joints or work hot compresses with extra virgin olive oil or the use of olive oil in cooking.

We recommend massaging the knee with olive oil twice a day gently. Take 2 – 3 tablespoons of olive oil throughout the day but make sure not to take another form of fat because olive oil contains more calories.


Rosemary oil.


The main ingredient in rosemary oil is a rosemarynic acid which is responsible for the effect of relief of rheumatoid arthritis pain and biologically active substances have a role in the non-healing of knee pain and joints.


Lemon oil.


Lemon oil has a sweet smell and is included in oils that treat knee pain and joints. Especially when heating the oil on steam to facilitate the tissue absorption and relieve pain in the long term. Lemon oil contains a variety of active substances such as Citronal, Mersin, Limonene, Citral, Geraniol, Nerol. They are good ingredients to eliminate the pain of joints and knee.


Sweet birch oil.


The sweet birch tree, like the camphor tree, has an anti-inflammatory effect and a strong analgesic and salicylic acid. It is as effective as corticosteroids, relieving joint pain, swelling of the joints, tendonitis. It has a holding feature that reduces fluid around joints and improves movement well.

However, use pure sweet birch oil with caution. Try to combine it with a carrier oil to relieve it before applying it to the knee or joints.


Marjoram oil.

This oil is very effective in relieving the pain of corpuscles and joints. Because it has sedative properties and achieve relaxation and used to deal with torsion and muscle cramps. We do not recommend to directly apply marjoram oil because it can lead to skin damage. Therefore, do not to apply it to sensitive areas.


Basil oil.

Rayhan oil has anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in the treatment knee pain and joints. Basil oil has similar properties to aspirin and ibuprofen.


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