Puffy Eyes, 15 Home Recipes For Eyes Bags

eyes bags

Complain of eyes bags! It is no doubt that the presence of bags under eyes bothers many women. They make them look older and show signs of fatigue and exhaustion. These annoying bags also indicate exhaustion, stress, and poor eyes. Fortunately, you can get rid of the eyes bags easily in natural ways in your home with the help of some different home remedies.

If you have this problem, you should focus on reading this article. Alicia Madame The best 18 tips that have proven their effectiveness in the disposal of eyes bags without surgery.


Treatment of eyes bags.



Potatoes contain anti-inflammatory properties and vitamin C and their nutritional benefits. This makes them very important in treating many health problems.

If you are looking for an effective treatment to get rid of the eyes bags, the potato is a suitable treatment for this condition.

Follow these steps if you want to use potatoes to treat eyes bags:

Bring the potatoes immature and then cut them and dry them well.

Stir potatoes and place them in a soft, clean cloth and tie it.

Put this cloth on the eyelids of my eyes for a few minutes.

Repeat this method at least twice a day until you reduce these blisters.

Another way to use potatoes in the disposal of eyes bags:

Cut one medium-sized potato into halves after freezing in the freezer for 10 minutes.

Gently put the potatoes around the ankles and they are closed.

Leave them for 15-20 minutes.

Follow this method once or twice a day and notice the improvement in the swelling as it begins to decrease.

The milk.

Milk will be the second treatment for inflated bags under the eye. It has a cool effect on reducing pressure. Lauric acid, vitamins, and milk holding properties help relieve puffiness and open the area under the eye. In addition, the milk works to retain water and reduce the size of eyes bags quickly.

Follow these simple steps to use milk to reduce the eyes bags:

Pour two pieces of cotton into a quantity of cold milk.

Put the cotton on the eyelids.

Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

Repeat this method once or twice a day until you notice the improvement in the puffiness as you begin to reduce and become smaller.

Vitamin E oil.

This oil is a treatment for the disposal of eyes bags. This type of oil has proven to be effective in preventing white eye water, which is one of the most common eye problems.

Following these steps will make you get rid of the problem of these bags:

Pour a small amount of cold water into a small dish and add several drops of vitamin E oil.

Mix them together well.

Pour two pieces of cotton into this mixture.

Put them in the eye area for 20 minutes.

This method helps reduce swelling around the eyes.


The cucumber is very useful for a more fresh skin and also helps to get rid of the eyes bags with its efficiency. Due to the characteristic holdings and enzymes present in the fresh cucumber. It can treat these blisters and treat the dark circles around the eyes by reducing inflammation of the surrounding skin area of the eyes. In addition, the cold cucumber strips help reduce wrinkles around the eye and brighten the area under the eye.

Follow these steps:

Place cucumber in the refrigerator for 10 minutes and then cut into thick slices.

Place the cold slices in the eye area, making sure that the area is completely covered with cucumber slices.

Leave the slices for at least ten minutes or until the cucumber slices are heated.

Repeat this method several times a day.

Besides the benefits of the cucumber for the eyes, it helps to relax after a long working day. So try this home method and ask for this method when you feel stress. And repeat it many times a week to improve your skin and the comfort of your eyes.

Egg whites.

Egg white contains properties of skin tightening that can quickly relieve the eyes bags. It also helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Follow these steps to get rid of the bags around the eye by using egg whites.

Place two eggs in a small dish after separating them from the yolk.

Blend egg whites until frozen.

Add a few drops of charming hazelnut oil, which also has properties to hold the skin.

Mix them well with a brush until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Put the mixture around your eyes and leave to dry for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Do this method many times during the week until you get eyes less bulge and tight skin.

Drink water and fluids regularly.

In order to get rid of the bags under eyes caused by stress or stressful eye, you need to take care of your health internally. Drinking water and fluids protect your skin from dehydration and help you to stay active and get rid of fatigue.

So drinking enough water reduces the bags under eyes and swells the area below the eyes.

