Protein,Top 10 Vegetarian Sources.


Protein is a necessary nutrient for human survival. It is the basis of growth of the human body. The proteins are broken down into so-called amino acids that support the growth and repair of the body’s cells. The proteins remain in the body for a long time of digestion at a time longer than carbohydrates. This helps to feel full for as long as possible and the body does not need to eat more. Protein also plays an important role in repairing tissues and muscles of the body and strengthens…

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Cellulite, Get Rid of Them With Exercises.


Cellulite is a problem that suffers a lot. It has caused many problems for some. But with a healthy diet and exercise for 20 minutes 3 days a week, this problem can be gradually eliminated. With exercise, you can reduce cellulite and make the lower body appear smoother and firmer. Prevention consultant Wayne Westcott, who recently developed a plan to eliminate cellulite, says that 16 women aged 26 to 66 were placed in an 8-week exercise program. The results were that all of them had lower cellulite at the bottom…

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Antibiotics, Best Natural Sources.


Antibiotics are no doubt the wonders of modern medicine, beginning with the discovery of penicillin in 1928. In 1940, antibiotics spread dramatically around the world, prompting doctors and people to forget about natural antibiotics and avoid them in the treatment of infections such as those used in ancient times Fish oil and whale liver oil. This major change in the medical model in recent decades has led to the misuse of antibiotics by over-discharging and ingestion, leading to increased antibiotic resistance and non-response to bacteria called TDR (completely drug resistant).…

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Top 10 Useful Foods in Arthritis Treatment.

arthritis treatment

Arthritis treatment: Arthritis is an inflammation that affects the body’s various joints. There are more than 100 types of arthritis. Symptoms include arthritis in general, swelling of joints, pain, stiffness, inability to move joints and other symptoms. Although there is no food for arthritis treatment, there are foods that can reduce arthritis, fighting inflammation, strengthening bones and strengthening the immune system. Adding these foods to your diet can reduce symptoms of arthritis much. Here are the top 10 foods that are useful in the treatment of arthritis. Useful  Foods in…

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Low Carb Diet to Lose Weight In a Week.

low carb diet

Low carb diet is intended to limit the carbohydrates you eat in your diets, such as those found in grains, vegetables, fruits and many low carb diets appropriate to your diet. The goal of this system is to eat low-carbohydrate foods in the diet and help you in losing weight and also have other benefits such as reducing the risk of diabetes. Why follow a low carb diet? You may need to follow a low carbohydrate diet for the following reasons: Determine the number of carbohydrates you enter into your…

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Atkins Diet, Everything You Need to Know.

atkins diet

Atkins diet is a diet system invented by Robert Atkins in 1972. It relies on making fat is the main energy source of the body instead of carbohydrates, which makes the body in a constant state of fat burning. The body’s daily calories are consumed mainly by protein and fat. In this article, we will learn about the Atkins diet in detail through its stages, the foods it is allowed to eat and the side effects of Atkins diet.   What is the Atkins diet? It is known that the…

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Ways to reduce belly fat and waist.

belly fat

Belly fat and waist Belly fat and waist: Obesity is defined as the accumulation of fat at a level that exceeds a specified level to interfere with health. With the multiplicity of causes of obesity and the role of genes in it, but often affects healthy obesity after the imbalance of energy equivalent in the body. This means that a number of calories consumed are greater than burning the calories by the body. When this happens, extra calories are accumulated in the form of excess fat. The distribution of these…

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Abdomen Muscles Workout in One Week.


The abdomen muscles (or stomach) are an important part of the muscles of the middle. It is important, not only to give an attractive view but to balance the body and its strength. It is not without any physical effort, whether the source of exercise or daily activities of the use of the muscles of the centre. Abs consists of the muscles of the stomach, the lower back, and the muscles of the vertebrae, and if there is a weakness in any of these muscles, it will lead to injuries…

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