Read Your Partner’s Mind From Body Language

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From today, you can read the body language of your partner and understand his mind. When you look at your friend or girlfriend you may sometimes feel like someone from a completely different planet from you. You seem to see everything differently. So, this may also happen when you read the body language of your partner? You can find a lot of new information about it and change a lot in your way of thinking.

You need to be able to read the mind of your partner through the body language between you. If you are confused about your relationship with your partner these ways of reading body language among you will help you explain everything.

In all relationships go through stages where a person feels that he offers more than the other party. If you feel insecure where you stand in your emotional relationships these ten ways to read the body language of your partner gives you some clarity.


How to read the body language of your partner.


According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, author of silent letters, 7% of any message transmitted through words and 38% of messages are transmitted through voice messages. 55% of non-verbal messages can be expressed through body language such as sitting, facial expressions, gestures. It follows that these people have their own body language enabling them to send and receive information on a completely different level and less bright. This article tells us body language experts to use wisely.


According to the body language expert, the initial impressions between the parties are formed through your body language and charisma. There are quite a number of different species to raise the eyebrow and each species carries a different message. One of the most interesting things is lifting the eyebrow completely with a smile. We always use this expression when we enter a room or see a person we love. But when the full lifting of the eyebrows during the conversation indicates the extent of love between you and the attention of your partner.

Nervous anxiety.

When we love someone with a little tension and heart beats quickly. This is in addition to a number of other signs such as nervous laughter, increased smell of arms, inability to sit and many other signs that are long to explain. When we try to control our feelings, your partner has a hard time doing so. It means that he is nervous and excited to be next to you. When you are with your partner for a long time, your partner may send messages of comfort or messages of discomfort. Remember that being uncomfortable while you are with you means that Ellie is not attracted to you.

Matching movements.

Matching movements are a natural and continuous part of one human interaction. People tend to do this when they feel comfortable in each other’s direction, experts say. And that when someone does not match the other, this may mean something important. May mean they are uncomfortable with themselves. Or it may mean that they have something to hide in because the level of lying between them is high.

Licking the lips.

“Licking your lips while talking to your partner is a sign of anticipation,” says Tonya Riemann, author of Body Strength. We touch our lips when we see something we want, it means that you are thirsty. When your partner is attracted to you, your mouth produces more saliva. When he licks his lips he feels very beautiful.

External sparkle.

When your partner wants to appear best in front of you, she needs to have a reaction and response from the woman, especially when she is the first. “The person who tries to steal your attention always presents himself in the best way he cares about you,” says Riemann. His nervous system tries to get rid of the stress he is experiencing.

The tilt towards you.

People tend to go the way they want to and get away from what they do not care about,” says Riemann. Adding that the subconscious makes him close to the people he loves. Attention must be paid to determining the difference between natural behavior and counterfeit behavior. Riemann says understanding the signals, especially the red signals between the two sides, is imperative to recognize movements. To recognize that individuals are able to manipulate most of these movements and leave an impression of interest for various reasons.


“When we talk about a public conversation with people who interact with them, they show focus and a desire to communicate,” Wood says. People may touch your hand or arm to express.

Body Orientation.

The direction of the body says a lot about your partner. Reimann says that when your partner wants to leave the conversation, he usually points to a different direction from you. But if you notice that his feet are pointing towards you or that he starts tilting the upper body in your direction it means that he cares about you and wants to continue the conversation. In the case of moving backward, he is unaware of it shows lack of interest.

Signs of inspiration.

Redness occurs when small vessels of the nervous system expand in the face and body. Interestingly, women tend to inspire five times more than men. Riemann says redness is a clear indicator of interest. Of course, the redness is a sign of shame or irritation so it’s best to make sure it looks good and charming.


What does body language say about your emotional relationships?


Communicate by hand.

When talking to your partner when he stretches out his hand while talking to you, he invites you to trust him more and be closer to him. It is an innocent gesture to show how welcome you are to be with you.

Sit near you in public places.

When your partner sits near you in social gatherings. He tells you that he does not get enough of you and needs your support. He tells you he supports you and wants to let the world know that he knows he wants to be with you.

Talk using his hands.

This behavior not only indicates the normal relationship. During the conversation with your partner about his personality, he speaks with his hands and communicates through various activities and expressive. And he has no problem with what he says to you and what he wants or to hold his feelings again.

 Kisses on your forehead.

There are many types of kisses. One of the most important kisses, especially when a man takes you on the front, usually refers to two things. Many experts consider it a parental gesture. A kiss on the forehead can mean that he cares about you but only as a friend. The second meaning of the kiss on the forehead is that he loves you very much and carries a deep affection. Looking at your relationships, you will see the best signal for you.

 Anxiety while sitting down.

If it is so sad when sitting with you it can mean that it is nervous or uncomfortable. But may indicate that he wants to leave. If you sit with your partner just a normal meeting you may not need to read too deeply. But with the progress in the behavior can indicate that he is in a state of nervous.

Contact eye during a conversation.

When you talk with your partner you can watch his eyes. If it is seen directly so that this mark as an active listener to be really interested in what you say and wants to communicate with you. If he looks away from you, he indicates that he is not interested or at least lacks confidence at that moment.

 Make a soft kiss before you go out.

This behavior is a nice gesture from your partner and indicates that it is a sensitive person that cares deeply about you. He wants you to remember him with this kiss even after he leaves the bed.

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