Lemon Diet, Healthy Way to Lose Weight

water and lemon diet

Web pages are full of tips that a person who wants to lose weight can follow by making mixtures and recipes that help to shrink more. Lemon diet and water is a combination that has proven effective in slimming and helping to reduce weight: water diet and lemon.

Also known as celebrities, because most of them adopted it as the basis for a healthy life, topped by the American singer Beyonce. Is the diet of water and lemon, which may reach a weight loss of 10 kilos per month and has many benefits of the body.

Water and lemon diet for slimming.

Drinking water and lemon on an empty stomach in the morning is one of the most modern advice recommended by many nutritionists and doctors. This is done by drinking a large glass of lemon juice with water and ginger after boiling and leaving it to break a little. Or drink lukewarm water with lemon slices in the morning before breakfast half an hour, so that the body can benefit from it.

Many nutritionists advise that lemon is placed on food instead of vinegar for its many benefits. Drinking water and lemon have magic effect in slimming and slimming. It is a safe way to lose weight because it does not have any side effects such as slimming drugs. It also helps control weight loss more than other methods.

This magic drink reduces the amount of fat and fat deposited in the body and eliminates it completely. If the drink is committed for long periods, this drink contributes to the loss of a person to weight, in addition to the elimination of fat buttocks, and crush.

Other benefits.

It also helps to rid the body of toxins and helps correct the wrong feeding methods that we may follow sometimes. The benefits of this drink are not limited to the above, as lemon and water have many other benefits to the health and safety of the body. This drink enhances the body’s energy so that the lemon contains a lot of useful nutrients, such as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber, and potassium.

The richness of lemon with vitamin C makes it a useful source for stimulating the body’s immune system and relieving tiredness and fatigue. It also helps in stomach problems as indigestion, as it helps to reduce stomach burning, swelling, and rid the body of toxins by stimulating the enzymes and liver to work more effectively.

In addition to the above, this drink and its potassium element helps stimulate the brain and nerves and contains antioxidants, which in turn contribute to maintaining the freshness of the skin and shine and protect from wrinkles.

It is also useful in reducing the inflammation of the body because of its ability to reduce the proportion of acid (uric) of the body, and this has a significant role in reducing acidity in the body.

Water and Lemon diet juice helps to:

Cleans the body of toxins especially the intestines.

Weight loss in a quick way.

Gain weight control.

Relaxation of nerves, arteries and blood vessels.

Reduce body fat.

Water and Lemon diet recipes.

First recipe.


2 tbsp fresh lemon juice.

2 tablespoons maple syrup or squid.

A pint of water.

A small amount of red pepper.

Ways to make this recipe.

There are two ways to take this recipe:

Drink this drink once every two hours, taking care to mix the ingredients of this recipe before drinking the drink directly.

Drink in the morning three times a month, followed by a healthy diet all the time.

The second recipe for lemon diet.


A small amount of latency.

A cup of boiled water.

Sliced lemons.

Setup method.

Put a little cumin in boiled water with lemon slices. Leave the mixture overnight and drink in the morning on the saliva. This recipe helps to get rid of obesity.

Lemon recipe to avoid bulging stomach and intestines.


Lemon juice.

Peel the lemon.

Liter water.

Setup method.

Put lemon peel in a liter of water, and add several drops of fresh lemon juice. Try to drink this drink before breakfast.

We recommend drinking water and lemon juice for all ages without exception. The juice of lemon net is sometimes hurt. It contains acid irritates the membranes of the digestive system and may cause burns in the stomach and damage to the teeth.

Important note.

Before you start to follow any diet, consult a specialist to make sure that this system is suitable for the nature of your body. Following a diet inappropriate to the nature of your body will inevitably back to you negatively.

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