What Do You Know About A Pilates Sport?

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Find out everything you need to know about Pilates, including their health benefits, Pilates and backache, and choose the sessions.

What is it?

It involves more than “strong stomach muscles” or “inner strength”. Pilates is an exercise system that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility and posture.

Joseph Pilates, a German-born, developed that system in the early 19th century, combining elements of yoga, martial arts and Western styles of exercise.
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Professional dancers in the United States adopted it initially as an effective way to recover from injuries. Pilates became increasingly popular around the world, including celebrity Pilates fans Madonna and Jennifer Aniston.

What are the health benefits of Pilates?

There are many reports about her health benefits . However, a few of these reports have been presented for rigorous scientific examination, so further research is needed.

Anne-Marie Zulkahari has taught Pilates for more than 30 years and is one of the founders of Pilates Trainers Training Organization. Anne-Marie says : it can help improve body posture, muscle strength and flexibility, internal strength and joint movement, as well as relieve stress and tension.

Can Pilates Help Reduce Back Pain?

There is some evidence that Pilates can relieve pain in people with unspecified pain in the lower back. In order for the exercises to be effective, they must be tailored to each individual and must be given by a qualified trainer.

Can Pilates help me lose weight?

It is not an effective activity for weight loss. “If you want to lose weight, you should combine it with a healthy diet and some aerobic exercise, such as swimming and swimming,” said Anne-Marie, “Pilates weight loss exercises and gives a more consistent appearance.” Walking and cycling.know Pilates sport

Am I too old to practice Apelike?

No, it is suitable for people of different ages. Anne-Marie, who trains Pilates in northwest London, says she has clients aged in the 1980s. “It’s not too late to start,” Anne-Marie says. “With Pilates, you can develop a program of exercises designed for everyone,” he said, “I tend to work on balance, body posture, coordination and breathing with older people and make our exercises more pleasant to work on weaknesses and improve their ability to move.”

Should I be physically fit to do Pilates?

No, it is suitable for people of all fitness levels. People who practice this sport say it is a more convenient way to increase activity levels, especially if you have a difficult movement, or if you have pain, pain or injury.

Ann Marie says many of her clients practice Pilates because they are not fit. “Pilates can be adapted to raise the fitness levels of less active people and can be a challenge for a highly fit person.

Consult your GP or health professional before starting any exercise program if you have any health concerns, such as a particular health condition or injury.

Can I get injured while practicing Pilates?

know pilates sportPilates is a nice low impact exercise. It is not common to have infections. However, it is important to find a qualified trainer and a course suitable for your level to make sure that the exercises are not too difficult for you.

If you are not exercising or if you are recovering from an injury, it is advisable to consult your doctor, health professional and Pilate’s instructor before starting a course.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Pilates and yoga focus on strength, balance, flexibility, body posture and improved breathing technique. Yoga has a more spiritual aspect. That because of its emphasis on unity between mind and body.

The main components of yoga are body positions (a series of movements that aim to increase the strength and flexibility of the whole body) and breathing.

It also uses breathing, but its exercises focus much more on precise movements targeting specific parts of the body. It’s best stakes are small groups of trainees where the trainer can develop programs that match the strengths and weaknesses of each person.

What is the difference between Pilates with hardware and on mats?

Joseph Pilates designed the exercises to be practiced on specialized devices. Later he puts Pilates on the mat to allow students to practice at home.

With the pilates on mats, exercises are often performed on a mat. And sometimes with small pieces of equipment such as rubber stretch bars and gym balls.
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Device-based Pilates can be more convenient in certain health conditions. Since the equipment and fewer trainees in the course mean that the program can be adapted to your individual needs.

Courses that use devices offer a higher level of individual attention but are usually more expensive. Using the device is to provide resistance to challenge and support the body. To suit your needs.

What should you look for when choosing a course or coach?

There are 3 nationally qualifications for Pilate’s courses that depend on the mat, but there is no qualification for Pilates teaching using the device.

There are many ways to start training. It is not necessary for all teachers to have a massive qualification. But the accredditation by a pilates training body is sufficient. For exemple, the Pilates Foundation or the pilates Supervisory Authority.

It is important to choose a trainer that takes into account your specific physical needs,  your health, fitness or budget.

Other things, you should know that  the length of the training have a period. Also, we should take the part of the trainer’s experience in this area in our consideration. Ann Marie says you should choose a coach to communicate with. “This is the best way to ensure you enjoy the pilates cycle,” says Ann Marie.

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