7 Morning Exercises for Fitness and Weight Loss

morning exercises

When it comes to fitness, you need morning exercises you can do within 9 minutes to improve your fitness and lose weight.

Morning exercises are easy to do in the morning. It helps you to start your business actively and dynamically. Eating breakfast and burning calories helps your body to get to exercise and exercise more vigorously.

These exercises begin with gentle movements that produce great results that strengthen the body. They are simple and at the same time an exciting way to stimulate metabolism and burn calories and encourage your body to better face your body.

When you exercise in the morning you will face your day more vigorously. Exercise helps prevent tension that can build up in the muscles sometimes, making you feel pain.


Benefits of morning exercise.


Improved diet.

Morning exercises help you burn more calories and encourage you to start eating healthy foods.

Strengthen metabolism.

One of the benefits of exercising in the morning is burning calories and maintaining an increased level of metabolism throughout the day.

Improve sleep.

Studies have shown that men and women who regularly exercise in the morning help them sleep better in the evening and relax the body.

Increase brain power.

It has been proven that exercise in the morning increases mental concentration for up to ten hours so it is recommended to practice morning exercises before going to work.

Weight loss.

Morning is the perfect time to exercise for you because it helps you reduce the amount of food you eat all day and the body will burn calories better and faster.

Get more energy.

Morning exercises build muscles, burn more calories and treat lack of sleep.

Improve productivity.

Exercising in the morning increases your productivity because it increases the level of relaxing hormone and thus increases the level of concentration in the body and increase energy and raise the mood for 4 – 10 hours after exercise.


Morning exercises.


The decrease in the chair.

Sit close to the edge of a sturdy chair and place your hands next to you so that your body is comfortable. When you hold the tip of the chair your hands press on the feet to help you lift the body a little while sitting on the edge of the chair.

Squatting in the chair.

This exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy and lose weight especially when writing what you write and to do this exercise you can sit on a chair so that the feet parallel to the shoulder and lower yourself gradually until you reach a comfortable position for you with the arms in front of you and repeat this movement 10 times.

Butterfly Exercise.

Lie on your back and merge the soles of your feet together and relax your knees next to you. With the hands behind your head to support the upper body and through the arms, you can try lifting the chest and shoulders away from the ground.

Loose crunches.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and across the left ankle near the right ankle with your right hands near your head to try to lift your right shoulder towards your left knee and do it 10 times on each side with the switch between them.

Hip extension.

Stand in a straight position and open the feet with the width of the hips and then move your weight to the right foot and extend the left leg back with the left foot to the back and pressure on the rear. You can use a chair to balance your body when you stand tilted. Repeat 15 times.

Step Exercise.

Put the entire Yemeni foot on a strong drawer or box and try to climb the left leg and go down again. You can repeat it 12 times and switch between the sides to get good results.

Exercise steps.

An exercise requires steps to start with a box or drawer and start by putting your right foot up with your left leg and then bending your left leg up to 12 inches. Follow the correct steps and repeat them 12 times while keeping the chest muscles up and switch between elbows with repetition. To increase the challenge in the exercise, you can try these steps by using weights.


Ways to maintain fitness.


Moisturizing the body.

You should try to keep your body moist when you try to lose weight. This is because eating plenty of water helps maintain fluid balance in the body. The retention of the body by water leads to swollen ventricles and increases the feeling of satiety. Also, to get high nutritional value, you can take water from flowers or water with fresh herbs or add citrus, to encourage you to eat more quantities.

Organization of sleep.

The body is a cohesive unit and a complex system and must work in harmony to achieve a healthy weight. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation over a short period of about 4 nights increases insulin resistance by up to 30%. When you get the right amount of sleep you can control weight easily and you have a great chance of losing weight.

Follow a healthy diet.

Eat foods that increase the desire for satiety during the diet and include them in your diet. These foods usually contain high protein content such as eggs, poultry, fish, beans, legumes, lentils, fiber, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil and coconut oil.

For example, when eating dinner, I suggest a healthy meal to help you in the diet and give the body only about 350 calories, when eating a cup of bean soup with a quarter cup of chopped avocado and a cup of roasted asparagus and half a cup of cooked quinoa will leave you feeling after Eat this meal.

Maintain an active lifestyle.

Do not try to give up your activity in your life. Do the tasks that you always plan and do not confuse busyness and maintain your physical fitness and physical activity more on weekdays. Try the short exercise as mentioned above a set of exercises to help you.

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