Best Way To Lose Weight And Avoid Snacks.


Snacks, at home, are a bit of a lifestyle; a chocolate bar here, a biscuit there, a piece of bread and cheese before going to the table, candy in front of the TV…

 In the long run, your silhouette pays. Whether sweet or savory cravings, there are tricks to stop snacking.


Why am I always hungry?snacks

Understanding why one has all the time want to eat (and thus stop).This is the first question to ask. Behind each snack, there are indeed multiple reasons and habits to be altered.

Are we snack out of boredom? Is it by hunger? Or it is by habit? May be it is because of the stress?

To slim down, it is essential to stop it and, for that, to know what mechanisms push to eat snacks. If you do not find it, you do not hesitate to talk to your doctor and/or consult a behavioural therapist.

What solutions to stop eating snacks?

To avoid snacks, nothing is worth a meal sufficiently satisfying. Are you eating a vegetable salad and yoghurt? This is the assurance of cracking from 3 pm.

If we are hungry, we have not eaten enough; we must, therefore, review the meal preceding the snacks and make it satisfying, insists our expert.snacks

Proteins, fibres and foods with low glycemic indexes should be present at each meal. A dish made with whole rice, vegetables and chicken or fish, with a chewable fruit, will allow spending the afternoon serenely.

Antidotes to its desires.

In the case of boredom, a desire to go dark on the chocolate bar because it is bored firm? We take her phone, we call a girlfriend, we offer a bath, and we go out to walk. But we do not just stand still.

In a case of stress, If you eat snacks when you are stressed, it is best to do sports and adopt zen activities like yoga or Sophrology, suggests the nutritionist.

About the case of sweet snacks, the specialist advises the taking of a food supplement based on chrome, ideal for calming the cravings for sugar.

Empty your cupboards.snacks

Is it difficult to resist the temptations of the cupboards are full of biscuits, chocolate and sweets?

For the nutritionist, even children will not have to complain as much as healthier food is for everyone!

A piece of bread and a square of dark chocolate, a fruit: it’s perfect for the whole family, “she says.

Fight the temptations.

The children taste before our eyes? We accompany them, but with a carrot to the Croque or a tea tasting sweet (apple, red fruits …).

Fancy a square of chocolate or cupcakes in the middle of the afternoon? We put everything on an ultra-menthol chewing gum. A bag of candy placed at hand by a colleague? An apple is eaten, which is masticated by the mouthful.

Type menu for a slim day.

Focus on chewing foods that are high in fibre, protein and low glycemic index to prevent any small dips.


40 g wholemeal bread + 1 hazelnut butter

slice of ham

1 yoghurt

1 whole orange


Grated celery with parsley and olive oil

Veal fillet with carrots + whole semolina

1 white cheese at 3%

Having dinner

Vegetable soup (with pieces, preferably)

Salmon steak, full rice and sliced green cabbage

Baked cinnamon apple (without sugar but with some toasted almonds).

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