Marriage, Tips for a Successful Relationship


Marriage is like work and anything in this life that needs to reap its benefits and to achieve a happy life. Know the magic key in the marital relationship needs a happy marriage to a little effort by the parties and participation and not by one party only. This list of keys happiness marital hope to help you achieve a happy marriage so that happy couples through trial and error.

The Center for Disease Control in 2002, about 75% of American women marry by 30 years However, the possibility of marriage ends after 10 years, which is with 33% of cases Sometimes the desire to marry is not enough for the success of marriage and marital happiness is not just talk And the word it needs more hard work to continue, you are simply always looking for ways to escape the “killer duet routine” regardless of why this article offers you the keys to marital happiness and restore the flame of love in your married life.


Tips for Successful Marriage.

Resist the challenges.

One of the most important keys to marital happiness is the commitment of the couple to stand up to the challenges they face together so as not to end up in the end to the separation. Experts mention marital happiness that the agreement from the beginning to face the challenges together helps solve marital problems instead of ignoring them, which leads to failure in the end.

Support each other.

Many couples require intensive travel because of working conditions and life requirements. Simply provide simple support even in words between you. These constant expressions of love in many words make couples feel happy.

Enjoy your interests together.

All couples have different interests and hobbies and must provide support to each other to serve each other. Sharing hobbies together enhances their love for some. For example, you may find a husband prefer painting and wife prefer photography You can express interest and your desire to draw with him to enjoy the exercise of hobbies to each other.

Share family responsibilities.

This includes hobbies, recreational activities, children’s education, housework, and other responsibilities. For example, when you move to a new home you need to share your wife in carrying the objects and boxes loaded these things and share responsibilities can promote marriage and family so that you can achieve joint supervision of financial matters how to use the funds.

Build a relationship of love, respect and trust.

The couples participating in the study expressed the need to build a healthy marital relationship based on love, respect and mutual trust between the two parties. These traits allow couples to share their experiences with each other and face many challenges together and support a happy marital relationship.

Accept the differences.

Really the difference usually creates admiration. Larry Burkitt states that when you marry someone who is completely suspicious, it means that you do not need him. Is this true from the point of view of the matter is relatively correct? Because it usually attracts qualities that you do not have at the other end to attract. So try to love your wife, your husband as he is and try not to make it as you want because it may get worse.

Maintaining the promotion of marriage.

Every person changes constantly and needs to keep the love between you again and again so that some may need to get the advice of the marriage counsellor and do not forget that listening skills are the best and priceless way in the marital relationship, even our contact with our children.

Discuss financial objectives together.

Marriage needs to participate in the goals to work towards achieving them together. For example, do you want to get rid of your debt this year? What do you want the next years to look like? What sacrifices do you need to make in order for your children to attend school? You must set a budget to achieve these goals and discuss them with your spouse and agree that when our goals change, budgets can change accordingly.


The existence of the principle of tolerance between you helps to maintain a strong and solid relationship. When your husband’s tolerance freely you will see the relationship clean and healthy. Sometimes you need to be forgiven again and again but such tolerance is necessary to maintain a strong marital relationship.


Try to think that listening is an active, non-negative behaviour by trying to pay attention to the words you remember, not just words, body language and voice tone, all of which help to strengthen the marital relationship and get a happy marriage. When one of the parties shares his simple concerns, just listening to the relationship strengthens your relationship.

Renewing the marital relationship.

Remember well in the early days of marriage to provide simple gifts and romance or even just a suggestion to go out for a walk together or simply sit together in front of the fireplace seem simple but help to renew the marital relationship.


Communication between the couple is the language of love This concept has been developed as a unique way to communicate between spouses by identifying your partner’s preferences, hobbies and activities. All of these things help you to understand the other person.

Take responsibility.

One of the secrets of marital happiness, when you participate in a project, is to take responsibility for success and responsibility for the failure of the basic steps and bear everything I did, whether painful or joyful both of which help you learn useful lessons.

Bring romance.

There are lots of romantic behaviours you can do for your wife like trying to give her a rose every day or putting love words near her, making a happy surprise, watching the sunset together, and a lot of good ideas that really amazed her.

Renewing intimacy.

Different intimacy is important for a healthy and happy marriage. The intimate relationship should be regular and therapists suggest imagining and playing games in the bedroom to keep the relationship intimately connected.


Recognizing the positive qualities of your partner every day and praise will go a long way in your relationship. Try to stay positive and know how to flirt with your wife instead of focusing on the negatives just try to switch roles reference to positive things.

Search for soft emotion.

Behind everything solid is a soft thing. This concept is known in psychology. When you feel angry, you usually hide other feelings, such as sadness, disappointment, jealousy. We use anger to protect us from weakness. Try to search for soft feelings even if the person is angry This property helps you maintain contact with your husband.


Unfortunately, the imagination can help build a happy marital relationship but try to set realistic expectations so as not to fall under the victim of myth and fantasy because you find yourself feeling very disappointed.

Do not try to control.

Often couples reach a stage where they begin to lose themselves because of problems of jealousy, feelings of inadequacy. These things can result in a default in the end or an attempt by one of the parties to control the other.

Unconditional love.

Yes, love must be unconditional if you want a happy marriage. Try to keep unconditional love words between you until you have enough capacity to try to understand and strengthen others.


Yes Fun One of the keys to a happy married life, humour goes a long way to spend good times with the couple you feel laugh when you are happy and on the contrary when you feel tired because of the responsibilities of marriage and work, you stop laughing. The fun not only helps you to reconnect but reminds you of how the first encounter.

The sacrifice.

Sacrifice for a happy marriage makes you need to know how to sacrifice. Because sacrificing for someone else is one of the most difficult things you can do. But it is essential that you want a happy marriage. These sacrifices include time, affection, money, responsibilities, Dreams etc. The task may seem daunting but the rewards are priceless.

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