How To Losing Weight In A Week?

lose weight , weight loss

It is scientifically known that weight loss to treat obesity and overweight should be slow and gradual. Changing lifestyle and taking a healthy diet for gradual weight loss is always more successful than diets that promote rapid weight loss.

Gradually, the weight lost is more viable and non-profitable. Nutritionists and dieters always recommend healthy diets and positive lifestyle changes to work on a gradual weight loss. But finding highways for weight loss remains a goal. Many have.

You lose weight when you cut calories from those that the body burns. Or when we raise the calories that the body burns against what it takes like when we increase physical activity. Certainly one week is not enough to deal with obesity or disposal Of excess weight.

But can be disposed of between 1 kg to 2.5 kg in this period. Because if we burned 500 calories more than the daily intake and for a week can be rid of half a kilogram of body fat weight almost, and if you need to lose weight Less than your daily needs and more than daily exercise.

It must take into account the fact that the diet intake per day should not contain fewer calories than basal metabolic rate, which is defined as a minimum of energy (calories) that the body needs to maintain metabolic processes in cells and tissues to keep the basic processes in the body, which include Blood circulation, breathing, and digestive and renal functions. Very low calorie diets may be dangerous to the body and may have negative health effects. In general, calorie intake should not be less than 1200 calories per day, Daily Gat and basic rate of metabolism varies from one person to another, and must use Pachtsasi nutrition to determine the appropriate calories for each person.

Most people who are looking for ways to lose weight in a short period (for example, a week) have an emergency event not prepared in advance, while the main motivation for dieting and weight loss should be to reduce the health risks associated with obesity and get all Preventive benefits that result from a healthy diet. Obesity and overweight increase the risk of chronic diseases and reduce life expectancy.

weight loss , lose weight

Do not follow the harsh diets that avoid a certain type of food or focus on a particular type. Such as diets that focus on protein and remove starches, or cabbage or potato diet and others. You should know that there is no magic diet rid the body of excess weight quickly or effortlessly In contrast. You should take a varie, balance and comprehensive diet .You  should take into account individual differences.

General tips can be followed for losing weight .

The nutritionist can give a consultation to assess the nutritional status of the individual and to provide the appropriate diet.

The goal must be realistic and logical so that the person does not frustrate and can continue dieting.

You should rely on small meals instead of one large meal. As the division of calories on several meals stimulate metabolism and thus helps burn more calories.

To reduce fat intake and avoid saturated fat. For example, avoid eating high-fat meat and replace it with low-fat meat such as lean chicken breast and grilled fish.

Drink enough water. At least you should drink two liters of water daily. In addition, if the person is hot or exercising. Studies have found that eating enough water prevents a person from eating thirst-induced food. Drinking water before meals helps to reduce calorie intake and helps to feel full.

Start taking the authorities before the main meal, and to avoid boredom, we can prepare power differently every day.

It increases the level of dietary fiber we consum. Also, it makes absorption slower and contributes to the feeling of fullness for a longer period. It focus on whole grains such as: whole wheat bread, whole oats, brown rice, vegetables and fruits.

Eat fruits and vegetables between meals to avoid feeling hungry before the meal and thus avoid eating large amounts of food.

Exercise at least an hour of sport a day.

You can also drink some herbal tea that helps in losing weight by raising fat burning ratio. It works to fill the appetite, such as: ginger tea, green tea, chamomile, cinnamon. Drinking tea and coffee has a similar effect.

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