Olive Oil, Health and Beauty Benefits.

olive oil

The legend says that the olive tree is a miracle for humanity. Thomas Jefferson announced that the olive had a gift from heaven. Olive oil is richer than gold. It is an excellent golden liquid and has continued for centuries. But in recent years, many benefits of olive oil have turned into real and tangible reality. Numerous studies have emerged that confirm those amazing benefits.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil:

Olive oil increases the flexibility of the arteries – eating two suspensions daily makes you more resistant to strokes and heart attacks.

Reduces the level of cholesterol because he contains polyphenols, which help you maintain cholesterol levels and do not exceed the health rates.

It reduces the risk of stroke in older people,  when seniors regularly take olive oil to help increase oleic acid, studies in 2011 say it reduces the risk of stroke.

It reduces the feeling of hunger, makes you feel less hungry and need to eat.

Olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease in women. An Italian study found that the diet contains olive oil, leafy vegetables and fruits reduce the incidence of heart disease.

Reduces the appearance of acne. Although this result seems not contradictory, some may wonder how oil fight blackheads, but olive oil helps to get rid of some types of acne when mixed with salt and massage the skin.

Protects the red blood cells and thus the heart as well. Over time, the cells oxidize, leading to the appearance of early ageing. Polyphenols found in olive oil are effective in protecting red blood cells from oxidation.

Olive oil is used in the treatment of sunburn. It is used as a treatment for pain caused by sunburn. It helps the body cells to stay moist. You can make a mixture when placing an equal amount of olive oil and water in a tightly sealed container and shake well, then apply to places of sunburn.

Olive oil resists breast cancer – contains plant chemicals. A study in 2008 proved that it works to kill cancer cells.

Olive Oil Improves Memory Work – Research has shown that olive oil treats memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

A study in 2008 found that men who ate at least 2 ounces of olive oil reduced their risk of heart attack by 82 percent.

It helps you get soft lips and freshness – it is a wonderful balm when used with beeswax and put it in a small glass container and applied to the lips with a finger.

Helps you enjoy a healthy life in old age – The study proved that the most healthy diet should include olive oil. Although there are many nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish which play an important role in the success of the diet but scientists believe that all these elements without olive oil will not be very useful.

It is a diet rich in calories, so try to avoid increasing quantities so as not to cause weight gain. However, a study in 2008 showed that olive oil with walnut oil does not cause weight gain.

It is an easy way to add food to your diet. Virgin olive oil is used as a non-refined oil and is obtained from salty olive oil. Oil is refined using heat or other procedures.

Olive oil helps to treat degenerative diseases. Antioxidants reduce the effect of degenerative diseases on the body.

It is an important source of antioxidants and vitamins and therefore a healthy food. Manufactured foods contain a small percentage of antioxidants and nutrients.

Reduces Blood Pressure. Research has shown that Zeta oil helps reduce blood pressure.

Reduces nitric acid to be at the levels of nature – and proved that the increase of nitric acid works to increase blood pressure and therefore olive oil works to reduce blood pressure.

Helps You Live Longer. There’s no doubt that having a healthy diet makes you live longer.

An essential part of the best diet you want to get, it helps you keep your youth longer.

Reduces cellulite. When olive oil is mixed with coffee, it is used as a topical treatment for cellulite.

Helps you get rid of sun damage without using commercial chemicals. You can mix olive oil with coffee and put it in the bath.

Works to relieve the pain of teeth: An essential element in the prescriptions of teeth.

Benefits of olive oil for skin:

Olive oil cleanses sensitive skin. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans did not have soap but used olive oil to massage the skin to clean it. It works to scrape dirt and dead skin. Today, the largest variety of soap is manufactured and olive oil is introduced as an essential ingredient, but many people still prefer to clean their skin with olive oil.

Helps remove nail polish – Helps to soften the paint and leave the skin smooth and smooth.

Good Skin Cleansing: Olive oil exfoliates the dead skin and prevents your skin from appearing pale when mixing olive oil with a small sugar or salt suspension. Apply this mixture to the skin and gently massage.

Moisturizing the skin: Olive oil is a natural spring in the chemical composition of your skin of any other type. It is used in washing the face and hand.

Prevent premature signs of ageing on your skin. Anti-oxidant properties act on the non-oxidation of red blood cells and thus preserve the skin cells from oxidation when taken regularly.

