Muscle Building with Home Exercises and Food

The home exercises and nutritional food to build muscles without gym.

Muscle Building with Home Exercises and Food

Muscle building: Building a prominent muscle, the athletic body is the most ambitious young. Especially at the beginning of their lives. They are a symbol of strength for them. Where young people go to sports clubs, specifically bodybuilding clubs, to build their muscles, shape, and strengthen.

But some may not find the opportunity to join the sports club, with the desire to build muscle mass. But they can care about their bodies, build their muscles, and hold them at home.


Muscle building at Home.


Muscle building at home takes into account two things. First: food, and second: exercise and weightlifting. It is an integral issue, so that food and exercise are balanced.



The importance of food lies in keeping the body healthy and strong. As the muscles of the body will not emerge only if they take their daily need of food after exercise:

A person must keep the three daily meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take into consideration that dinner should be three hours before sleep. And not to start the exercise only after two hours of eating. The body needs enough time to digest food, and therefore will be able to give more. Immediately after exercise, a person should eat a meal of food, in order to make up for the calories he lost during the exercise and feed his strained muscles.

Eat foods containing protein, iron, and vitamin B, such as egg whites, milk, rice, chicken breast, fruits, vegetables, corn, tuna, fish, nuts such as walnuts, and raisins.

Stay away from fat. A person who seeks to build and strengthen his muscles, not to gain weight, must stay away from eating that contains fat, oils, sweets, and stimulants such as coffee, tea, and Nescafe. Do not mind eating a small cup of coffee a day, as well as tea. But he should not drink it immediately after the meal, as it breaks the iron that is eaten through food. But should wait about two hours until the body is given a chance to digest food.


Home exercises.



Muscle building is done only through exercise, weight bearing as well. It is not necessary to buy weights, appliances, and move the club home. But the dumbbells of five kilos is enough to start. The muscles of the body that a person can focus his training at home are the muscles of the hands, chest, shoulder, and legs. They can all be built by using hand weights for the first time. There is an exercise for each of these members. Taking into account that the exercise is repeated thirty times, so take between every ten times a short break. This is done with each exercise for each member, and the details are as follows:



It is the muscle that is on the soles of the hand from the top. This exercise can be done in the case of standing or sitting. Exercise is done with the right and left hands, then start with the right hand so that it is stretched down, then lift it towards the shoulder, and then take it down completely. These are counted once, and the exercise is repeated with the left hand, then back to the right, and so on.



Is the muscle that is in the apparent hand from the top. This exercise can be done in the case of standing or sitting. It is a reciprocal process that starts with the right hand and then the left. The exercise is done by lifting the hand up after lifting the weights in a straight way, then dropping them to the area between the shoulders above directly behind the head, and then lift them straight.


Muscle of the wrist.

Where the hand is placed on the foot, and the wrist at the knee, and then load weights, and start moving the palm of the hand down and rise. The left-hand moves only after the number of times assigned to the right hand has ended.


Chest muscle.

The person sleeps on his back, puts his elbows on the ground, and raises him up, holding the weights. Then raise his hands full up, so that his hands become straight, and meet the weights with each other during the lifting process.


Shoulder muscle.

This exercise is done by sitting or standing, the back is straight, the arms are raised sideways until the arms together form a straight line, and then slowly lowered.


Muscle of the two legs.

It is carried by weight, body down with one leg member back and the other ground, then climb and repeat it to the other leg. Leg exercises are important; because after building the muscles of the body, will increase weight, and here comes the need for strength in the legs to carry this strong body.


Physical exercises.

Body weight can be used to do many bodybuilding exercises, which are just as important as weight lifting, and can be combined to take advantage of both. It is important physical exercise:


Push up.

Helps to build and strengthen the muscles of the chest mainly, in addition to the muscles of the shoulder and arms. This exercise is performed by lying on the abdomen, lifting the body with the arms (slightly wider than the shoulders) and the toes. This position is the starting point, and then the body is slowly lowered to the ground, until it approaches it very much but not touch it. The body is then lifted by pushing it by the arms. These steps are considered one repetition. The level of the body must be kept straight throughout the exercise to avoid any injuries and ensure the best results.


The lifting up exercises.

Helps to build back muscles basically, in addition to shoulder muscles and arms. This exercise is done by suspending the body with a rigid stick installed horizontally. Then lift the body up until the chin reaches the level of the stick or higher, and then lower the body back to the body it was on. This is repeated from 8 to 10 times each round. Preferably 3 rounds of it daily.


The sitting exercise.

Helps build the muscles of the stomach and ligaments. It is done by lying on the floor with the knees raised. Then lift the body to the position of sitting so that the head close to the knees, and then drop the body to the state of lying. This is repeated until the stomach muscles are completely exhausted.


Exercise Tips.

The space at home should be suitable for exercise. Because before starting to carry loads the person must warm up, to be in place, jumps, and moves his hands waving them circular motion forward and backward. Then exercise the pressure, and exercise the stomach, and enough a quarter of an hour to warm up.

It is best to have exercise first day after day. Each time he exercises a certain member, the next time the member follows. He does not do all the body exercises on the same day but rather diversifies. A member should not be ignored at the expense of another member. But must train each member and give him the right to time and exercise.

At first, a person may feel pain in his whole body, which is normal. The muscles of the body are unusual for those movements, and effort, and fatigue, so it will reflect on the person that feeling of pain. Like the person who carries something heavy suddenly, he feels pain. In general, this pain means that the exercises are done by the correct, and will not last this pain, it may last a day or two days.

After two weeks or more, the person must increase the weight of the weight he raises. Using the same weight constantly will not help, but the person will stay in place. In addition, it will find it easy to carry the weight itself and may get bored. But it has to increase the weight every period and regularly, but to be a simple increase, and not hard on himself by lifting heavy weights.

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