When your body is wet, it reduces the chance of water retention in your body that causes swelling of the eyelids and other parts of the body. Water also helps flush waste and toxins from the body.

Also taking large amounts of water reduces the amount of salt you eat daily.

It is best not to drink coffee and beverages, sweetened with sugar or soda, as they cause dehydration.

Tea bags.

An important way to get rid of blister bags is under the eye.

Whether tea is black or green, they are able to reduce bloated eyes and also reduce swelling of the eyes. This is due to their properties against inflammation and irritability. Tea bags can quickly reduce inflammation and redness.

Follow these steps:

Bring two bags of tea and stir in hot water for five minutes.

Remove them from hot water and let them cool down.

Put these cold bags in the bags under the eye. You can cover the tea bags with a soft cloth.

Repeat it several times and the swelling around your eyes will gradually disappear.

The strawberry.

In addition to cold water, you can try the box to get rid of the bags under eyes in a natural and quick way. This type of fruit helps improve eye health and reduces the chance of macular degeneration of the eye. The alpha-hydroxy compound in strawberries makes your skin look younger and soft.

To follow this method you have to follow the following:

Put the strawberries in your refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Cut them into thick slices.

Put these slides under my eyes for 20 to 30 minutes.

After you remove the strawberry slices you will notice an improvement under your eyes.

Hot water and salt.

This is another simple way to get rid of bags under the eye quickly. Just mix the water and salt and you will get beautiful eyes easily.

You must do the following:

Mix half a teaspoon of salt and hot water and make sure the water is not too hot.

Pour two pieces of cotton into warm water.

Put the cotton on the bags under the eye for several minutes.

Repeat this method every half hour and get into the area of eyes without swelling.

Cold water.

If you suffer from bags around the eye due to lack of sleep at night cold water is the most appropriate solution to your problem. Simply put cold water or a cube of ice wrapped in a clean cloth on an area under the eye. Cold water will catch blood vessels and reduce swelling.

All you have to do is follow the following:

Wash your face with cold water and eye drops.

Repeat this process several times a day or as much as I can.

Another way to use cold water:

Use cubes of ice and a soft, clean cloth.

Put it in the eye area and gently massage it.

Repeat this method until the swelling and swelling under the eyes disappear.


We should not forget the role of the cactus in getting rid of bulging bags under the eye. Cactus is one of the most important natural elements that help you keep your body. Cactus works to treat dark circles and eye bulges. Cactus contains an ethyl compound that works to treat inflammation and other eye problems.

Aloe vera gel helps to improve blood circulation and works to expel fluid around the eyes and reduce swelling. Be careful when you put the cactus gel around my eyes not to enter the eye. If you do not feel comfortable using aloe vera, you can use skin care products containing aloe extract.

Sleep mode.

Putting your sleep can help you get rid of puffiness under the eye. It is known that sleep on the back prevents fluid from gathering around the eyes by preventing gravity.

Using an extra pillow helps you sleep better.

Do not stress yourself too much in trying to change your sleeping position because if you can not grow up you will have the problem of dark circles.

The salt.

Salt is known to cause high blood pressure and most people do not know that sodium is the hidden cause of fluid retention, which results in puffiness around the eyes.

Pure Himalayan salt is recommended for people with eye problems.

Some types of foods that contain high amounts of salt such as pizza and soup should be avoided. If you have a problem overcoming your desire for salt, you can eat fresh vegetables, especially celery, which will help you in this situation.

Exposure to sunlight.

Direct exposure to sunlight damages my eyes and causes dehydration. So if you want to get rid of the bags under the eye you bring a sun visor and sunglasses and a hat to protect my eyes and reduce the risk of dark skin around my eyes and bulges.

Quit Smoking.

Smoking cigarettes make your body dry and weak and your skin too. It causes the appearance of premature aging around the eyes, bags under the eye and wrinkles due to harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. So you should stop smoking until you get rid of the bags under the eye.

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