Never pores the pores of the skin and does not cause pimples. Olive oil penetrates your skin, leaving it smooth and silky without feeling greasy.

Olive oil prevents sagging skin. Squalene, which is found in olive oil, increases the elasticity of the skin and leaves it soft and glowing.

Moisturizing the feet: When massaging the feet with olive oil, honey, sugar, lemon juice and soak the feet in warm water and repeat it in a muted manner works to moisten the feet.

Olive oil is one of the perfect cosmetics you can use with beeswax to moisten the lips or as red cheeks and therefore is an inexpensive cosmetic.

Olive oil is effective when applied to home skin masks. All recipes, whether peeling or cleaning masks, include it and are not expensive and much better than expensive commercial skin care products.

Olive oil is the best choice for oil-based medicines and olive oil is used as an excellent carrier for most essential oils.

When mixing olive oil with honey and eggs is a mask of beauty, which is an old recipe it consists of hanging from honey and suspended from olive oil and egg yolk and mixing together and massage the skin mixture for 15 minutes and then washed with warm water.

Use olive oil with avocado to make the facial mask. It makes the skin smooth and moist when leaving the mixture for 15 minutes and then washing it.

Olive oil is a natural vitamin. Take two daily suspensions of olive oil because it provides the body with Vitamin E.

Olive oil helps to soften the sound. Olive oil has been used for many centuries as a sound conditioner when used in a gargle.

Women use it to improve the appearance of the skin internally and externally so when your diet includes olive oil helps you to keep your skin a good bite.

Old people used it since ancient times to promote spiritual values. The ancients used it in massage and with cinnamon oil during the massage.

Enter in many types of good soap. The first soap in the world made from olive oil and still a key element in the manufacture of soap.

The makeup survey: When using a piece of cotton with olive oil and then gently wipe it on your face, you can use olive oil under the eye safely.

Tighten and shine the skin: When mixing an equal amount of olive oil and water in a tightly sealed container and shake well and then applied to the skin.

You can use olive oil instead of Almskara It works to intensify eyelashes and thus works to shine eyelashes and eyebrows.

Olive oil works to soothe sensitive skin for children: You can use olive oil instead of baby care oils to get rid of the effects of diapers.

It reduces the appearance of stretch marks. When you mix olive oil with cocoa, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Benefits of olive oil for hair:

It works as a hair conditioner, used since ancient times to soften hair. It strengthens the hair and makes it more flexible.

Dehydrate the scalp: When used as a scalp moisturizer, it acts as a scalp moisturizer.

Used as a coolant for hair: when mixed with coffee and massage the hair well before using shampoo.

Increase the colour of black hair, when you put olive oil on hair care products on a regular basis.

Helps to solve the problem of hair interlocking, where it facilitates the combing of hair and decomposition of tangles.

Helps you retain hair moisture and shiny hair.

It works to prevent hair loss and solve damaged hair problems. You can use instead of chemical preparations.

Reduces the appearance of prematurely white hair: Olive oil contains pigments that help your hair retain its natural colour.

Olive oil and food:

Enter recipes for sweets to give a delicious taste and sometimes bread.

Use it in frying to ensure that you get the food out of the pan as a single piece.

Enter fast food meals such as pizza and you can replace it with other oil.

The baked goods help keep fresh for longer. Vitamin E, which olive oil continents it, keeps the goods moist and fresh longer than other oils and oils.

A good alternative to butter – you can use olive oil butter instead of recipes.

Use in Italian recipes in sauces and in the dough to prevent it from glueing at frying.

When mixed with basil, walnuts, parmesan, garlic and pine together make the best sauce for cakes.

Used in food protection from excessive freezing.

It is a necessary spice for the health of the heart. Used in baked goods and healthy foods.

Use in salads with vinegar, spices, garlic and lemon. You can use olive oil with garlic only or add it with the rest of the herbs.

Use in frying food but avoid using high temperature.

Other uses:

It is one of the oldest natural lubricants and warns of its use in the composition of rubber barriers.

Used since ancient times in lighting lamps.

It is a household lubricant.

Used in coating wood, household surfaces and tools it works to shine the surfaces.

Used in polishing wooden furniture when placed in a piece of cloth and then wipe the furniture out.

Helps shine the copper when applied to a soft cloth and wipe the copper with it.

Used in shoe scanning to polish.

Used when washing the hand after finishing work, it works to get rid of dirt.

Helps remove stickers from surfaces.

Helps remove gum from skin or fabrics.

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